Chapter 50 Do You Want To Cry Directly Or Go To Th

Draco Malfoy is panicking now.

The boy shook his body so much that he could barely hold onto the poor toad in his hand.

According to Draco's vision, he should be obtaining the secret information from Hogwarts and various accolades logically, instead of holding a sticky toad and trembling in the corner as he is doing now.

And Vincent Crabbe, who accompanied him, was shaking his body even more than he was and was now standing in front of him with a very tough attitude, looking forward with fear.

In contrast, another friend, Gregory Goyle, in a way, is much more fortunate, at least he will not feel fear for a while, because he has fallen to the ground, fainted unconscious.

At the compartment entrance, a delicate-looking girl with silver hair was rubbing her forehead, crossing over Goyle's body, and walking towards the two without any trouble, her eyes full of games like cats and mice.

Boom! Boom!


With a few dull punches and Crabbe's uncontrollably painful cry, he ran forward, shook weakly, and fell heavily onto the compartment rug.

Growl ~

Draco swallowed and lifted his head. The demon with silver hair and beautiful lake-blue eyes leaned towards the corner of his lips, showing a bright smile.

"Now there's only you left, Draco..."


Exactly when...?

Draco began to strain to remember, when did all this start and why does he look like this now...


Let's go back in time a few minutes.

Draco had just opened the compartment door...

"Yes, that's right. These good students, come in and sit down."

Ignoring the nervous classmate Malfoy, Elena slightly raised her head, looked at the two chubby puddings standing at the back, waved her hand, and said softly with a smile.

"Ha, I told you, the apprentice aunt clearly said it was in this compartment."

Standing behind little Malfoy, the chubby empty pudding smiled happily, patted Draco's stuck shoulders forward, and innocently asked, "Hey, what's wrong with you two?"

"Nothing... Crab, let's go in."

Draco Malfoy composed himself, not mentioning the mishap that happened in Diagon Alley, it had been almost a month.

Knowing that the noble and elegant heir of the Malfoy family is now helping his classmates in a fair and upright manner, and has two little companions fighting side by side, there is nothing to fear.

Thinking of this, Malfoy's companion's expression became proud and confident again, gesturing for Crabbe to move Elena to the door. The three entered directly and watched the scene in the compartment with interest.

The private lounge table was filled with various snacks and books. In addition to Elena, there were three little wizards of the same age as Malfoy in this compartment.

Draco Malfoy could feel that by pushing Elena and entering, all the little wizards were looking at him with a mix of admiration and fear, a respectful gaze that only fed the child's vanity.

"Oh, this is Crabbe, this is Goyle."

Draco Malfoy waved his hand and introduced the little friend behind him, lifted his chin and made his introduction proudly, "My name is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. As you can see, I have the toad, now who will give me the information about Hogwarts myth?"

Cough, cough.

Standing behind the three, Elena coughed a little, "Yes, I promised that way. But first, you must verify that this is the toad."

Saying this, Elena rubbed her shoulders and looked curiously at Malfoy. How much must the bear cub endure to not be in Gryffindor, what exceptional courage does he have to dare to push her like that?!

"Verification? That was not required before."

Draco frowned, turned quickly, and said unpleasantly.

"Yes, I added the rules a second ago."

Elena shrugged and replied slowly, looking at Draco's pale cheeks and nodding back. "Granger, is this the one you seek, not the other students' pets?"

"It should be... I'm not sure, I have to ask Neville, that is, the toad's owner, Neville Longbottom."

Hermione examined the yellow-green toad in Crabbe's hands closely and responded hesitantly.

"Hey! Look more closely!"

Goyle reached out and grabbed Hermione's arm, trying to pull her out of her seat.

"Don't touch the girl!"

Before Goyle's hand could touch Hermione, Elena lunged forward and stood between the two. She raised her arm to separate Goyle's hand and frowned at the little chubby standing in front of her. She said coldly, "Speak politely, don't move your hands."

Elena looked at the little brown-haired loli cowering behind her and leaned towards the door. "Hermione, please bring Neville and look. We will wait for you here."


Hermione Granger felt relieved, and looked hesitantly at the atmosphere in the compartment.

"Get going!" Elena frowned.

"Oh. You guys, don't fight..."

She nervously looked at Goyle and Crabbe. Hermione obediently nodded and quickly left.

"Stop! None of you can leave."

Goyle shouted huskily, quickening his pace and trying to stop Hermione.

Unfortunately, Elena once again skillfully stood in front of him, blocking his way.

"Give up, don't obstruct."

After being repeatedly blocked, a hint of anger appeared on the chubby's face, he reached out and shook it forcefully forward, hitting Elena's arm with force, making a crunching sound, pushing the girl to step back.

"What are you doing?!"

"What skill do you have to intimidate girls?!"

At that moment, Harry and Ron beside finally reacted, and the two stood up and shouted loudly.

And when Ron and Harry stood up, Crabbe threw the toad he was holding directly towards Malfoy and glared at them with clenched fists.

"Oh, do you want to fight, huh?"

Draco Malfoy frowned with his arms crossed,

He looked around. After Hermione left, it was now three against three. There were three boys on his side, and in front, two boys and a girl.

Crabbe and Gower were much larger than Harry and Ron. If the girl was not as magical as last time, Draco feared nothing with confidence.

"This is our fight. If you want to face us, you have the ability to come towards us."

Harry admitted that he was not as brave as he appeared, but since his friend was being bullied, he could only take responsibility. As a signal, Harry gestured to Ron, and the two cautiously positioned themselves in front of Elena, watching Gower and Crabbe with vigilant faces.

"Ah, you two, boys who are not taller than me, are blind."

The little silver-haired Lori, protected behind the two, looked kindly, reached out, and caressed the heads of the two boys in front. She said angrily, pushed the two aside, and walked forward with utmost care.

"Hey, fat boy, did you just attack me? And you want to intimidate Hermione?"

Elena clenched her fist and said with malice, her tone trembling slightly, with an uncontrollable emotion and wicked nature. As she said, she looked at the back of her left hand and there was not a trace on her smooth skin.

"How about it?"

Gold frowned, saying quite nonchalantly.

"Fine, I mean, thank you."

The girl smiled slightly, narrowed her eyes, remembering Benitez's words in her mind.

"During fights, don't think of bells and whistles, hit first with all your strength to gain an advantage."

I saw Elena suddenly shift her center of gravity, spread her feet apart, and suddenly appear in front of Gore. Her feet exerted force. She twisted her whole body through the lower back and spine, and extended it to her right hand. She clenched her fist and forcefully hit Gore's belly.


There was a dull thud of impact in the box.


Gore's eyes bulged, his body bent like a cooked shrimp, feeling like his stomach had been hit by a hammer, and his stomach churned violently.

Without waiting for him to react, Elena grabbed the fat boy's shoulders with both hands, shifted her weight forward, bent her knees, and mercilessly struck the boy's chest.



In the muffled sound, Gore almost held his breath out of pain. This beating he had never experienced before caused the tears of the little chubby boy to quickly well up in his eyes, raising his head in astonishment, wanting to beg for mercy, and suddenly he found, a white forehead getting bigger in his view. Bang!

"Okay, I don't really need to fight."

Dazed, Elena shook her head, throwing the unconscious Gol to the ground, and said abandoning him.

Being an orphan girl, fights were always something commonplace, and Elena, the older sister, naturally led group fights to protect the kids from other orphanages from being bullied.

Under the guidance of Brotherhood's Brother Benitez, and the strengthening of the half-magic bloodline magic in her body, Elena possessed a strange power, in addition to getting rid of the big fish in the lake, she knew how to deal with kids playing together on and had an extremely rich fighting experience.

Guru ~ X4

Seeing Goyle fall to the ground in less than three seconds, and the little silver-haired loli with a terrible aura, the four boys in the box swallowed hard.

Ron and Harry, who were about to rush to help, looked at each other, and saw a relieved expression in their respective eyes, and bashfully withdrew their feet - they probably shouldn't have offended Elena earlier.

Elena narrowed her eyes happily, and since Dumbledore forced her to sign the unbreakable vow, she hadn't fought in a long time, but it was a pity that the boy born into the magical family described Bai Blind as so powerful in the original work.

"So, next..."

The silver-haired girl raised her head simply, and a cute tiger fang appeared at the corner of her mouth. She looked excitedly at Crab and Draco, who were about to shake like a sieve. She licked her lips like whispering a demon, and said softly.

"Since there's a fight, I suggest you first learn how to hit."