Chapter 62 The Title Of The Chapter Is Missing


The bright auditorium is now extremely quiet, even the most mischievous students know to keep quiet at this moment, all have their eyes fixed on the group of people near the door.

"Excuse me, perhaps I misheard? According to you, the Gu Ling Pavilion does not accept payment in Jin Jialong, but instead requires us to provide humble muggle currency?"

Greengrass, one of the permanent directors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, has a sharp voice, with a look of disgust on her face, staring intensely at the small goblin Leos in front of her, making Elena very worried that she might suddenly kick the goblin in the next moment.

Leos raised his wrinkled cheeks and showed a wicked smile.

"Specifically, for the payment of this contract, the Gu Ling Pavilion cannot directly accept Jin Jialong."

The goblin extended his hand and pointed at the wand stuck in the witch's waist. A greedy and extremely hidden anger flashed quickly in his cloudy eyes, and he responded slowly.

"Just as you would lend me a wand, I mean, I suppose you won't. Then, would you allow me to return a pile of oak equivalents as compensation? Of course, Gu Ling Pavilion still likes to tinkle with gold galleons, but as you can see, it is clearly stipulated that the loan of this contract is settled in rubles for the return of the funds."

In the hands of Lucius Malfoy, on the tribunal's side, there is a magical mortgage contract. The content is not complicated. The finesse and completeness of the entire contract simply amazed old Malfoy. Without Leos, Greengrass can also clearly understand what people are facing now.

Unless the magical world initiates a war, uses force to compel the fairies to break the original contract. Otherwise, according to the current rules of the magical world, only if you find a way to obtain the muggle currency called "Ruble," can you obtain the ownership certificate of Hogwarts from the Gu Ling Court.

Connelly Fudge's face was not very good either. Once again, he realized what the former Minister of Magic had told him before his resignation. The Gu Ling Pavilion is like a metaphor of a blood-sucking claw attached to the artery of the magical world.

However, for hundreds of years, countless behaviors that wanted to change all this ended in failure.

Unless the Ministry of Magic of the entire human magical world can reach an agreement, it will not hesitate to provoke a war, completely destroy the magic bank and rebuild a ruined financial system. Otherwise, they can only pray that one day the goblin might make a grave mistake or change the inherent mode of operation and take the initiative to share the operating rights of the bank with the wizard.

"Let me think..." Fudge reached out and took a copy of the contract from Lucius Malfoy, looked at it carefully again, furrowed his brow and fixed his gaze firmly on the magical halo block. At the end of the text, he drew his wand and clicked on the parchment.

"Reveal your secret!"

In the back, where no one noticed, Elena's eyes sharply narrowed and her fists instinctively clenched.

There was no response, like the surface of calm water, not even the slightest ripple.

"Revelio!" Fudge was a little angry and pricked a copy of the magical contract in his hand, reciting aloud.

Still unchanged, the flowing magical halo still distorts all patterns in the signature area.

Hmm, it seems that the goblins are quite reliable with Dumbledore's magic. Elena took a deep breath and forced herself to move away from the focus of the hall, calming down and retreating slowly.

"Who is the signer at the end of this contract document, why can't it be shown? According to the description, this person should have a considerable amount of funds in [RUB]."

Connelly Fudge held up the contract in his hand and impatiently threatened, "Fairy! As Minister of the Ministry of Magic, I ordered the Gu Ling Pavilion to cooperate with us and immediately lift the magic tricks covering the end."

"Oh, no..."

Leos shook his head and said softly, "One of the survival principles of the Gu Ling Pavilion is never to betray user information. Just as we won't tell anyone, the deposit figures of the former Minister of Magic, Mr. Millison, are the same."

The goblin slightly narrowed his eyes and gave a slightly threatening look to an angry Connelly Fudge. With his words, the little witch instantly closed her mouth, but her face became more ashamed and ugly, her eyes flickered rapidly, and she didn't know what she was thinking.

"If you read it carefully enough, you will see that it is written in the body of the contract. Only when the contractor touches the contract, the magic covered in it will temporarily disappear. If you still have doubts, it's better to let Mr. Dumbledore take a look."

The elf graciously bowed, although he was not afraid of Fudge, he also did not want to offend him too much, and he approached the old white-bearded wizard who had been silent.

Upon hearing the goblin's words, Connelly Fudge and Greengrass looked at each other and quickly exchanged glances.

Indeed, things have developed to the present, and there have been some doubts about Dumbledore's role on both sides, but none of them can raise it, if once, what really happened unexpectedly, that could be more terrible than the war fifty years ago.

On the contrary, the Ministry of Magic and the board would prefer to take the initiative to assume all responsibilities in exchange for tranquility.

Fuji tightened the copy of the document in his hand and looked back with some hesitation. After some thought, he clutched it tightly and headed towards Dumbledore, as if he were a follower.

"Is it true, Professor Dumbledore? Or look at this magic... Eh?"

He didn't wait for Fudge to finish, but felt that his hands were empty.

"A very well-known name in magic, it seems to also incorporate part of the brave faithful mantra with the magical mysterious fairy."

Dumbledore stepped forward, adjusted his glasses gently, carelessly took the end of the text from Fudge's hand, and looked over it, a sudden look of enlightenment appearing on his face, and his tone filled with admiration.

"Great idea, this is the mythical contract magic. It's like an exquisite composite potion. Countless magical powers are closely intertwined. Any attempt to violently break it is equivalent to resisting an attack from all the signatories."

Under everyone's attention, the magical halo covering the end of the document continued to flicker without showing signs of fading.

Indeed, Dumbledore had already personally admitted it, and they still worried about questioning it, it was too rude and stupid. I don't know if it's an illusion. Everyone there clearly heard a receding sound.

"So, even Mr. Dumbledore can't undo it?"

Fuji asked suspiciously, his face a little clearer and his heart somewhat complicated. He wanted to see Dumbledore shake his head and wanted to see him nod.

After all, if the most powerful wizard in the world is powerless, naturally there is reason enough to deal with the annoying media newspapers and the criticisms of various families.

"I'm sorry, Connelly." Dumbledore shook his head helplessly and returned the copy of the document in his hand to the Minister of Magic. "The counterforce that is on it even contains a trace of Salazar Slytherin and Hogg. The magic from Watts Castle itself, I believe that no one in this world can destroy it without harming the body of the text."

Fuji solemnly returned his contract and handed it back to the old goblin, asking one last time.

"Mr. Leos, Gu Lingge really doesn't think so, can we make a small change? We are willing to pay with Jin Jialong."

"I'm sorry, this is our rule of survival," Leos responded unperturbedly, "Of course, if they accept Vickers' proposal, we can still talk."

"I understand."

Connelly Fudge responded with a deep voice, as he placed the mushroom hat back on his head, with a stern expression.

"The redemption date for the contract is September 1st next year, and before that, we will remove the odious Death Eater and recover all the rubles belonging to Hogwarts. I swear on my surname, I will personally grab the man's throat and force him to spit out each and every participant's names one by one."

No sooner had the voice fallen, than a sharp and loud voice sounded.

"Elena Caslana, Hufflepuff!"