Chapter 6 Unexpected encounter with a father

At that moment, Elena, who was far from Loch Lomond, was unaware of the consequences of her swift chat.

In her thoughts, Dumbledore should still proceed with "Harry Potter: Brave Cultivation Game," and he had no time to deal with something as trivial as a whimsical girl refusing to enter school.

Of course, she cannot be blamed. After all, the movie "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" had not been released before she crossed over. She cannot know that the two old opponents, Dumbledore and Grindelwald, were finally waiting for the official showdown. Even less likely that she knows the paragraph Grindelwald said that was very similar to her.

The most urgent dilemma facing Elena today is how to break the atmosphere of silence that has lasted almost half an hour in the cabin.

Yes, since Professor McGonagall walked out the door, she and Benítez have not spoken again.

Elena sat at the end of the bed quietly playing with her fingers, while the priest slowly ate breakfast, as if he were cleaning and meticulously sucking the marrow from every slender bone.

"Ah. Are you going to stop talking since then?"

Finally, Benítez sighed helplessly, set down the clean soup cup he had already drunk, and broke the silence first.

"I'm sorry..." The little silver-haired Lolita lifted her head, pursed her lips, and said weakly.

For this man who brought her back to the orphanage from the streets of London and patiently taught her to speak English as a mute girl, and then awkwardly raised her, although Elena did not usually forgive easily, she had already taken him as a father.

However, whether in the magical world or through the end, she cannot confide in the other party like she can with Benítez.

In a sense, this may be the greatest curse carried by the traveler, always bearing a secret that cannot be told.

"Well, it seems like this is a much more complicated problem than stealing explosives from the stone workshop to go to the lake to fry fish."

Benítez raised his eyebrows playfully, trying to make the topic less serious.

"It's over a hundred times more complicated than that, and I'm not stealing. I borrowed it! I wrote down the contact information and purpose of the orphanage, and the fish I caught, I didn't split it in half for them."

Elena pouted. She always appreciated that point, not just fried fish. The basic operation of humans using wisdom to hunt, the Annoying Protection Association finally notified the police and the security department.

It was the first and only time Benítez was angry with her. At that moment, she even thought about running away with her little quilt and small bags overnight when she was in a tight spot.

She sat still, and Benítez ruffled Elena's head firmly, choosing not to continue debating this matter with her. He knew she was definitely not his match in sophistry.

"Don't you want to open it? This letter from the School of Magic."

He took the thick parchment envelope that Professor McGonagall left in the room, and Benítez reached out to the girl, asking gently.

There is no postmark on the envelope, and the address and recipient are clearly written on the front in emerald ink.

[Scottish Highlands, Hard Rock Street, Russ Municipality, the cubicle next to Benítez's orphanage kitchen, in charge of Elena Caslana]

"No, just open it if you want to see it. It's just the class schedule and various supplies to prepare. Anyway, I won't go."

Elena took the thick envelope from Benítez, ran her fingers back and forth on the Hogwarts school emblem, and tossed the letter back into Benítez's arms, shaking her head and muttering to herself.

-There are so many unscrupulous authors who wrote the same humanities in the world of Harry Potter in the past life. Almost all will use the contents of the letter to fill the word count at once. She can recite what she wrote without opening it-

"However, I suggest you do not open it."

Speaking half-heartedly, Elena glanced at the empty bowl Benítez placed on the bed, raised her eyebrows, and added a second thought.

"Forget it, it doesn't matter now; they shouldn't send more letters."


Benítez frowned, puzzled, and asked.

"Because the magical world uses owls to deliver letters; otherwise, do you think you've eaten so many round-faced, plump Scottish chickens from wherever you grabbed them?"

The little silver-haired lolita extended her hands and replied with a natural expression.

"Oh, Heavens."

Upon hearing Elena's response, Benítez rubbed his forehead with one hand and suddenly felt a pang in his temples.

He instantly understood the reason why Professor McGonagall collapsed suddenly after hearing the dinner invitation.

That, regardless of who it is, will cause an outburst. This girl has become increasingly untamed.

The man's face darkened, "Elena, come here. We need to talk about this."

He felt it was necessary to discuss with the girl in question what basic social etiquette entails. He thought that after the last "fish bombing" event, Elena would moderate herself and mature significantly, but the result was completely the opposite.

"I am not! I am not foolish!"

She glanced sideways at Benítez, whose face was grim and serious, and Elena playfully stuck out her tongue, making a face.

"Yes, I suddenly remembered that there are no vegetables in the kitchen. I have to go to the market to buy some."

Without waiting for Benítez's retort, the girl agilely leaped off the bed, waved her hand, and swiftly ran out without looking back.

She did not want to be caught by Benítez and scolded all morning like last time.

"This girl..."

Benítez gazed at the little silver-haired girl running off like a frightened bunny and shook his head in despair.

Perhaps, as Professor McGonagall said, this girl has some kind of magical power.

Every time he tries to educate Elena, as soon as the girl shows a bit of whimsy, his heart inexplicably softens, and after a few words of reproach, it dissipates.

Not just him, almost every time Elena gets into trouble, the leniency she receives seems exceptionally effortless, as if, no matter what she does, she will always be forgiven.

Of course, it is also possible that, as the nuns in London said, he is truly not suitable for teaching children.

"A-a school of magic?"

Benítez watched Elena return the envelope to his hand, her fingers resting on the seal, and it seemed as though it was not a letter, but a dreadful Pandora's box before him.

Perhaps others may not know, but Benítez, who has seen Elena grow up, could not be more certain. For anything that doesn't interest her, Elena will definitely not invest an ounce of energy and time in it.

As a girl under eleven, she can outwit an adult wizard from the magical world in various ways, leaving him speechless. Benítez does not believe that Elena is truly committed to the magical world. It doesn't matter to her as much as she portrays.

After debating for over ten minutes, Benítez looked at the empty bowl on the bedside table and suddenly had an idea. If it weren't for his migraine from the wind, would Elena choose another way to reject an invitation from that world?

Pondering carefully, Benítez remembered that when she spoke of the stewed owl soup, the eyes of the little silver-haired lolita glittered, and she sighed quite wearily. With her voracious and untamed personality, there was really no way to judge the true reason.

Benítez lifted the thick parchment envelope and gazed solemnly again at the somewhat peculiar emblem on it, as if some terrible monster would emerge from it at any moment.

After hesitating for a few seconds, he clenched his teeth and turned his wrist to open the letter.

[Director of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry:

Albus Dumbledore (President of the International Confederation of Wizards, President of the Wizarding Association, and First-Class Wizard of the Order of Merlin)

Dear Miss Caslana: We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A list of required books and equipment is enclosed. The semester is set to begin on September 1st. We will await your owl's response by July 31st.

Deputy Headmistress (female) Minerva McGonagall]

Benítez tapped his fingers gently on the letter paper and thoughtfully gazed at the sumptuous wooden chair in front of him that had been magically transformed. Perhaps he should talk more with Professor McGonagall.

At least, he could feel that when Elena saw Professor McGonagall rising with the wooden cane, the fear hidden behind her stubbornness was barely perceptible, similar to the tremor she showed after finding the fish, but this time it was for stealing food from an owl.

Just when he was about to finish reading, he felt another dull ache in his brain.

It is estimated that in the past week, it is conservatively estimated that the whole orphanage has consumed at least a dozen of "plump round Scottish chickens." Upon learning this, Benítez has the opportunity to meet Mai again, and Professor Ge will naturally take the initiative to propose compensation.

"I'm not sure if the pound can be exchanged for wizard currency, but I hope that, as Elena said, prices in the magical world are slightly cheaper."

Benítez sighed again at the thought. Although Elena has raised a lot of money for the orphanage over the years, she has also paid many fines or compensations for her accident.

Just then, there was a crackling sound like a whip outside the door.

After that, there was a rhythmic knocking on the door, and a familiar female voice entered.

"Mr. Benítez, I am Milleva McGonagall. I apologize for disturbing you again. I hope to learn more about Miss Elena if possible."

Who is Professor McGonagall from Hogwarts?

Benítez raised the corner of his mouth, glanced at the letter in his hand, stood up, set the dishes aside, put on a coat, and replied without hesitation.

"Welcome, Miss McGonagall. I actually needed to ask you something about Elena and your magical world."

At the same time, Elena, who was fishing attentively by the lake, suddenly felt a flutter in her heart, as if it was the premonition she used to get whenever the school notified parents of a meeting in her previous life.