Chapter 66 Elena, Please Stay

As the hefty monk himself stated, dinner did not last long.

Elena had not expected to demonstrate further knowledge of "Mysterious Wandlore" from the East to more Hufflepuff students. It could be estimated that after most people had enjoyed and filled their stomachs, the rest of the food would be cleared away from the dinner plates. It vanished.

The dinner plates became smooth once again.

"Oh, wasting food is one of the worst crimes in the world."

Elena shook her head sorrowfully, and without even asking, she could guess that in the magical world, the consistent "noble" and "elegant" style of dinner was nonsensical. The manner of eating.

But the timid classmate, the blushing Hannah, clearly could not perceive Elena's mood.

Finally, everything has ended.

Watching how the food on the dinner plate gradually disappeared, the girl sighed in relief, cleared her throat, and attempted to swallow the food in her mouth. Hannah had never imagined that being forced to eat would be so dreadful.

"So, it must be time for dessert," Elena clapped happily, tilting her head with a smile.


As the last dinner vanished from the plate, the empty golden dinner plate was in the blink of an eye filled with dessert.

There were all kinds of ice creams on the table, apple pie, fruit tart with syrup, chocolate cake, jam-filled fried donuts, jelly pudding, strawberry cake, fresh milk jelly, mango pudding...

"... No, almost closes the mouth... mm..."

Little Hannah's eyes widened instantly, shaking her head in panic, covering her mouth with both hands, imploring compassionately the silver-haired witch sitting beside her.


"This pitiful dialogue, those who don't know will think I'm bad with you."

Elena reached out and pinched Hannah's shiny face quite softly, looking at her mouth, "It's okay, it's okay, this time I will forgive you."

Turning, she carefully observed the lovely portions on the dinner plates, even if she was as fastidious as Elena, she had to admit that compared with the lackluster and terrible basic food, British desserts were refreshing. The achievement was pretty good, no less than anywhere else in the world.

No wonder many Europeans are particularly fond of afternoon tea, not to mention the issue of cultural habits. One of the most fundamental reasons, in Elena's opinion, is that the snacks and desserts are much better than dinner.

Recently, she had been dedicated to feeding Hannah, but Elena did not eat too much, and now she was only tasting what could be the last sumptuous dessert feast at Hogwarts this school year.

"Ah, it might still be a very long time. It seems I have to master the [Enlargement Charm] and [Zooming Charm] as soon as possible."

After crushing the fruit pudding for the third time, the little silver-haired Lori set down "chopsticks" in her hands helplessly and used the spoon to scoop up the pudding crumbs from the dinner plate into her mouth.

Compared to the normal seven-inch and six-point {25.3 cm} chopsticks, these exquisitely crafted "magic wand" black walnut twelve-inch {30.4 cm} chopsticks were not too long, and were not awkward as cutlery. Even theoretically, if they were used for fondue or lamb, this length would be suitable, according to adult standards.

For a ten-year-old silver-haired snack eater, this size was still too challenging to control, especially when handling tender and fragile desserts like pudding and pastries. This disadvantage was particularly evident.

From the public dinner plate to Elena's personal dinner plate, a careful arrangement of leftover food evidenced that, even when Elena tried to pick up the broken dessert "corpses" on the plate, she inevitably left a mark on the tablecloth.

"Laugh if you want, I'm not so stingy."

Rubbing her fingers with some resentment, Elena looked at her little blushing companion, Hannah Abbot, who wanted to smile but dared not, while taking out a small silk bag from her arms and stowing away the cleaned wand.

Before fully mastering the [Cleaning Charm], Elena did not plan to use the wand for eating for the time being. After all, the reputation of the Kaslana family still needed protection. She did not want to draw a little stick of wood full of roast meat in front of Professor McGonagall to cast a spell when in Transfiguration class.

Following Elena's failed "chopsticks" demonstration, the gap between Elena and the new students quickly disappeared with Hannah's cheerful laughter. For the girls, dessert is always one of the most likely topics to generate common conversation and reach an agreement.

For Elena, who has a rich reserve of experience as a support, it is too simple to lead interesting topics in front of a group of children who have never seen the world. Time passed quickly amid the astonished exclamations of the little witches and wizards.

It did not take long until the delicious desserts were devoured by the students, until the crumbs of pudding left on the plate disappeared and the dining table returned to being clean and white. At that moment, Dumbledore stood up again, the buzz in the hall suddenly stopped, and the calm in the auditorium was restored.

"Very well!"

Dumbledore looked at the little silver-haired Loli hiding the fruit tart with syrup in the wizard's robe. He shook his head resignedly, then turned to look to the other side, and smiled.

"Now that everyone is satisfied and full, I want to share a few words with everyone. In addition to the 'Special Adjustments Regulations of the Hogwarts Period' that will be published next week, I still have some important points to communicate to all of you at the beginning of this semester..."

{Click here to see Dumbledore's full statement}

Elena pursed her lips in boredom and looked compassionately at Professor Chilo, who was whispering with Professor Snape, to be precise with the large scarf wrapped around Chilo's head.

Well, it seems that Dumbledore has not given up on the "Savior Development Program" in his original plan yet.

Poor Tom had temporarily sniffed Voldemort, unaware that from that moment on, he had been clearly orchestrated by Dumbledore. From the terrifying second-generation Meguro demon's head {whisper: no}, he became a repeatedly upgraded chief similar to the final exam.

As long as he passed his test, he could randomly obtain: Academy points {many}, Jin Jialong {some}, unidentified broken magical items {some}, rare magical ingredients {many}, level badges {several}, alternative girlfriend {this item crossed out... A series of rewards.

Just as Elena had begun to wonder if she needed to find an opportunity during these holidays, to go to Mr. Newt Scamander's house as a lovely summer intern to learn about the habits of various dangerous magical creatures, Dumbledore finally sang the Hogwarts school song with his wand. {See related works of the school song}


Dumbledore wiped his eyes and said, "It's more charming than anything we do here! Now it's time to go to bed. Let's go back to the dorm with the university leaders. First-years don't have to worry, university scarves and school badges will be distributed naturally as always when they wake up in the morning, along with your class schedule {a groan was heard in the auditorium}, please keep it safe."

"Hufflepuff newcomers, come over here."

With Dumbledore announcing the end of the dinner, the auditorium began to get noisy again. At that moment, Cedric Diggory, who was only in fourth grade, had not yet become the class leader. A tall girl next to the long table in Pach.

As Elena stood up and was about to follow Hannah through the crowd to catch up with the team, a familiar gentle elderly voice suddenly reached her ear.

"Fellow Elena Caslana, please wait a moment. Go to the headmaster's office with me first."

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Another beast, enter... evolutionary charge...