Chapter 61 Gu Ling Ge Never Suffers Losses

At the same time.

In the deepest part of the Gu Ling Pavilion, there is a magnificently decorated and large office.

Although the former Gulinge Wizard Bank has ceased operations today, judging by the hustle and bustle of this office, it is clear that for the fairies here, the universal work mechanism of the magical world is not fully applicable.

In fact, this busy situation has been going on for almost two weeks since the 20th of last month.

Dozens of fairies gather around a long wooden table to discuss what excites them. On the wooden table, a section of an image with a certain color distortion occasionally flashes. On the other side, a row of mahogany desks are perfectly aligned, and at each wooden desk, there is a glasses-wearing gnome calculating and processing documents on the desk.

Situated at the innermost level of the entire space, there are three separate independent offices. Occasionally, fairies can be seen entering or leaving the room with respect. Through the space between the open and closed door, one can vaguely see that the space inside is not small, and none of the fairies walk quickly.

"Oh my! The ruble's exchange rate against the US dollar has dropped by another 7 points."

"Rast, quickly tell the wizard banks everywhere to reduce the ruble exchange limit."

"In ten minutes, I want to see the black market exchange rate of the Muggles now!"

"The fairy group of the Americas Division refused to join the meeting, curse it, I swear they must have sensed something."

In a busy and noisy environment, accompanied by the crackling sound of the ghost, the Sergeins fairies who were related to Elena appeared at the entrance of the office. Their panicked faces looked slightly comical.

"Bad news! Very bad news!"

Under the gaze of all the gnomes, Sergeins stumbled and ran directly into the middle independent office.

"Oh, no, no, young ones, relax. Didn't your father tell you that unnecessary chaos would only make Jin Jialong run away faster?"

In the office, a middle-aged gnome sitting in a black swivel chair turned around and calmly snapped his fingers. A lazy wooden chair moved behind Sergeins.

"The reason I transferred you from the business room is not only because you are lucky enough to receive this large order. I hope that the new blood on the front will guide us towards some blind spots that have not been thought of before."

"Mr. Douglas, within five days, the Soviet government will make a resolution to discuss whether to recognize the independence of the three united republics of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania."

Sergeins wiped the sweat from his forehead and said anxiously.

"Well, that's really bad news. I remember Lulun mentioned it before, and I will start lowering the exchange rate between the ruble and the gallon of gold tomorrow, right?"

The middle-aged gnome, known as Douglas, frowned resignedly, turned around, and shouted to a fairy across the office.

"Yes, Mr. Douglas. Since the news of the preparation for the independence of Azerbaijan the day before yesterday, we have been recalculating."

A professionally dressed fairy adjusted her glasses and stood up, speaking respectfully.

"Very well, lower the value of the preparation by 5% according to the original plan."

The middle-aged gnome nodded contentedly, took a thick cigar from his pockets, rubbed his pointed fingers gently, lit the cigar with a magical match, took a deep inhale, and exhaled white smoke.

"And then, young Sergeins, let me guess what you want to say... Are you talking about the validity of the Hogwarts mortgage contract? Or is it that the depreciation of the ruble puts us at a disadvantage for the contract payment? Or are you wondering if we have enough ruble loans as coverage? You don't want us to actively interfere with the Muggle government-you know that even though the Soviet Ministry of Magic seems relaxed, it's harder than the group of knights at the British Ministry of Magic. We don't want to provoke them."

"No, Mr. Douglas, I heard..." Sergeins said, looking at the other busy fairies in the office, with a hesitant expression.

"Speak of anything, there's no treason in the entire risk capital department of Gu Lingge, because we have no competitors."

As the most outstanding financial newcomer of Gu Lingge in the last 100 years, Douglas, one of the three senior executives of the risk capital department of Gu Lingge, dares not say that he has 100% control over the members of his department, but he is definitely the best figure in the fairy bank.

Countless gnomes racked their brains to join Douglas's risk capital department, not only for the high salary, but more than anything, this kind of work that uses large amounts of money as a bet for the game is simply for the gnomes. It is the most tempting drug in the world.

Andy Sergeins swallowed and looked carefully at the supervisor gnome in front of him.

"I heard that regarding the mortgage of the real estate certificate, Gu Ling Ge did not obtain rubles from the Muggle Bank according to the actual contract, but skipped this step and directly paid the currency they requested. That means, once the ruble depreciates, we will directly bear the loss."

"It seems that I need to reassess your news channel. It's true, but not entirely."

Douglas narrowed his eyes, shifted to a comfortable position, and continued to lay on the swivel chair and kick his cigar. "After omitting this step, the Gu Ling Pavilion can earn more than 50 million gallons in this business out of thin air. Management fees. It is precisely because of this that, strictly speaking, we have not suffered losses."

"Go ahead, talk about something I don't know."

For Douglas, the greatest fun is no longer simply earning gallons of gold, but training one excellent fairy analyst after another to ensure that Gu Ling Ge can continue to thrive in the years to come. Dynamic state.

"What if the ruble continues to depreciate? Our losses will continue to expand, even after taking into account various fees and high interest rates, according to my calculations, at most a month..."

"Some of these things don't need to be told to me. As you can see, we have an accounting team of over 50 people. Before you calculate the results, they have already delivered the report to me."

The middle-aged goblin impatiently waved his hand, directly interrupting Andy Serkins.

"Young man, let me teach you the truth for free. All profits that cannot be cashed, no matter how many, are false! We have enough time to cushion and increase the handling fee for the gallon of gold to ruble, and limit the exchange rate of magical currency to ruble."

Douglas slowly spat out smoke, swaying with a long cigar, "We have never overlooked the possibility of a wizard shorting the ruble. To be precise, from the outset, our purpose is no longer short-term gains and losses. What we need is the commitment and cooperation of the British magical world, or the most magnificent magical creation in the history of human magic."

The long time not only taught the elves of Gu Ling Ge about financial acumen, but also gave them enough patience.

All the impatient groups of immortals, mostly following the rebellion of the elves one after another, have been eliminated in the long river of time. Only the Gu Ling Pavilion will always exist in the magical world and maintain its transcendent status.

Dozens of elder elves and hundreds of elf analysts are always studying the form of the magical and non-magical world. They are spread throughout Europe. The power of Jin Jialong always allows them to be on the right side at the right time.

The foreign exchange gains and losses of the Muggle world are nothing to the goblins who control a large amount of gold reserves. Magic, only magic is the key to leveraging all unconventional financial systems, and this is what the goblins have always hoped to achieve.

"Well, it seems you haven't brought me any surprises. His Excellency Leos went to Hogwarts half an hour ago, and now I must go back. If you are foolish enough to cancel the contract, then we will be completely liberated from the constraints. If not, then this contract has never deviated from our vision."

Douglas looked at the young goblin in silence with interest, swinging his right hand, turning the back of the chair towards Serkins, indicating that he could leave.

"What if the Soviet Union disappeared overnight and the ruble became worthless paper? Would our exchange lock mechanism still work?"

Andy Serkins gritted his teeth and couldn't help but ask aloud.

To be precise, this is not his idea, but the wild speculation raised by Gary Vickers during the astronomical mortgage contract he discussed with him some time ago.

"Hey, boy. Learn more about human history."

Douglas sneered, and even had no desire to turn around and speak.

"A powerful alliance like the Soviet Union, even if the entire magical world is added, is impossible to destroy in a year. Do not underestimate the Muggles. According to the calculation results of the entire expert group of Gulinge, the possibility of destroying the Soviet Union in a year is even lower than that of a major earthquake directly destroying the land of the entire Soviet Union."

"Limit the ruble exchange rate, control the exchange rate adjustment, the initial payment time of the mortgage contract is only a year. Tell me, young Serkins, how can Gu Lingge lose in this trade?"

Although he was only sitting in the office, Douglas's words revealed an aggressive edge, as if he were a general commanding goblin rebellions on the battlefield hundreds of years ago, and Andy Serkins couldn't bear the thought of arguing.