Chapter 60 The Sincerity Of The Fairies

Gary Vickers?

Upon hearing the name, Elena leaned curiously from the head of Professor McGonagall and glanced at Gary Vickers standing behind the elf. She did not dislike the impression of the fairy who greeted her and Dumbledore at the Gu Ling Pavilion; at least he was closer to some professional managers in later generations regarding his professional qualities.

However, to be honest, aside from men, women, and children, the difference between fairies in Elena's eyes was not that significant: they were all of short stature, dark faces, and long pointy fingers, like Pinocchio. Long nasal bridge. Therefore, she had not recognized the familiar fairy guide up until now.

"Cough, respected Minister of Magic of Britain, director of the Board of Governors of Hogwarts, Gu Ling Pavilion has always attached great importance to the friendship between goblins and human wizards."

The fairy Gary Vickers straightened his back, took the long parchment, glanced at Fudge and Greengrass, and quickly looked at Dumbledore, who was slightly behind, and read it one by one.

"Given the proposal from the British Ministry of Magic and the Board of Governors of Hogwarts, after careful discussion, the Elder Council of Gu Ling Pavilion has decided to make certain concessions, including the waiver of approximately 300 million gallons of gold in handling fees, and the trial of the land of Salazar Slytherin’s castle."

"Sounds tempting, so what are the conditions?"

Fuji nodded undisturbed, asking in a calm voice.

Although always criticized for his lack of ability, Connelly Fudge could not be an utterly fortunate man to serve as Minister of Magic. He did not believe in his heart that this group of wealthy fairies would suffer a loss. Business.

"Only some insignificant administrative conveniences." Gary Vickers bowed respectfully and said with a smile, "Gu Ling Pavilion hopes to launch a new, lighter coin in the UK to replace the heavy metal coins. You can think of each new coin as a miniature loan contract, and any wizard can use this contract to exchange the equivalent of a gallon of gold at Gu Ling Pavilion."

"Like in the muggle countries, colorful pieces of paper called pounds or dollars?"

"Yes, that's exactly it. The non-magical world has been implementing this monetary system for a long time, and it turns out to play a very positive role in promoting trade and circulation throughout society."

"But this doesn't seem good for you, the fairies?"

Fuji frowned and instinctively felt that something was amiss, but could not pinpoint the issue for a moment.

"No, no, no, this is already the greatest enjoyment."

Gary Vickers smiled and shook his head, raising his slim index finger, and his dark face showed a serious expression, "Dear Minister. Just as human women like shiny jewels, to our goblin, the only fun is to hear the sound of the gold gallon clashing against each other."

"Well, is there anything else?" Fudge raised his eyebrows with a clear expression, aligning with his understanding of goblins. These cunning magical creatures always have an almost pathological attachment to gold coins.

Seeing Fudge's tone seemed to loosen, a glint of light flashed in Gary Vickers' eyes, and his body leaned a little more, saying humbly, "The second thing is that Gu Ling Pavilion hopes to carry out broader cooperation. We hope to increase the number of human employees by at least 500 each year to participate in the daily operations of the Goblin Bank of Gu Ling."

"Oh, increasing the number of jobs? This really resonates with me. In fact, you see, many wizards in the magical world cannot find suitable employment. I think your proposal sounds really great."

Fuji nodded approvingly and responded kindly.

"Yes, we actually also want to use this opportunity to deepen our friendship. Although this castle is fascinating, we believe there are more important things to do."

Gary Vickers' expression also became lighter, and he smiled quite happily, "The last point, you need to understand that, after all, if you end the contract directly, Gu Ling Pavilion will lose about 800 million gallons of gold of a great wealth. We have to recover the principal sum."

"Oh, have you not considered this? The Ministry of Magic does not have such liquidity." Fudge waved his hand and said.

"For a long time, the Ministry of Magic has played a vital role in the stability of the entire magical world. However, for the sake of their own interests, a large number of workshops and companies often hide their profits to avoid taxes."

As he spoke, Gary Vickers gestured to himself, "And our Gu Ling Pavilion can help the Ministry of Magic audit accounts to find those who evade taxes. What we need is nothing more than additional tax revenues. In the case, a portion of the proportion is withdrawn to Gu Ling Pavilion and used to repay the principal of this loan."

"Gentlemen, it sounds like there is no reason for rejection. Such sincerity, if someone refuses, they must be the greatest fool."

Fuji looked at the frowning Greengrass around him, and then looked at Dumbledore with a pensive look behind him, and suddenly laughed.

"Of course, such a joyful cooperation, Gu Ling Pavilion will send the ownership certificate to your office tomorrow..."

Gary Vickers also smiled, rolled up the parchment in his hand, and said easily, patting his companion's shoulder happily, his eyes full of pride.

"Sorry, I refuse!"

The smile on Fudge's face suddenly faded, he took a deep breath, and said seriously.

"Eh?" The expressions on the smiling faces of the fairies stiffened.

"I mean, the Ministry of Magic will not accept the previous conditions." Connelly Fudge repeated once more.

"You must be joking... This joke is not funny." Gary Vickers felt that his smile might be a little forced, and said dryly.

"As you said, I am not a particularly intelligent and capable Minister of Magic. The reason UU has been in power for has never been a big mistake for more than a year. One of the most important principles is not to make promises in areas that you do not understand. If an issue makes a wizard like Dumbledore hesitate, then it is definitely not something that I can decide directly."

Fuji shook his head, exchanged glances with Greengrass, straightened his suit shirt, and spoke effortlessly.

Upon sensing the slightly tense atmosphere, Greengrass smiled faintly, took a step forward, and gently applauded.

"Well then, gentlemen. Let's change the subject. If the Ministry of Magic and the Hogwarts Board of Governors can provide enough gold galleons to pay off their debts, can they legally reclaim the Hogwarts Castle contract on your behalf? What do you think?"

"If you think about it again, that's 800 million gold galleons..."

Garyvex's voice was a bit high-pitched, as he couldn't understand why such a tempting condition would be completely rejected.

This time, Fudge ignored him and shook his head again.

"I don't think they're just going to accompany the young man and take a breath of fresh air in the Scottish Highlands. One of the eleven elders of Gulling Pavilion, His Excellency Leos."

As Fudge spoke the last sentence, he gazed firmly at the wrinkled old goblin who had been closing his eyes and dozing off.

"Well, Gary Vickers, go back. I said before that although human wizards are not sensitive to money, it doesn't mean they are foolish and easy to deceive."

Leos violently opened his eyes, and the old goblin's cloudy eyes exuded a fascinating light as he looked at the people in front of him.

"Let's talk about the contract itself."