Chapter 56 Concerns Of Elena (merry Christmas!)


A small room next to the great hall of the castle.

Elena was like a star holding the moon, surrounded by a group of young wizards in the center, with Malfoy and Potter being the closest, having been more familiar on the previous train.

"Draco, there is no doubt that you are a true Slytherin. Do not worry, remember to maintain the image of Slytherin House in the future, humble and noble without losing grace."

"As for Hermione, um, it's a bit difficult, but according to the test results, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor are suitable for you. However, personally, I believe that Gryffindor House, from which President Dumbledore graduated, should be more suitable for you."

"Ron, don't join in the fun, your family is all Gryffindor, just stick with your friends. Well, I mean, whoever bothers your friends, you lead the beatdown."

"Gore, Crabbe, if it weren't for your lineage, I would really want to send you to Hufflepuff. Well, okay, Slytherin."

"Neville, before answering this question, hit Harry first, then Draco... well, well, well done! Now you are a true Gryffindor!"

With the simulated branch on Elena's side, more and more young wizards began to approach and chirp about their Houses.

"Elena... Big sister, where is my test result?"

A rosy-cheeked girl with two golden braids followed Malfoy's name to Elena and asked timidly.

"Well, before answering that question, please tell me your name. The signs I saw in the crystal ball tell me that if you reveal the information to the wrong person, it could bring me unknown troubles."

Elena cast a glance at the strange face clinging in front of her eyes and responded in the tone of the Divination professor in the movie.

"Hannah Abbot..." the girl nervously replied.

Elena looked with delight at the little witch in front of her and quickly reached out and squeezed her fleshy shoulder, not of iron.

"Oh, Hufflepuff!" the little witch replied with a relaxed expression.

"Big sister, this is my test result, where did I get it?"

Finally, because she did not understand the issue, but Harry Potter timidly did not dare to approach and advanced, his childlike face full of anxiety.

"Oh, dear Mr. Harry Potter..."

Elena blinked intensely in her eyes, feigned analysis, and then solemnly pondered with her chin propped on her face, trying to remember the line of the Sorting Hat.

"Difficult. Very difficult. Courage is evident. The heart is not bad. Talented, my goodness, well, you have a longing to show your strong desire, so, it's very interesting..."

Elena suddenly had a thought. Now that Harry does not have a bad previous impression of Slytherin, would it be possible to lure him to Slytherin?

She observed Harry with an expectant expression, and in Elena's mind, the image of an elderly wizard with a white beard being hurt by a thief emerged. Subconsciously, she was filled with emotion, or rather not to die, the girl firmly shook her head and said,

"Harry Potter, Gryffindor!"


As the young wizards completed the simulation branches one by one, they all began to discuss the virtues of their own Houses.

The final standard of judgment naturally fell on Elena, who had become the leading elder sister.

"Oh, Sister Elena, what do you think is the best House?"

Elena smiled faintly and said without hesitation, "Of course, it's far from the kitchen..."

Just then, there was a discordant voice behind Elena.

"I don't think some simple test questions can determine a person's House."

"Have you ever been in a hospital? If you don't understand, hush! Do not question the authority..."

Elena frowned, turned around, and said discontentedly. She really wanted to see, at this moment, who would dare to challenge her authority.

"Hey?! Mai... Professor McGonagall?!"

Behind her, near the door, Professor McGonagall didn't know when she had arrived, silently watching Elena simulating the branch for the young wizards in the midst of the crowd.

"Now, line up," grumbled Professor McGonagall without addressing Elena. She looked around and told the first-year students, "Follow me."

The people filed out of the room in an orderly fashion, crossed the foyer, and went through a double door to enter the lavish dining hall.

All the students from other year groups of the school were already seated around four long tables. Thousands of candles floated in the air above the tables, illuminating the restaurant.

The dark velvet-like ceiling shimmered with stars. It was hard to believe that there was a ceiling above, and it was hard to believe that the restaurant's ceiling was not outdoors.

The four tables were adorned with gleaming gold plates and goblets, and at the first table of the restaurant, there was a long table, which was the seat of the professors.

Professor McGonagall led the first-year students there, and put them in front of all the higher-year students in a row, with the professors behind them. The candlelight flickered, and the hundreds of faces watching them seemed like pale lanterns.

Then, Professor McGonagall gently placed a four-legged stool in front of the first-year students, and put a high-level wizard's hat on the stool. The hat was tattered, worn, and had some strange marks on the surface, as if someone had stretched it from the inside out.

Unintentionally, the room became silent and everyone looked at the hat. Then the hat twisted. There was a wide crack in the edge of the hat, like a mouth, the hat began to sing:

"You may think I'm not pretty, but don't judge people by their appearance..." (click for more lyrics)

After the magical hat sang the song, the audience applauded, and the magical hat bowed to each of the four tables, then stood still.

"See, as I said, it's just a simple personality test."

Elena turned her head and whispered to the young wizards around her, with an indescribable pride in her tone.

"Quiet now!"

Professor McGonagall stepped forward, holding a scroll of parchment in her hand.

"Whoever I call, put on the hat, sit on a stool, and listen to the Sorting."

As she said this, her sharp eyes looked back at Elena, who was standing in the first row, showing a strange expression, clearing her throat and pondering.

"Elena Caslana!"

It was not [Hannah Abbott]!

Indeed, Dumbledore kept his promise and specially adjusted the order of his list!

This indicates that at least the variability of this timeline will be much greater!

Elena's mouth twisted as she glanced at the rosy-cheeked girl with two golden locks beside her. She silently apologized and crossed the crowd to leave the line.

Under the attention of the teachers and students of the school, as she approached within two or three steps of the hat, Elena suddenly stopped and recalled a crucial matter.

The nature of the Sorting Hat does not seem to be exactly the same as the whims of human wizards.

As one of the most important magical objects at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, although the hat has always claimed that the four founders of Hogwarts injected their respective ideas into it, so that the hat could sort students according to their talents and qualities, assigning them to various houses. But from Elena's perspective, the most accurate statement is that it is actually a magical version of the personality testing program co-written by the four founders.

Obviously, an extremely powerful Perpetual [Science Fetching] has been hardened into the hat, used to read the ideas of young wizards, and then input the content read into the pre-set arithmetic program, that is, the selection parameters pre-set by the Four Greats, to match and divide the students according to the matching ratio.

In other words, for the traveler, this hat is more terrifying than Dumbledore or the Truth Agent because in theory, it is simply a process of simulated understanding. Capturing and forcibly matching data.

Elena never imagined that she is now strong enough to compete with the four founders.

One of the most serious issues draws near. Since it involves a type of behavior of reading magical objects, theoretically, there should be an exportable file record, which is much more terrifying than the idea of madness requiring self-understanding of the curse.

"Elena, do not be afraid, put on the hat."

Professor McGonagall lowered her head, looked at the silver-haired girl who had stopped, and said softly.

"No, I refuse."

Elena stared seriously at the crumpled hat, but then took a step back and shook her head firmly.

Amidst the general commotion of all the teachers and students in the hall, Professor McGonagall's smile suddenly froze. The seemingly similar response and seemingly similar expression suddenly reminded her almost a month ago, there was an ominous feeling in the witch's heart that this was not a very pleasant invitation to the school.

"What the **** do you want to do..."

Without waiting for Professor McGonagall to think it over. Elena then raised her voice and said word by word, the voice rapidly spreading throughout the hall.

"I'm sorry, I never believe anything that can think independently unless I can see where it hides my mind."

The girl's voice wasn't loud, but it was enough for all the students in the hall to hear clearly. Almost all students instinctively held their breath and looked with admiration and surprise at the center of the Great Hall, no one has done this for hundreds of years.

"Miss Elena Caslana, this is the long-standing tradition of Hogwarts, and there is no other way for house sorting."

Professor McGonagall's face began to look a bit ugly, she tightly pressed her lips, furrowed almost to her brows, and even her glasses shone with a fearsome light.

"So, all you have to do is to distribute the hat, isn't it? Then indeed, there is another way."

Elena shrugged, drew her black walnut wand from her robe's pocket, pointed it firmly forward, and said clearly and calmly.

"I say, Hufflepuff!"