Chapter 57 Shura Field And The Unexpected Guest

The bird is silent.

With Elena's voice, the air throughout the Hogwarts Castle seemed to freeze at that moment.

The four students at the long table in the auditorium laughed and cheered, and the school teachers whispering behind the master's seat stopped their movements in unison and turned their eyes to the center of the hall in a confrontation. Two people.


In the face of Elena's threatening words, the old pointed magician's hat shook quickly, then quickly returned to calm without any response.

The group of small furry first-year students behind Elena, with her unexpected behavior, all the original anxiety and embarrassment disappeared, and the admiration and respect in their eyes almost condensed into substance.

"Can I still select like this?"

"Sister Elena's head, so impressive!"

"It's just... amazing!"

Many first-year students involuntarily trembled, as if they were standing in Elena's position.

Professor McGonagall pursed her lips tightly, fiercely looking at the whispering crowd, her chest heaved a couple of times like a bellows, laughing with anger.

"Threaten the sorting hat?! I've been teaching for so many years, I have never met a student like you... so defiant!"

Pausing, Professor McGonagall looked deeply at the brave silver-haired girl, and for a moment could not find any suitable words to describe her.

—I should have long thought that the little devil who could catch the messenger owl to cook soup could not suddenly become a good girl.

"It's just absurd! It's impossible for the sorting hat to grant such unreasonable requests."

Professor McGonagall looked at Elena, who was still holding her wand. Her eyebrows were almost straight, her face was serious, and she spoke coldly.

Elena raised her head, her blue eyes met those of the Hogwarts Deputy Headmistress without any shyness, and she spoke calmly.

"Dear Professor McGonagall, do you call the sorting hat? I believe that, as a wise magical hat, it can make its own judgment."

In this short time, the vague thought in Elena's heart gradually cleared.

Normal telepathy is simply reading the immediate thoughts of the subject, but the extent of the sorting hat is evidently closer to the level of the soul, including memory, emotions, thoughts, and even magical qualities.

Therefore, this hat will never be put on until completely mastering the technique of mental closure and understanding the magical principle of the sorting hat.

"Very well..."

She was interrupted again by Elena, Professor McGonagall tried to suppress her anger, nodded with a furrowed brow, and a cold voice escaped through gritted teeth.

"Sorting hat, tell her that Hogwarts tradition is unquestionable. I don't think there is any first-year student who dares to do something with the hat."

"By the way, I don't think that in a prestigious magic school, there are teachers at the opening ceremony who cast spells on unselected students, just because they don't want to wear hats?"

Elena smiled slightly and said softly.

"Sorting hat, don't worry about that, just say it. After all, we have at least seven full years to understand each other slowly."


The sorting hat, wrinkled and dirty, lay on the four-cornered bench without moving.

It is as if all the magic cast on it suddenly failed, and it looked no different from a normal wizard's hat.

"Sorting hat?!" x2

The eyes of two witches, one large and one small, fiercely clashed in the air, and their gazes focused on the black wizard's hat between them.

"Um... um..."

Feeling the immense pressure from both sides, the sorting hat reluctantly wriggled, thought for a moment, and said tentatively.

"Actually, I believe, Miss Elena, you, brave and fearless girl, why not consider Gryffindor...?"

"Eh?" x2

Two nasal sounds almost sounded simultaneously.

Professor McGonagall looked at the troublesome student in front of her, raised her eyebrows, and revealed clear dissatisfaction in her tone.

"We in Gryffindor never call rule-breaking brave. Sorting hat, the problem now is not which house to belong to..."

"There's nothing to consider, Hufflepuff!"

She did not wait for Professor McGonagall to finish her speech. She saw how Elena's left hand went into the pocket of her robe, and with a movement pulled out another wand from her arm and aimed it at the sorting hat.

"I give you the opportunity to rephrase your language."

It's no joke; if she gets assigned to Gryffindor, then Professor McGonagall will be Elena and her dean, up until the current time, would undoubtedly receive reprisals.

"Well, then..."

The sorting hat looked around. The face formed by the folds in the wrinkled hat looked extremely sad, and was about to say something.


Behind Elena, Hogwarts Castle slammed the auditorium door shut, there was a loud bang, the auditorium door was pushed with violence.

"Oh no, Minister, gentlemen! You cannot simply barge in, and also be in the sorting."

At the entrance, a thin caretaker held a lantern with open arms. At his feet, a scrawny lazy cat stood up and growled menacingly.

"Surrender! Argus Filch, we do not have time to speak with you."

A small, sturdy man shook irritably. Behind him, a muscular witch marched straight forward, pushing back the poor, hesitant guardian, and making her way through.

Then, a large group of adult wizards entered through the open door, and no one approached the teachers' seats.

Everyone in the auditorium turned to look at the group of strangers who suddenly burst into the auditorium. By their attire, the intruders clearly split into two groups.

Among them, there were a large number of black cloaks, wearing elegant round British-style hats, neat and standard clothing, and a serious and antiquated expression on their faces.

While the sorcerers and wizards of the other school wear all kinds of exquisitely tailored wizard robes with exquisite workmanship, UU's behavior when reading reveals the temperament of the great men of the upper world and follows the end of the team hastily.

"Miss Caslana, retreat! Return to your row."

Before Elena could react, a dark green figure quickly walked in front of her and shielded her behind him.

"Gentlemen, this is the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you have no right to enter without permission! Now, please leave immediately!"

Professor McGonagall, vice president and dean of Gryffindor College, directly drew her wand from her shirt, nervously gripping the end of the wand with her fingers, staring straight ahead through the square glasses and roaring loudly.

"No! You don't understand what's going on, Milwa. Let it go! It's none of your business."

Facing Professor McGonagall's wand, the small lead man slightly tilted his head and looked past Professor McGonagall towards the center of the teachers' seats at the other end of the auditorium, with a roar louder than that of Professor McGonagall.

"Dumbledore! Just now, the Goblin Pavilion held a press conference and announced that they had obtained a mortgage on Hogwarts Castle, and they also showed everyone the magical land certificate of Slytherin and Hogwarts. Who will tell me what is going on here?!!!"