Chapter 63 Back In Action... Perhaps

With this abrupt shout, everyone in the auditorium watching Fuji was surprised, then turned and looked curiously at the place where the sound came from.

There, a small silver-haired witch stood rigidly in place, looking as if she wanted to go back to her first year of high school, gripping with her dirty, wrinkled hand the tip of a witch's hat.

"Hey, huh?"

Elena blinked in confusion, furrowed her brow, and looked at the hat in her hands.

You know, she didn't do anything at that moment, she just wanted to secretly take the hat back to the row and try it on other little wizards.

This hat is precisely stuck in this knot to talk. If it's not deliberate, Elena can eat it. The girl struggled to desperately rub the hat in her hand, and this hatred was taken by her.

Feeling all eyes on her, the little silver-haired loli took a deep breath and turned around.

Although she had not paid attention to this feeling of high visibility, it was definitely a particularly bad moment, especially if she is on the watch list of the Ministry of Magic and the school council, she must find a way to discreetly blend in.

Fortunately, over the years, the brutal life experience has made Elena very skillful in how to use her innate advantages: stealthy skills, activate!

"Minister of Admiralty, I'm sorry. I'm... a little hungry. They said we can eat after we finish the hospital, so..."

Cornelius Fudge and Dumbledore's gazes fell on the little silver-haired witch, then quickly turned and waved their hands nervously, speaking timidly.

The girl helplessly caressed her hat, stomped her feet a bit on the ground, and her delicate face wrinkled in an extremely pitiful manner, making one want to reach out and help smooth it out.


All the professors and students of Hogwarts suddenly fell into a strange atmosphere of silence. They looked at each other and wondered if they were hallucinating. The style didn't quite match what they had seen before.

They know that Elena's threat with a magic wand to the Sorting Hat is so impressive that everyone felt a strange sense of confusion at seeing such a small, silver-haired girl.


Dumbledore unconsciously sighed and rubbed his forehead with a headache, the girl seemed so familiar to him that she always showed this look after almost any mischief.

So as soon as he saw Elena's expression, he felt a slight increase in his temple.

However, Fudge, who had not seen Elena's previous appearance, was obviously taken aback.

"Cough, we must apologize, dear."

Fudge cleared his throat and looked around at the silent students of Hogwarts, especially the group of newcomers who were waiting in the auditorium; an apology appeared on their faces—now it seems that the highest possibility is that the small actions of the mysterious Yu Dang are involved in Hogwarts, and the arrival of the Ministry of Magic today has no effect.

The young wizard approached Elena, slowly crouched down, touched the girl's silver hair, and sweetly responded to her.

"Relax, you will have dinner soon. There's plenty of delicious food at Hogwarts. I've studied here for seven years, and I dare not say I've tried every dish."

The total number of wizards in the UK is not very large. Even if muggles and some muggle members in wizarding families are counted, they mostly do not exceed 100,000. Unlike most politicians in the muggle world, the Ministry of Magic follows a relatively loose and open organizational structure.

Furthermore, relationships among wizards generally are not confined to simple social positions, so Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic, has always been very friendly with young wizards. After all, in a certain sense, Hogwarts is the future Ministry of Magic. (More presentations about Cornelius Fudge are here)

"So... if Hogwarts is going to be sold, can I continue studying here next year?"

Elena firmly embraced the Sorting Hat and gently patted it, then raised her head and whispered, a wave of light flickered in the blue stars of the lake. Faced with the immature face of the girl, Fudge's heart softened; his daughter should be of school age in a few years.

"Of course not, Hogwarts belongs to the wizards! Believe me, no one can expel you from this school!"

Cornelius Fudge spoke firmly and seriously, then quickly stood up and adjusted his coat, looking at the rest of the Ministry employees and council members.

"Gentlemen, look at these young faces, we must not disappoint them. Time is running out, let's get moving!"

"No problem, I will make the family pay attention to the coin called [Rublo]."

"The Malfoy family will fully support the council's decision."

"Minister, we will definitely find out as soon as possible the life experience of that person!"

This time, everyone, including Greengrass and Lucius Malfoy, no longer had questions, nodded and bypassed the goblins of Knockturn Alley, quickly leaving the auditorium.

Obviously, the magical world after this will at least fill the gap in the security order and the economic sphere.

"If you see, this is humanity."

Leos looked deeply at Dumbledore and the innocent and charming little silver-haired loli, and gently said to Gary Vickers beside him, "Never underestimate their cunning, but don't overestimate it either."

"Well, let's go back. I'm starting to miss the tinkling babies in my vault. The weather in the Scottish Highlands is really cold."



Soon, as the last goblin left the Hogwarts Castle Hall, caretaker Filch couldn't wait to close the door, separating all the noise from Hogwarts.

In the hall, the students who had been depressed for a long time finally breathed a sigh of relief, looked at each other, and whispered. After all, what they had just experienced was too exciting for them.

"Ah, very well. God, it seems that everything is back on track."

Professor McGonagall rubbed her palms vigorously, exhaled, and looked at Dumbledore. He observed the students who were discussing and quickly turned to the four-legged stool where the Sorting Hat was placed.

"Alright, Miss Caslana, thank you for your assistance. Now you can leave the poor hat and make your way to Hufflepuff House..."

Without waiting for Professor McGonagall to finish her speech, Elena actively placed the wizard hat back on the four-legged stool and made an okay gesture to Professor McGonagall, lifting a corner of her mouth to reveal a small and cute tiger fang. She stepped back, raised her hand, and waved to the first-year students standing beside her.

"Hey, what are you waiting for, still reading! Don't you want to end up in the nurse's office soon and sit down to eat?"

The new students, who were neatly lined up in black robes, looked at each other. They didn't know who was leading them. They clustered closer and looked eagerly at Elena, who was standing in front of Professor McGonagall.

"Are you looking at me, or do you need me to teach you?"

Elena raised her eyebrows and gently lifted the hat as much as she could, showing an encouraging smile.

Then, under the watchful eyes of the teachers and students from the entire school, the first-year students drew their wands from their robes in a circle, all excitedly pointing them at the hat, trembling with nerves.

"Draco Malfoy, Slytherin!"

"Harry Potter, Gryffindor!"

"Terry Butter, Ravenclaw!"

"Hannah Abbott, Hufflepuff!"




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