Chapter 58 The Noseless Monster Felt Like It Had Been Shot

Connelly Fudge is in a very bad mood.

Since he accidentally became the Minister of Magic last year, he hadn't experienced such emotions in a long time.

After all, Voldemort fell a few years ago, and it seemed like he should have completely disappeared into history; the only competitor at the ministry, Barty Crouch, couldn't deal with him in his career due to his son's accusation of being a Death Eater. He posed no threat; moreover, with the powerful white wizard Albus Dumbledore presiding over the British magical world, Fudge ever thought he could be the most relaxed and fortunate Minister of Magic in history.

Until today after work, he received a message from the house-elves of Gu Ling Ge, although the specific content of the news would be spread throughout the magical world tomorrow morning: one of the sacred places of magic for human wizards, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was mortgaged to the goblins of Gu Ling Ge.

Almost at the same time as he received this news, it was the famous and recognized members forming the board of directors of Hogwarts. After both parties confirmed the veracity of the news through their own channels, they headed straight to Hogwarts without hesitation. To discover the truth as soon as possible.

"Hogwarts was mortgaged?"

"He's the Minister of Magic, he's crazy, how is that possible?"

As the intruders entered the main hall of the auditorium, the face of the man with the highest appearance rate in the "Daily Prophet" clearly showed his identity, Connelly Fudge, currently the Minister of Magic of the United Kingdom.

Combining what he had just said, the students had no difficulty guessing the reason why Fudge suddenly burst into Hogwarts with the Ministry of Magic. Undoubtedly, as the head of the British Ministry of Magic, this matter is too serious.

The entire auditorium erupted at once. Everyone whispered, and some people looked at Fudge incredulously, as if he were not the Minister of Magic but a giant monster that had burst into the auditorium. And more people instinctively looked at the elderly man sitting in the middle of the teachers' seats.

"Dumbledore, this..."

Professor McGonagall did the same. The witch quickly turned to look at Dumbledore sitting behind her and asked.

However, Elena, who was standing behind McGonagall, had a strange feeling. Professor McGonagall seemed a bit different from most people. She seemed surprised and nervous, not because of Hogwarts, but because of a stunned sense of surprise.

Ding Ding Ding ~

Dumbledore took the spoon and tapped the empty glass, producing a clear sound.


The old man stood up, his blue eyes scanning the hall through his half-moon-shaped spectacles, as if they had an inexplicable power. The students quickly quieted down and sat in silence as best they could.

"Thank you."

Dumbledore smiled slightly and nodded gently to the students. Finally, his eyes settled on Connelly Fudge and his group standing at the door, and he frowned slightly, speaking slightly confused.

"I'm sorry, Minister, I don't entirely understand what you're referring to." Dumbledore said as he waved his hand in the air. "As you can see, Hogwarts is conducting the annual selection ceremony, I believe..."

"Dumbledore, don't try to divert attention."

Behind Fudge, a middle-aged man in a dark gray trench coat stepped forward, rudely interrupting Dumbledore, and his leather shoes struck the auditorium floor hard, evidently his emotions were beyond the anger he was showing.

"Lucius Malfoy met with you in Diagon Alley last month. That same day, many wizards also admitted to seeing you at Gu Ling Pavilion. Don't tell me you were just idling that day?"

"Oh, dear Greengrass, if you delve further, you will find that on that day, I was only taking a first-year student to purchase learning materials in Diagon Alley. You see, someone has to talk about how to introduce the little wizard born in the non-magical world into our world. It is a tradition at Hogwarts since forever."

The old wizard shrugged, slowly descended the stairs, passed Professor McGonagall, and finally stopped in front of Fudge and the others. "The long-term exchange rate is not very clear. After all, apart from buying Christmas gifts, there are very few places where one would need to use gold coins."

In front of Dumbledore at close range, the expressions of Fudge and Greengrass were slightly restrained. The higher they are in their position, the more deeply they can comprehend the magical power contained in the body of the old wizard with white hair.

"Now, gentlemen, can you tell me what is happening? Take your time, speak slowly."

Dumbledore's face was serious, and his voice sounded solemn and calm.

"Well... Dumbledore, did you really lead the students to buy school supplies?"

Greengrass asked with a certain hesitation, as Dumbledore had affirmed, most of the doubts in his mind had disappeared.

Only need to check the records of each shop and compare the schedules, it is easy to deduce the facts. He believed that a great wizard like Dumbledore would not lie on such a trivial matter.

"So, the problem could be more serious. Minister Fudge will explain the specific situation."

"I don't know what I was thinking." The man rubbed his chin and gestured backward. He whispered something to a young wizard. The young man nodded solemnly and quickly left the hall.

"Dumbledore, then the students..."

Fudge took off his top hat and rubbed it between his hands with some annoyance. He looked at the students with curious faces and asked a little hesitantly. Gradually, he realized that he might be facing a more complicated problem.

"It doesn't matter, they are all members of Hogwarts and have the right to know about all the important events that have occurred or may occur in this school." Dumbledore shook his head and replied.

"Well, since you insist, although I don't think this matter is appropriate for the children to know. But tomorrow, The Daily Prophet will also publish this news, so it doesn't matter."

Connelly Fudge absentmindedly waved his hands, looking seriously at Dumbledore and said, "Just now, the goblins of the Gu Ling Pavilion gathered in the major newspapers of the magical world and held a press conference. They displayed the real estate certification documents of Hogwarts Castle and declared it to be a huge mortgage contract."

"So, did the fairies not reveal the person who signed the contract and the details of the content?"

Dumbledore knocked his knuckles thoughtfully and asked with skepticism.

"No." The Minister of Magic solemnly denied, frowning. "They only revealed that the total amount of the mortgage was about 800 million gold galleons. However, the strangest thing is that the loan was obtained in a Muggle currency called ruble. If it wasn't for you, who else could have gained the trust of the goblins?"

As Minister of Magic, Fudge knew the intransigence of the group of ancient elves from the Gu Lin Pavilion. Unless they were absolutely sure or driven by huge interests, the group of cunning magical creatures would not generously produce so much money.

"The strange things don't stop there."

At this point, Mr. Greengrass next to Fudge suddenly added, "As far as I know, the board has never been aware that Hogwarts Castle has real estate certification documents for so many years. Regarding the authenticity of something like this, we also want to confirm it from the mouth of Director Dumbledore."

"I understand, but if there is a seal of Salazar on that certificate, it probably isn't a forgery."

Dumbledore nodded solemnly, "According to the literature and school history records, before Hogwarts was established, this castle belonged to Salazar Slytherin, one of the four founders."

"But, that was a long time ago... wait! So, are there other executors of this contract, only descendants of Slytherin?"

Connelly Fudge suddenly changed his expression, turned his head to look at the powerful wizard who pushed aside Filch and shouted, "Delux, go quickly and check the recent situation of the Gunter family."

"No need to check."

Greengrass suddenly interrupted, looking at Fudge, showing a trace of sarcasm, "Didn't you throw the last heir of the Gunter family into Azkaban? If I remember correctly, he should be dead there now. Shouldn't you know very well about his relics and the last person he contacted in life?"

Upon hearing Greengrass's voice, Fudge seemed to be burned by a hot iron, his thick neck reddened.

"Are you saying that the Hogwarts estate that appeared in the hands of the Gu Lingge goblins turned out to be the work of our Ministry of Magic?!"

"I didn't say that... But think about it, who would need a amount of Muggle currency other than the Ministry of Magic?"

Greengrass muttered with disgust, his eyes crossed Fudge and casually scanned the Ministry staff behind him.

"Slander! This is an unfounded accusation and would never happen in our Ministry of Magic."

Hearing the angry words of the men around him, Connelly Fudge.

"In my opinion, if there is a real estate certification, would the Hogwarts board really not know for so many years? Will the Gunter family fall to that level? I've heard that many of their family's businesses have appeared recently after the decline. I don't think they don't know that they secretly want to communicate with the non-magical world. The informant in my hand..."

"Minister, can I consider this as an insult to the noble pure-blood families?! How can we cooperate with those stupid Muggles?!"

Greenglass narrowed his eyes and said unpleasantly.

"Cough, cough, cough..."

Seeing the dispute between the two wizarding schools intensify, almost reaching the ears of the teachers and students of the school, when an ugly fight was about to break out, Dumbledore, who had been standing on the side, coughed forcefully and gathering his arms, the stack of parchment painted with figures and patterns flickered and said:

"Gentlemen, in fact, apart from the Gunter family, there is another person who claims to have the blood of the Slytherin family."

"Impossible, the ancient Gunter family is the sole descendant of Salazar Slytherin, one of the four founders of Hogwarts. There is no one else but them."

Greengrass shook his head and replied without hesitation.

"No, in fact, there is another one." The ruddy-faced Fuji, who had been arguing, changed his expression with a trace of panic on his face, turned to look at Dumbledore. "You don't mean that person, but hadn't he disappeared before?"

"But obviously not everyone thinks so," Greengrass sighed softly. "It seems there are still some mice hiding in the dark. If I remember correctly, it's the son of the Director of the Magical Law Enforcement Division."

"And it seems that someone has seen a mysterious black shadow in Albania, and I told you..." Dumbledore looked at Fudge with a serious expression.

"So, is this a conspiracy against the entire magical world?"

Fuji's face turned particularly ugly, like a piece of pig liver that had been left for a long time, pretending not to hear Dumbledore's words, and said to the assistant beside him.

"Delux, report to the records, understand the origin of that person as soon as possible, damn it, you know who I'm talking about, I don't want to repeat it a second time. And let the team in the Auror office all move, in the next few months, I'm going to capture the delusional Death Eaters and throw them all into Azkaban!"