Chapter 55 Analogous Rama

"First-year students, come with me."

Professor McGonagall nodded at Elena, her mouth pressed as if it were not as tight as before, and turned to the side to open the door wide, indicating to the first-year students to follow her.

The specifications of the Hogwarts Castle building are larger than the vast majority in Europe, much like the Gu Ling Pavilion. Obviously, the considerations for some large-scale visitors from the magical world have been taken into account.

They all crossed the oak door and entered the entrance hall. Torches burned around the stone walls, and the ceiling was so high that the top was barely visible. At the front was a luxurious marble staircase leading directly to the upper floor.

Over the stone floor, Professor McGonagall led the first-year students to a small empty room at the other end of the hallway, turned around, crossed her hands in front of her dark green robe, straightened her waist, tensed her gaze, the first-year students looked away and cleared their throats.

"Welcome to Hogwarts!" said Professor McGonagall, "but before the school banquet, there are some important things that need to be explained to the ladies and gentlemen..."

After hearing the familiar school introduction from Professor McGonagall and the introductions of the different houses, Elena silently rolled her eyes and pursed her lips incredulously.

Not to mention all the verbose words in the previous paragraph, she didn't know how many times she had read it, but from now on and for the next seven years, saying this paragraph is infinitely equivalent to saying nonsense.

Not that there's anything wrong with this passage, mainly since Harry Potter entered the school, Gryffindor House began to cheat shamelessly.

Before the sixth year, Dumbledore could put the House Cup in the arms of Gryffindor House through a seemingly reasonable operation at the end of the semester, no matter how much the house's total score was deducted each year.

Of course, in Elena's opinion, this is not really a bad thing. After all, no matter what she does, it will not affect the final allocation of the Academy Cup, and naturally there will be no psychological pressure or guilt.

Just as Elena was so bored that she started to bother the little Hermione around her, like secretly scratching her palm with her fingers or playing with Hermione's hair, Professor McGonagall finally reached the end.

"Some older students have not yet arrived at the castle, and it will take about half an hour to start the sorting ceremony."

Considering that before this, first-year students rarely waited so long, Professor McGonagall thought and took out her wand and waved it. To the complaints of the first-year students, the hard slate floor suddenly changed to a large soft wool carpet.

"Before that, you can sit down and rest for a while."

Professor McGonagall looked at the young wizards and continued, "Wait as quietly as possible while waiting."

She finished and left the room.

Watching Professor McGonagall walk away, the heavy wooden door slammed shut, and the young wizards felt relieved, sitting upright on the soft wool carpet without any pattern, and began to speak quietly.

I don't know if it was intentional. Although Professor McGonagall said a lot, she did not mention how to bypass the most important branch ceremony.

"Oh, I heard Fred talking about the ceremony, it could harm us a lot. But I think he's mostly joking."

Ron, who had five older siblings attending Hogwarts, quickly became the center of attention for the group. Many young wizards were around him, hoping to get some news about the branch ceremony from his mouth.

"Not necessarily, my cousin said that the branch ceremony is a public demonstration of magic to show that the school did not send the wrong invitation to enter. I don't know if it will be successful [flashing lights]."

Neville said grimly, his round face full of tension.


Draco Malfoy, with his arms crossed, heard a word from them and couldn't help but laugh, lightly raising his pale blond eyebrows, proudly waving his fingers, and slowly refuted.

"How is it possible that my father is one of the members of the Hogwarts council? He told me that it is only necessary to recite the list of the surnames of the twenty-eight pure-blood families to pass the evaluation smoothly."

"None of you have thought, why would they give us a month's time to contact teaching materials in advance?"

Hermione Granger anxiously interrupted Malfoy, pulling her long wavy hair and said slightly frenetic.

"It must be possible to take the entrance exam, oh my God, I didn't expect to bring a textbook off the train."

As the young wizards shared the branch ceremonies of their siblings and even their parents, the restless atmosphere spread quickly to the naked eye.

Elena summarized roughly. If you want to pass the evaluation to enter Hogwarts, more or less you need to defeat a giant monster on your own, dance a soft tap dance, and then take a strange exam with a question bank...

In summary, according to the description of the young wizards present, Elena was very pleased to learn that Hogwarts' excellent tradition of "branch intimidation" for first-year young wizards has been highly successful in every family. Implementation and continuity.

"Okay, let's relax. According to my knowledge, it's actually just a simple personality test."

As the atmosphere in the waiting room became more and more tense, Elena sighed helplessly and revealed the answer in advance.

"People with different personalities and traits will be assigned to different houses. Although I think this is actually a very casual and irresponsible way of distribution..."

Halfway through, Elena looked around, and the young wizards who were suspicious turned their eyes to her, at that moment the words took a mysterious turn.

"Speaking of this, I have a mysterious test method here. I can predict the university you are going to attend in advance, would you like to try it?"

This time it was not Elena casually, most of her questions came from the official website of the Harry Potter series from her previous life: Pottermore, the test questions published there.

To be honest, this is also something curious in the fan community. If the main characters in the original book are sorted according to the content of the official website, will they still be in the same original house?

Of course, to verify her authority, Elena finally published the results, there is no possibility of deviation in the probability. After all, as a traveler specializing in the Harry Potter series, if even this cannot guide and estimate, there must have been a soul-expropriation spell cast or a spell of obliviation.

She looked at the first-grade children who nodded quickly as if they were pecking at rice, and Elena smiled slightly.

"So the first question, dusk remains dawn..."

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Hogwarts Sorting Hat Exam (2018 Version)

[See reference answer in related works]

Please write your name here and the result of the house ________

【Q1】 Choose one in order of the following opposite scenes:

Dawn / twilight

Forest / River

Moon / Star

【Q2】 What do you hate most when people describe you?

A. ordinary

B. ignorance

C. shy

D. selfish

【Q3】 After you die, how do you think people will react when they hear your name?

A. Remember you with a smile

B. Ask more about your adventure story

C. Admire your achievements

D. I don't care how people evaluate me after death, it's important how they evaluate me while I'm alive

【Q4】 How do you want future generations to remember you?

A. Wise

B. Good person

C. Great man

D. Brave

【Q5】 If you could invent a potion, what would you hope it would bring you?

A. love

B. honor

C. wisdom

D. justice

【Q6】 You have now entered a magical garden. Which of the following options is most likely to catch your attention?

A. Trees with silver leaves and golden apples

B. Enlarged red mushrooms that seem to be talking to each other

C. Bubbling bubbles, it seems that there is something shiny in the spinning pond

D. A statue of an old wizard with a strange light shining in his eyes

【Q7】 There are four cups placed in front of you. Which one would you choose to drink?

A. Silver liquid full of foam, sparkling, shining as if it contains broken diamonds

B. Smooth, thick, purple liquid that smells like chocolate and plum

C. Fills the room with a flickering flame, dazzling golden liquid

D. The emitted smoke produced strange illusions, a mysterious black liquid that shone like ink.

【Q8】 Which of the following instruments do you like best?

A. violin

B. flute

C. piano

D. drum

【Q9】 Every hundred years, the fluttering shrub will bloom and use its changing aroma to lure unsuspecting people. If it attracted you, what do you think its smell would be like?

A. Burning wood

B. The sea

C. Fresh parchment

D. Home

【Q10】 There are four boxes in front of you. Which of the following would you choose to open?

A. A small box made of tortoise shells with golden decorations, which seems to have the sound of small animals.

B. A shiny black box with a silver lock and key, you know the mysterious symbol above is the logo of Merlin.

C. A magnificent golden box held by a claw-shaped stand, the engraved words warn of secret knowledge and irresistible temptations.

D. An ordinary small tin box, with scribbles saying: "I will only open it for those who deserve it".

【Q11】 Which of the following situations do you think is the most difficult to handle?

A. Hunger

B. Cold

C. Loneliness

D. Boredom

E. Being ignored

【Q12】 An enraged monster was in the headmaster's office at Hogwarts. It is about to smash, destroy, and tear apart several irreplaceable objects and treasures. If you could, in which order would you rescue these things from under the giant's stick?

A. First, devise the perfect plan for pest treatment, then, the student records for a thousand years, and lastly, a mysterious handwritten book full of strange runes.

B. First, a mysterious handwritten book full of strange runes, then, close to the perfect plan for pest treatment, and lastly, the student records for a thousand years.

C. First, an almost perfect pest treatment plan, then, a mysterious handwritten book full of strange runes, and lastly, the student records for over a thousand years.

D. First, a mysterious handwritten book full of strange runes, then, the student records for a thousand years, and lastly, an almost perfect pest treatment plan.

【Q13】 Would you prefer to be ____?

A. Jealous

B. Imitation

C. Confidence

D. Praise

E. Favorite

F. Fear

【Q14】 If you could have any ability, which one would you choose?

A. Read minds

B. Stealth

C. Power beyond ordinary people

D. Ability to communicate with animals

E. Ability to change the past

F. Ability to change appearance at will

【Q15】 What do you hope to study more at Hogwarts?

A. Apparition

B. Transfiguration

C. Flying on a broomstick

D. Dark curses

E. Fantastic creatures and how to befriend or care for them

F. The secret of the castle

G. All magical fields you can learn

[Q16] What creature would you like to study with?

A. Centaur

B. Fairy

C. Mermaid

D. Ghost

E. Vampire

F. Werewolf

G. Monster

[Q17] You and two friends need to cross a bridge guarded by a river monster. The monster insists that one of you must fight to let them pass. What will you do?

A. Try to confuse the river monster so that it lets all three of them pass without a fight.

B. Attempt to determine who will fight.

C. Propose that all three of them fight together (without telling the monster).

D. Fight alone.

[Q18] A student in the same school cheated with the automatic spelling quill in the Hogwarts exam. Now he won first place in the spells class, and you are second. Professor Flitwick doubted this situation and asked you to stay after class to ask if this classmate used an illegal quill. What would you do?

A. Lie and say that you don't know (but hope that someone else will tell Professor Flitwick the truth).

B. Tell Professor Flitwick that he should ask this classmate (and then decide if he doesn't tell the truth, you will).

C. Tell Professor Flitwick that you really want to uncover if your classmate is going to win by cheating, that he should receive the punishment he deserves. Furthermore, as you are in the same school, his lost points will be replaced by yours so that he gets first place.

D. Not wait for Professor Flitwick to ask, if you know someone is using an illegal quill, you will tell the professor before the exam.

[Q19] A muggle confronts you, saying that he is sure you are a wizard, what will you do?

A. Ask him why he thinks so.

B. Agree and ask him if he wants to experience a free curse.

C. Agree, then walk away and leave him wondering if you are boasting.

D. Tell him that you are concerned about his mental issues and offer to call a doctor to help him.

[Q20] What nightmare are you most afraid of?

A. Being at the highest point and suddenly realizing that there is nowhere for your hands or feet to touch or a fence to prevent you from falling.

B. Being locked in a dark room without windows and one of the keyholes is staring at you.

C. Waking up and finding that your family and friends no longer know you.

D. Forced to speak in a very stupid voice, no one can understand what you are saying, and everyone laughs at you.

[Q21] Which path do you find most appealing?

A. Wide and sunny meadow.

B. Narrow dark alleys illuminated by lanterns.

C. A winding path filled with fallen leaves in the forest.

D. On both sides are cobblestone streets with ancient buildings.

[Q22] At night, when walking alone on the street and you hear a strange cry that you think is magical, you:

A. Approach carefully, holding the wand secretly in one hand, being careful to prevent any possible danger.

B. Take out the wand and try to find the source of the noise.

C. Take out the wand to defend yourself in place.

D. Observe the situation by hiding in the shadows, and mentally practice appropriate attack and defense spells to be prepared for unexpected needs.

[Q23] If you were going to Hogwarts, choose a pet that you would like to bring.

A. Tabby cat

B. Siamese cat

C. Ginger cat

D. Black cat

E. White cat

F. Grey owl

G. Long-eared owl

H. Brown owl

I. Tawny owl

J. Giant toad

K. Yellow striped toad

L. Dragon toad

M. Colored toad

N. Three-toed arboreal toad

O. Snowy owl

[Q24] Choose one:

A. Black or white

B. Head or tail (when flipping a coin)

C. Left or right

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G = Gryffindor, S = Slytherin, R = Ravenclaw, H = Hufflepuff

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