Chapter 52 Little By Little Changing The World (thanks Hades T.)

"This is the moment, Neville, hurry up."

In the shaky train corridor, Hermione Granger trotted with her robe in hand. Behind her was a cute chubby-faced boy with red and swollen eyes, as if he had just been crying.

Little Hermione's face was full of anxiety, and her white teeth were biting her lower lip with force. Every now and then, she would recall the figure with silver hair in front of her and hear the push and commotion as she left the room. A voice as sharp as a slap.

Hope too late. At least the blonde leader did not seem like an unreasonable person. Just this once, should she really not fight?


"We're back, don't fight..."

Little brown-haired Lori slammed open the compartment door and panted, nervously looking inside, her face unable to help but show surprise, "...Huh?"

Different from the tension she had imagined before, the compartment displayed a particularly calm and friendly atmosphere.

On the floor, Ron and the other two chubby boys— if she remembered correctly, they were called Goyle and Crabbe— looked at each other sadly holding a book.

In the window seat to the left, Harry and the pale blond-haired boy who claimed to be Malfoy were together, whispering over the content of the textbook.

In front of the two, Elena leaned against the window with a hand on her chin, the sun shining through the window and falling on her long silver hair, and a spell book also rested on her lap. Obviously, she was reading as well.

What was going on?

Little Hermione's Lori showed confusion on her face, instinctively stepped back, raised her head and looked at the compartment number with a dumbfounded expression—indeed, there was nothing wrong.

"Sorry," timidly said a chubby red-faced boy who appeared behind Hermione, "I'm Neville, Neville Longbottom. Granger said, have you found my toad?"

As the compartment door opened, everyone in the room looked up at the same time, their gazes falling unevenly on the door. The most enthusiastic of them were Gower and Crabbe.

"Yes, we've been waiting for you for a long time, come take a look."

"It doesn't matter if we didn't find it, let's look together."

Upon hearing Neville's words, Goyle and Crabbe almost instantly dropped the book, relief evident on their faces as they stood up and responded with overflowing enthusiasm.

"What happened, I mean, are you here...?"

Hermione pointed at Gore's still red and swollen forehead and asked suspiciously.

"Uh, that was..."

Gore touched his forehead and smiled embarrassedly, preparing to answer truthfully, when he suddenly felt someone patting his neck. "What?"

Hermione clearly saw the chubby and robust face stiffen, his body unnaturally trembling, and immediately closed his mouth.

"It was just an accidental fall. Right?"

Elena snorted and continued patting Gore on the shoulder, smiling and gently explaining to Hermione, "So, as you can see, after discussing it, we decided to wait for you while we got ready for the lesson."

Without waiting for the lady to continue questioning, Elena turned around and waved back.

"Hey, Malfoy, I remember the toad is still with you?"

"Yes, that's right!"

Draco Malfoy nodded quickly, put the toad on his knee, and leaned forward.

"Naví, is this your toad?" Elena asked, tilting her head.

"Rifkin! Thank God!" Neville extended his arms and ecstatically took hold of his pet toad.

"Thanks, really, thank you so much. I was desperate."

Naví held the toad, looked at Draco Malfoy, repeatedly inclined his head, and incoherently expressed his gratitude.

Though he only mumbled a "thanks," making him appear a little awkward, everyone present felt the joy and gratitude Neville was trying to convey, especially his classmates who were in front of him, like Malfoy.

At that moment, what should Draco Malfoy, who had never experienced such a scene, whose father had never taught him this lesson, nor knew how to face it, do? The boy instinctively looked towards Elena, but realized she was leading Hermione aside to whisper, ignoring him.

"In fact, it was mainly Gower and Crabbe who found it."

Draco Malfoy's pale cheeks slightly flushed, and he looked away. Uncomfortably, he said, "At first, I didn't want to find it, but I reluctantly came upon hearing about the secret information. Sister Na is fine, simply."

"No, no, Draco was actually the most enthusiastic."

"That's why he didn't harm this toad when he specifically asked us to catch it."

Compared to Malfoy, Gower and Crabbe had thinner skin. Before Neville turned his head, they waved their hands and quickly said.

Being beside Elena, she observed Malfoy's arrogant trio with a smile, indeed, they were all children who weren't bad by nature.

In her opinion, even if they hadn't found the toad, according to the first-grade rationale described in the original book, he might have thought about crossing the carriages and actively reaching out. If the tone wasn't so arrogant, there could still be great chances of being friends with Potter.

Applause, applause, applause.

"Well, don't be modest. You'll all be classmates in the future, there's no need to be so distant."

Elena clapped gently, interrupting the conversation between Neville's trio and Malfoy, and happily suggested, "Since it's so providential, why don't we go back to our carriages and simply chat together?"

There was a pause. Elena looked at the few remaining snacks in the box and frowned anxiously. "However, this way, we'll have to buy more snacks."

Although Harry had bought plenty of treats before, it was only enough for three people. Now, in front of a crowd of eight people, it clearly was too little.

"No problem, just hand them over. Goyle, accompany me to buy food. Crabbe, please move the food from our box."

Upon hearing Elena's words, Malfoy willingly volunteered to stand up.

"Tranquil, sister Elena, whatever you want to eat, I can buy it for you."

For the first time, Draco Malfoy, who understood the meaning of helping others, was extremely positive at this moment, pounding his chest and proudly stating that this little problem that only needs to be solved with money cannot be considered in front of the Malfoy family.

Seeing Malfoy's attitude towards Elena, Ron coughed slightly to avoid bursting into laughter.

"Why, Weasley, do you have an opinion?" Draco Malfoy turned his head and raised his eyebrows.

These two definitely represent competing attributes, are they both in a field, and can they face each other?

Elena rolled her eyes helplessly, thinking that the rich and the poor in the magical world would inevitably be coincidental even if they were in the same field, but it's okay, otherwise, it would be too harmonious and not conducive to liveliness.

"No, I just mean that there is at least one amazing drink that you can't buy."

Ron shrugged and pointed to the bottle of Coca-Cola placed in the corner of the table, proudly saying, "You haven't seen it, I believe you haven't even heard of ubiquitous hydroxilic acid and the terrible CO2, have you?"

"Hydroxilic acid? A magical drink?" Hermione curiously glanced in the direction of Ron's fingers, shrugging with a doubtful look. "But it's just the most common Coca-Cola!"

"Cough, cough, cough, Ron..."

This time it was Elena's turn to have a violent cough.

In the presence of Ron and Harry, she was sure that she could joke freely, but if a schoolgirl bully Hermione joined in, she couldn't continue happily. The little silver-haired Lori was preparing embarrassedly to put an end to this topic.

"Ordinary Coca-Cola?"

Ron laughed, wagged his finger at Hermione, and said slowly, "That's just a muggle drink. No mature wizard would ever spoil this magical drink like a muggle. Right, Harry?"

Earlier, there was no room for him to show his ability, but now that there is an opportunity, Ron won't let it slip by.

"Yes, I also just learned that the correct way to drink in the magical world is to shake before drinking. Sister Elena said that qualified wizards must learn to use their magic to suppress the disturbances caused by Coca-Cola."

Harry Potter quickly nodded and said seriously in agreement.

Ever since he saw the powerful horror emanating from Elena, little Harry has been worried that the silver-haired girl will make him pay if he ventures into trouble, so the desire to survive is even stronger than that of Ron.

"Mix and drink again? Cola disturbances? Did Elena say that?"

Hermione Granger blinked eccentrically, looking at the cloudy Elena and emitting a series of subtle "clucking" sounds, apparently trying to contain a smile.

What do these two people mean?!

Elena fiercely bit Harry and Ron, her face vaguely murderous.

Huh?! Why does Elena's head look angry...?

In comparison to Harry, Ron, who has an older mother and a younger sister, is more sensitive to the girl's emotions, and was the first to notice that the little Lori's face didn't look quite right.

After giving Hermione a knowing look, Ron felt he had found the reason: every time Ginny argued with her mother, it was the same, and at that moment, it was only necessary to take the side that should win...

The redhead grabbed the Coca-Cola from the table and vigorously shook it with great effort. He stepped forward to hand it to Elena, giving a slightly provocative look to Hermione and saying solemnly:

"Sister Elena, I'll shake it for you and let's see how a wizard drinks."


Elena looked constipated and took the Coca-Cola that Ron offered, looking around.

Harry was whispering something to Malfoy. From their admiring eyes, Elena could easily guess that they were undoubtedly discussing the limited knowledge of hydrogen acid. The guilty Ron, as well as Goyle and Crabbe, had no doubts at all, and all looked at her expectantly.

"Kukuku… hahaha… hurry up, Elena, I want to see how the wizard drinks..."

At that moment, Hermione's shoulders trembled until she couldn't contain her laughter.

What's going on with the plot?

The little silver-haired Loli took a deep breath and looked at the bottle of Coca-Cola filled with white bubbles in her hand. The hole she had dug herself had to jump with tears, otherwise the majesty of the older sister's head would completely disappear, looking at Ron and Harry with hostility; she noted this enmity.

Of course, there's also the little girl beside her who can't help but smile.

Elena turned, taking advantage of Hermione's distraction, took her arm and said sweetly.

"Companion Granger, shall we contain it together?"

As she spoke, Elena unscrewed the cap of the Coca-Cola as if she were dead, and the white foam rose to the sky.

"Yes... no!"

Hermione screamed and tried to avoid it, and the box was filled with joyful laughter.


At the same time, at Hogwarts.

"God, Dumbledore, this is madness."

Melva McGonagall groaned weakly.

In front of her is a huge golden mountain that she had never seen before. Just now, Dumbledore told her a huge plan big enough to shake both the magical and non-magical worlds.

"But it's all worth it, isn't it?"

Dumbledore smiled slightly, carefully folded the hand-written paper full of various patterns and numbers, and put it away.

"Well, you've convinced me. What can I do now?"

Meg closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and said in a deep voice.

Dumbledore shook his head and said softly, "There's nothing to do. It's good to meet the start of the new semester normally. Time will slowly lead us to the desired results."

He paused for a moment. The old man thought for a while, blinked, and suddenly added, "Oh, yes. I almost forgot. There was an interesting and whimsical request about the classification of the student roster..."