Chapter 54 Journey Across The Lake And Arrival

After the rugged mountain trail was illuminated by the light of the magic wand, it became an easy walk.

"First-year students, look ahead."

No longer distracted by taking care of Hagrid at the end of the team, she felt much calmer. She reached the end of the trail in less than half the time of the previous year. Hagrid turned around and shouted, "Around this corner, you'll soon see Hogwarts for the first time."

At the end of the narrow path, a suddenly unfolded bright black lake.

Next to the lake was a simple wooden dock with twenty boats moored to it. Elena felt relieved not to see the oars in it. In this case, the driving force that propels the wooden boat forward is at least not human force.

Beyond, the silhouette of a large building can be vaguely seen, but because the magic wand in the hands of the silver-haired girl is too bright, it cannot be perceived as real.


Without waiting for Hagrid's reminder, Elena smiled slightly and said it quietly, turning off the light in front of the wand and putting it in her pocket.

"Nox..." "Nox." "Nox!"...

Behind her, a series of chants quickly sounded, and other young wizards also put away their magic wands in the same way, and the "moonlight" in the crowd went out one by one. Finally, only the orange light from Hagrid's hand remained by the lake.

In the quiet darkness, the outline of the Hogwarts Castle Tower gradually became clear.

On the high slope on the other side of the lake, there stands an imposing and picturesque castle with spires in the castle, a window flashing under the stars, a mysterious and solemn magical atmosphere lurking in the heart of every child.

"Thank you."

Hagrid turned his head and looked down at Elena, who was standing by his side. His beetle-black eyes sparkled with a gentle caress, worthy of a student personally welcomed by Professor Dumbledore, she was indeed a very flattering girl.

After waiting silently for the children to marvel for a while, the giant clapped loudly and pointed to the small boat moored on the shore.

"Alright, there's a maximum of four people per boat. Time is running out, let's get on the boat."

The lake water gently lapped the shore, and the boat swayed slightly, not offering much confidence.

Among the crowd, Ron was evidently one of the most disgruntled, not because he was afraid of the water.

It was because, when he was chatting on the train more than ten minutes ago, he also swore to tell everyone that the stories he had heard from his siblings who went to Hogwarts, if the light was bright at that moment, his ears might redden again.

"Alright, I knew Fred and George were lying to me again. But I didn't expect Percy to deceive people."

Ron looked at the dark boat and muttered irritably. "They all said that Hogwarts students went to school in a magical carriage that could move."

"I heard my father say that the board sponsored a lot of funds for the school, including the purchase of a new carriage."

Draco Malfoy also nodded and glanced at the small wooden boat moored in the harbor. "I thought we would choose a more magical and safe way to get to school instead of swimming."

"Yes, what if I accidentally fall into the water, I can't swim."

"Shh, I heard that Hogwarts prepares a lot of death lists before the branch..."

There is no doubt that after the small activities of [fluorescent flash], the little wizards have a lot of confidence and group awareness.

With Ron and Draco's complaints, and the reason that the fluorescent flash has been extinguished, and the environment that was once again shrouded in darkness and cold mist, the little wizards began to whisper in place, the children who had originally taken their steps also stepped back one after another, looking at their hesitant companions.

Although the British Isles are surrounded by seawater, it does not mean that most children know how to swim. In fact, contrary to most animals, people are usually more afraid of large waters than of bright, warm flames, and this is more evident in children around the age of eleven.

"Believe me, it's safe, we do this every year."

Hagrid scratched his head with some distress, and his bearded face was full of helplessness.

Indeed, almost all freshmen crossing the lake will encounter this situation. How to persuade first-year students to board the ship has always been a time-consuming task. This is especially difficult for the expressionless Hagrid.

"Alright, no noise, listen to me-[fluorescent flash]!"

The moisture of the lake became more intense, and Elena could feel Hermione's body behind her starting to tremble slightly. If this continued, she might catch a cold. The girl frowned and took out her wand to light it again.

With the cold and sweet voice of the girl, the tumultuous crowd seemed enchanted by magic and suddenly calmed down, looking at the silver-haired girl standing at the front of the line with her bright and radiant fingertips.

"If you've read 'History of Hogwarts School', you'll know that crossing the lake is a traditional ritual of Hogwarts. When first-year students arrive at Hogwarts every year, they must arrive by boat across the lake. This is to imitate the scene where the four great wizards who originally built the school arrived at Hogwarts."

"However, in the book, eh..."

Upon hearing Elena's words, Hermione's pale lips wanted to unconsciously say something and suddenly felt a pain in the palm of her hand. Then, Hermione felt her right hand was once again placed in a familiar warm palm.

Elena looked at Hermione and shook her head slightly imperceptibly, as she took the initiative to lead Hermione aboard a small, swaying wooden boat, standing on the lake, surveying the surroundings for a moment before speaking softly.

"In other words, we are now reenacting the journey made by the four great founders. Does anyone want to go back to the boring carriage to school?"

"Of course not," Hermione replied.

"The carriage and such, I'm tired of sitting," added Draco.

Without hesitation, Harry and Draco followed the boat as soon as Elena's voice trailed off.

The other first-year students looked at each other and nodded eagerly, their faces filled with excitement. There was no need for persuasion from Hagrid anymore. With a sense of solemnity akin to a pilgrimage, they boarded the boat two by two and three by three.

"Is everyone on board?"

Hagrid looked around the riverbank and determined that no students were left behind. He took a boat for himself and struck the oars on the dock. Elena felt a circle of extremely hidden magical ripples emanating from the dock spreading across the lake.

Dozens of boats immediately advanced across the black lake, passing through the cool mist on the surface. Hermione couldn't help but shudder again and huddled behind Elena, who was standing at the bow of the boat.

The entire journey across the lake was unexpectedly tranquil. They all remained silent, gazing at the increasingly looming enormous castle. As they neared the cliff where the castle stood, it seemed to rise above them, stunning in its grandeur.

On the cliff, a covered aerial walkway lined with ivy could be vaguely seen. Elena knew that was the place where Harry broke the old wand, and it was also the most common sight in Hogwarts Castle. A scene of passage.

They didn't wait for the girl to dwell on it. Soon, the boat brought them through the vines to an open secret entrance.

People entered a dark tunnel and it felt like they had reached the underground of the castle, and finally stopped at a place similar to an underground dock. The dock floor was covered with gravel and small stones. Then, under the light of Hagrid's lantern, they followed a winding stone path up into the mountains and finally arrived at a flat, damp grassy area in the shadow of the castle.

Continuing up the stone steps, the first-year students gathered in front of a huge oak door. Hagrid raised a giant fist and knocked three times on the castle door.

The door immediately swung open, and a tall witch with dark hair, clad in a dark green robe and a serious expression appeared behind the door.

"First-year students, Professor McGonagall," Hagrid announced.

"Thank you, Hagrid," nodded Professor McGonagall, taking out a pocket watch and remarked with some surprise, "Compared to previous years, you've arrived exceptionally early this year."

According to the experience of previous years, first-year students would take at least half an hour to reach the great hall of the castle. If it were the old wizard Ogg, who had certain difficulties and problems in his legs, the time would be even longer.

So now half of the senior students are still on the way and have not had time to reach the castle hall.

——Oh, it's that abominable and scary old cat, Professor McGonagall!

Elena slowed down a bit, blending into the crowd, trying to go unnoticed.

However, to her surprise, as she slowed down, the wizards almost instinctively stopped, just like by the lake, actively making way for the girl to move forward. In the end, the crowd formed a peculiar concave shape, surrounding Elena in the center.

At that moment, Professor McGonagall was standing at the door and conversing with Hagrid. She looked significantly at the silver-haired girl, with an admiring gaze in her eyes.

"Miss Elena Caslana, good to see you again. I heard Hagrid say that you were a very beautiful fluorescent shimmer, very well."

These conscienceless little things! At a critical moment, no one was willing to cover for her.

Elena, still trying to hide, upon hearing her name being mentioned, shook her body, her face tensed, her heart raced, she raised her helpless head and met Professor McGonagall's gaze, pulling the corner of her mouth, weakly waving her hand.

"Long time no see, Professor McGonagall."

It seems that Dumbledore shouldn't have told McGonagall about Hogwarts' mortgage.

Glancing at Professor McGonagall as usual, Elena secretly breathed a sigh of relief; otherwise, the new and old grievances would add up, and the new semester would be really tough.