Chapter 53 The Moonlight

Elena looked out the window as dusk began to fall.

Under the deep purple sky, a mountain and a forest could be glimpsed. The train seemed to be slowing down. A village with flickering yellow lights could be vaguely seen not far away. If there is no mishap, it is the terminus of this train, the only one in the United Kingdom. A wizarding village, the village of Hogsmeade.

"The train will soon arrive at Hogwarts, please leave your luggage in the carriage, we will take you to the school," a voice echoed in the corridor.

It wasn't long before the sound began to resonate in the corridor, sounding somewhat like a common electronic broadcast in later generations.

However, considering the interference field for electronic products within Hogwarts, and the "we" in the voice, Elena speculates that this should be derived from some kind of familiar elves at Hogwarts unfamiliar with the magic of their name.

"It's your fault, this is fine, I'm sticky everywhere, and I changed clothes twice before coming to school."

In the compartment, Hermione pushed Elena aside, took off her cloak, put on a new Hogwarts robe and said angrily. As for the boys, at this moment they were hurried off to other compartments.

Elena smirked mischievously.

"It's not a big deal, no one tells us we don't know the [Cleaning Spell], it will be more convenient next time."

"Do you want to try it again? If you come back, I will definitely expose you!"

The charming Miss Hermione Beaver Granger raised her eyebrows and frowned. Her fierce expression threatened that she was not afraid of Elena like little children.

Generally, among girls, especially little girls, there are only three kinds of friendships. One is the sympathy between Yan and Gou, the other is the competition between opponents, and the third is the most common plastic sisterhood.

There's no doubt that the relationship between Elena and Hermione is a combination of the first category and the second category. After an afternoon of chatting, the relationship between the two girls quickly warmed up, and their actions and words towards each other also changed to many displays of affection.

"Anything you want, not to mention you still need to learn a lot to beat me."

Elena shrugged unflappably, rubbing the stained robe in her hand and putting it in the compartment, smiling, "And do you really think that even if you expose me, they have the courage to resist?"

Hermione was ready to refute her, and a long whistle interrupted her.

Woo ——

The Hogwarts Express train slowed down, accompanied by a sharp sound of friction between the wheels and the rails, and finally stopped at a dark and small platform.

"Wow, it's really cold at night. Aren't you cold?"

Stepping out of the carriage, the cold of the Hogsmeade night made Hermione shiver, clutching her robe tightly to her body and reaching out to grab the shirt of the silver-haired girl in front of her. Regardless of the future, Hermione was just an eleven-year-old girl who had just left her home. She came to school alone, and fear and tension were also present, fortunately, now she has company.

"It's alright, I'm used to it."

Elena, who has lived in the Scottish Highlands all year round, had a calm expression. It must be noted that the temperature of Loch Lomond after nightfall can be approximately 3-5 degrees lower than this. Inhaling again this familiar fresh air, it gave her a feeling of home.

"Follow me, don't think about it, focus. I will take you to the first-year meeting point."

Looking at the bustling crowd, Elena frowned, turning around and lightly taking Hermione's cold hand.

Most of the passengers on the Hogwarts Express are a group of children under the age of eighteen, naturally there is no expectation for them to have any order, in fact, not even if they were adults getting off the train. Of course, this scene is not enough for Elena who has survived a large copy of hellish levels [Spring Festival].

Hermione felt her right hand fall into a warm and soft palm. An extra sense of peace spread along her arm, dispelling much of the tension in her heart.

"Hmm." The girl responded softly, obediently nodding, following Elena meekly through the crowd.

The two walked forward along the crowd, and soon they saw a giant standing over three meters tall in the crowd, the shaggy giant holding up a lantern and shouting in the crowd, "First-year students, come here!"

"That's Hagrid, the Hogwarts gamekeeper and keeper of keys," Hermione seemed a little nervous. Elena gently squeezed her hand, raising her voice to explain, "Don't be afraid, he's a very kind and gentle person, Harry knows him well. Let's hurry."

"Hey, Ron, Malfoy, we're over here!"

As she said this, Elena vigorously waved her hand, shouting loudly to the left at the front, while pulling Hermione to try to make her way to that side. It must be said that among the crowd, there is a distinctive hair color, which is really too easy to distinguish.

Soon, the little friends she met on the train successfully met again. They all looked at each other and felt much stability in their hearts.

"All right, no more first-year students? Everyone follow me."

Waiting for about ten more minutes, until there were no new passengers on the train, Hagrid looked around at the little furry heads surrounding him, with a big beard on his face, a smile, waving the light, gesturing for everyone to follow him.

"First-year students, follow me! Watch your step!"

The next thing should be one of the programs reserved for first-year students, crossing the river, Elena secretly nodded in her heart.

Following Hagrid's movement, they could see that they were walking along a steep and narrow path.

There is no light on the path, which is fully illuminated by a Hagrid's lantern. The dense forests on both sides block the moonlight in half. Well, let's continue.

"Take out your wands, and remember the one I gave you in the carriage, a spell that every wizard must do?"

Elena looked at the young wizards around her. Not moving, they all stopped in the same place, and the eight had already fallen to the end of the line.

"Well, do you remember, do you really want to cast a spell?"

"Of course I remember."

"Let's give it a try."

"That's right, of course, such a simple spell."

"Oh, I feel like I might fail again."

The young wizards whispered and took out their wands from their robes, nervously gripping them in their hands, their faces eager to give it a try.

"Very well, relax. Try to remember the instructions from the book and follow me."

Elena let go of Hermione's hand and took her black walnut wand from among her arm. She moved her wrist flexibly and pronounced the words clearly.

"LumosMaximo! (Fluorescent glow!)"

A small bright white light quickly lit up at the tip of the girl's wand. Just like on the train, the wand was like an extension of herself, without any sense of obstruction.

"Fluorescent glow!"

"Fluorescent glow!"


As Elena cast spells, the young wizards around her recited theirs. The tips of the wands sparked into a bright white light. They all gathered, like a high-voltage lantern, directly illuminating the path ahead of them.

"What's happening?"

Moving forward, Hagrid heard the commotion of the students behind him and turned his head with suspicion.

He saw that the last side of the first-year team seemed to have suddenly been bathed in a great moonlight, illuminating the rugged path.

Not right, it wasn't moonlight!

Hagrid vigorously rubbed his eyes.

Most of the moonlight was still covered by the clouds in the sky ~ ~ The light was coming from the tips of several young wizards' wands gathered, more precisely, most of it was coming from the little silver-haired girl walking in front of everyone, atop her wand.

Standing at the front of the crowd, in the soft fluorescent white light, a little silver-haired girl with an exquisite face whispered to maintain order, allowing the first-year students to join in a line.

As the small group gradually advanced, more and more first-year students stopped and spontaneously gathered around under the bright and radiant light that shone like moonlight, determinedly following the rugged and slippery path.

Even many years later, both the first-year students and Hagrid could not forget that on that night, the steep mountain path, like moonlight, dissipated the figure of the girl.

-That was the first time they really met, Elena Moonlight Kaslana.