Chapter 51 The Little Angel Elena Promoting Friendship

Elena raised her right hand and tossed her long silver hair with a slight smile on her lips, gracefully continuing to walk forward.

Crabbe and Gower, who appeared burly and stocky, couldn't even stay in front of the girl for half a minute. They barely touched Elena once and fell to the ground from a single unilateral blow.

At that moment, Draco Malfoy finally recalled the fear he once felt when dominated by the silver-haired girl in Diagon Alley a month ago, and the hopelessness in the face of the power disparity.

"Wait, wait, wait."

Draco Malfoy's pale cheeks turned white again, and he panicked at the sticky toad he held in his hand, which he had just thrown at Crabbe before he lunged, as if grasping at a lifeline, he quickly said.

"We just came to bring this toad, see it's safe and sound, we were very careful to catch it..."

He glanced at his little companion, Malfoy, who was clearly trembling with fear but still trying to reason. Elena looked at him with a smile, raised her eyebrows without saying anything, and slowly raised her right hand.

Seeing Elena raise her hand, Draco closed his eyes in fear and instinctively flinched. "Wow, I really just wanted to help..."


The expected pain did not come. Draco Malfoy felt a slightly cold hand softly fall on his head, and the sweet voice of the girl resonated in his ear.

"Understood, you've worked hard. If you want to make friends, remember not to be so arrogant next time."


Draco carefully opened one eye, raised his head, and a delicate face appeared before him. He could even count the slightly trembling long eyelashes on the girl's eyelids.

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Elena, Elena Kaslana."

Elena neatly smoothed Draco Malfoy's hair, straightened up, looked at the three small ones still in the box, seemingly relaxed, and applauded with a smile.

"Well, it seems it was a misunderstanding."

"Um, I still think..."

Draco Malfoy unconsciously argued with unease, until this moment not fully understanding what was happening. He always felt like the target.


Elena glanced slightly behind her, making a nasal sound, Draco staggered and quickly shut his mouth.

Very well. It seems that children from aristocratic families are at least very astute. Elena smiled smugly and continued.

"In the Far East, there is a saying that there are no small enemies. So, once the misunderstanding is resolved, now everyone is friends, any problem with that?"

"No, none."

"Well, I heard my father say that phrase."

"Sister Elena is right."

Harry, Ron, and Malfoy looked at each other, and in the midst of the carriage, the smiling silver-haired girl nodded, and they nodded and agreed together.

"Hey, you two. Don't just lie on the ground pretending to be dead. I intentionally avoided the danger zone. Relax, I won't hit you anymore. But if you dare to lie to me..."

Elena nodded satisfactorily, her leather boots lightly tapping the two "corpses" on the ground, and said slowly, she had never seen someone who was dizzy whose eyelids moved so fast. Compared to the children around the city, Gore and Crabbe's acting skills were too clumsy.

"Alright, alright, we'll get up!"

"Sorry, sorry, we didn't mean it."

Hearing Elena's words, under the surprised gaze of Draco Malfoy, Goyle and Crabbe, who had already sacrificed themselves to protect him, quickly opened their eyes and got up from the ground.

Especially Crabbe, the second to fall, got up almost immediately. As for Goyle, who actually received the blow, he staggered for a while before helping Crabbe up slowly.

Not to mention the turbulent emotions in Malfoy's heart, Elena looked happily at the little ones in the box and skillfully raised her thumb to them.

"Very well, if anyone dares to bully you in school in the future, your sister will be there to support you."

Elena had long known, as Father Benítez had said, that to quickly integrate into an unfamiliar learning environment, the fastest way is to connect with classmates from the beginning.

This successful method has been validated both in the orphanage and at the city's elementary school. Obviously, the same applies to the little wizards of Hogwarts.

Watching Harry Potter and Malfoy amiably introducing themselves, Elena was filled with a sense of achievement.

So, she is a kind angel who promotes friendship among her peers. Why should she be called upon every week despite everything! It's clear that the teachers in the city are deliberately targeting her!