Chapter 65 1 Mysterious Spiritual Practice Of The

At this moment, there was a sudden commotion in the auditorium among the new first-year students.

Hannah, who was sitting next to Elena, even screamed loudly, reaching out to shake the distracted Silver-haired Loli.

"Oh my, look! What is that?"


Distracted, Elena's arm trembled, and the fork in her hand slid heavily on the golden plate, producing a rough and bitter sound.

The girl immediately shuddered uncomfortably and quickly let go of the metal fork; that sound was nothing less than torture for her, she couldn't understand why Europeans liked to use metal cutlery so much.

"What happened, why so much commotion?"

Elena looked around, inquiring in a tired tone. After all, they both were Hufflepuff students. She had a hundred ways to make Hannah realize the mistake.

"Look at the sky..." The girl with two golden braids weakly pointed to one side, hesitantly.

Following Hannah's finger, Elena raised her head, confused. Suddenly, twenty ghosts appeared on the walls around the auditorium.

These pearly, translucent ghosts glided around the auditorium and greeted the students in a friendly manner, as if they were the stars of some grand event.

"Don't worry, they're the resident ghosts of Hogwarts. Wizards can leave their own mark on this world so they can continue walking where they've lived and wandered."

Elena caressed Hannah's hand and explained calmly with a smile, while her eyes looked at the ghosts in an extremely complicated manner.

It must be said that the ghost in the magical world is a wonderful existence. In a certain sense, they have achieved eternal life; the soul, which is precisely the most mysterious link in the non-magical world of technological level.

Even according to the Gryffindor House Ghost, "Nearly-Headless Nick," paying a high price is enough to make countless people fear death.

"If you're interested, why don't you ask Gryffindor's resident ghost, Sir Nicholas? Mince-Pie-Mount, how to become a ghost after death."

However, what Elena didn't say is that the Hogwarts ghosts actually have another form of horror: becoming the "earth-bound spirit" of the castle.

The most obvious examples of this are the girls' bathroom on the second floor of Hogwarts Castle, "Moaning Myrtle," who died under the eyes of the Basilisk, and the History of Magic teacher who actually did her job, Professor Cuthbert Binns.

This conjecture was increasingly confirmed after signing a contract with the Ghostly Pavilion: Hogwarts is a very magical creation, it has a certain kind of chaotic will, and because of this, it is able to independently choose the director's inheritance and decide if the magical contract takes effect...

It is inferred that Hogwarts probably establishes magic with the students and teachers in the school spontaneously.

Once a student or teacher dies suddenly, they will automatically stay at Hogwarts and become a ghost. (As for why Fred didn't return in the battle, it may be because his brothers left school ⊙▽⊙)

Elena raised her left hand and silently looked at the invisible contract on the back of her clean hand.

She had no doubt at all that if she were to die unexpectedly at this moment, there was a high probability that her soul would stay in this castle and become a new "earth-bound spirit."

"You won't be taking care of this place forever after you die, will you, or was it entrusted to you accidentally by Dumbledore? I hope you don't regret it. After all, ghosts are all good-natured and good-looking kids."

Elena pursed her lips, smiled reluctantly, raised her head and opened her eyes, carefully distinguishing among the ghosts that appeared.

It was a pity that, until her eyes became a little tired, she couldn't see a figure with a broad face, a big mouth, and round eyes, dressed in bright-colored clothes, a tie, a hat, and a little ghost.

"Oh, my dear, is the food not up to standard?"

A small, chubby ghost, like a monk, floated next to Elena with a kind smile on his round and chubby face.

"Or is there some confusion I need to clear up? However, I suggest you talk while eating, dinner time will soon be over."

"After all, it seems really good." The chubby ghost looked sadly at the delicious food on the long Hufflepuff table.

"However, the friction sound of the knife and fork is now a bit irritating to me."

Elena shrugged without compromise, looked at the metal cutlery thrown aside, hesitated for a moment, then pulled out two wands from her arms and carefully wiped the napkin.

"Ai... Sister Elena, I didn't mean it before. I, I'll serve you pumpkin juice."

Little Hannah's smile was a bit tense. While waiting in line for lunch just before, she had heard a boy named Ron talk about Elena's brilliant achievements on the train.

Along with the magical abilities the silver-haired girl displayed before crossing the lake, Hannah couldn't even gather the courage to resist.

Tap, tap, tap.

Before the astonished eyes of the chubby ghost and Hannah Abbott, Elena skillfully joined the two wands, tapping the ends in an orderly manner on the table, and took a bite of meat with a magical pose.


Elena squinted her eyes in delight. This was undoubtedly the most comfortable way to dine. It was a wise decision on Mr. Ollivander's part to polish the wand in the bottom groove of the circle.

"Um, thank you."

Receiving the golden chalice filled with pumpkin juice, Elena looked strangely at Hannah, who suddenly became attentive, turned to her, chewed the meat, and vaguely spoke to the chubby ghost.

"Delicious? Perhaps. If you have been to the mysterious East, you will know what is delicious."

More than six years of life in an orphanage in the Highlands of Scotland have completely softened Elena's pampered selective eating habits from her previous life. Although she still has high food standards, it does not mean she rejects the food brought to her mouth.

For a food enthusiast, the most understanding are the people who have all sorts of strange taboos.

"Oriental? I've heard it was a terrible and magical place. Unfortunately, since we became ghosts, we can no longer feel the delight of food."

The fat monk shook his head in regret and did not really want to discuss this matter. He nodded politely and continued walking along the bench.

"Sister Elena, you are..."

Hannah Abbot finally couldn't resist the curiosity in her heart. Her big eyes looked at the wands in Elena's hands and asked with a little hesitation.

Hannah Abbot, who came from a wizarding family, was not unfamiliar with the various uses of the magic wand, but she had never seen the use of the magic wand as utensils, let alone in such a strange and unseen way.

"Oh, you mean this."

Elena looked around. In addition to Hannah Abbott, many first-year students and even older students from Hufflepuff turned their eyes toward her, partly from hearing her presentation about the ghosts. They were more attracted by the girl's peculiar eating style.

They really are a group of curious children. It might seem cruel to simply interpret this as "chopsticks." Elena thought for a while, smiled slightly, and said in an unpredictable and calm tone.

"Actually, this is an ancient form of magical practice. The magic wand is an extension of every wizard's body, and cultivating a tacit understanding between oneself and the wand is something every wizard must do. Using the magic wand to eat, on the one hand, can consolidate the bond between man and wand, and on the other hand, we can also exercise our fingers, so that we can make clever spells. Of course, this is a more difficult way to practice. Therefore, at the beginning, I suggest you use ordinary wooden chopsticks to practice."

"Then, I will show you."

In the seemingly inexplicable eyes of a group of young wizards, Elena raised the black walnut "chopsticks" in her hand, accurately picked up a delicious piece of roasted bacon from Hannah's plate, and charmingly squinted her eyes, proudly saying, "Look, after a long period of training, the flexibility of the fingers will be several times greater than that of ordinary wizards."