Chapter 69 The Kind-hearted Elena Has An Idea

? "Nothing, the fat tiger is simply another nickname for a creature, similar to the round and plump Scottish hen."

As Dumbledore observed, unable to comprehend the reference at all, Elena waved her hand with amusement. Not only Dumbledore, not even the most knowledgeable people at that time could understand this allusion.

Needless to say, every traveler feels lonely from the depths of their soul, and no one can bridge the gap created by time and culture. To make life less lonely, or at least to feign a little more intimacy, most travelers will inevitably strive to orient the world in the direction with which they are familiar.

For example, the protagonist of an exceptional magical industry in his previous life, His Royal Highness Roland in "Leave That Witch". Another example is Elena Caslana at this moment.

"You are right, I have some ideas on how to handle this crisis properly."


Elena took a sip of black tea and pondered carefully. She placed the white porcelain cup on the golden tray and sat upright. Her blue eyes gazed calmly at the elderly man in front of her.

It is easy from frugality to extravagance, but difficult from extravagance to frugality, this is a simple truth.

The greatest difficulty in implementing the "Hogwarts Regulations for Special Periods" lies in the fact that the "young lords" and "ladies" of magic, who have long been accustomed to an excellent living environment, are not sufficient to sustain all the students throughout the semester.

"You have to think it over. This is different from threatening the Sorting Hat and saying something as simple as you believe."

The innocent look on Elena's face quickly disappeared, and a hint of mature calmness that did not correspond to her age appeared on her tender face. She looked into the blue eyes through the half-moon-shaped lenses of the elderly man and said calmly.

"What I am about to say may seem a bit extravagant, but I hope you won't interrupt me lightly. And, I am not interested in changing Hogwarts or the magical world, so please do not impose too many arbitrary expectations and responsibilities on me."

If she could choose, Elena would prefer to be a carefree little first-year witch, enjoying food, drink, and leisure, rather than being a savior or leader. That's what she wanted to make clear when the elderly Dumbledore had this crazy idea.

"Of course."

Seeing Elena manifest in a completely different state than before, Dumbledore gently raised his eyebrows and solemnly promised. He sat upright and assumed a serious listening posture.

Dumbledore was not unfamiliar with the appearance of the young woman.

Whether in the impressive negotiation in the tallest tower of Newmontgarde Castle, or in the astonishing deduction in the Slytherin girls' dormitory on the lower floor of Hogwarts Castle, Dumbledore had been so impressed that he sometimes placed the young woman on the same level as a wizard.

"Since you left me this matter to handle, as long as you can solve the problem reasonably and perfectly, will you accept it no matter what the results and requirements are during this period?"

Elena raised the cup and saucer in her left hand, exposing the back of her clean hand to Dumbledore and asked softly.

"Well... within a certain range, as long as it's not as good as the situation at the Gu Ling Pavilion this time. Additionally, the other professors should be considered."

Dumbledore hesitated for a moment and did not commit too much in his response. After all, he sincerely did not know how many capricious thoughts the silver-haired witch in front of him still had.

"I can help all of Hogwarts achieve a stable period of at least one week. And allow most students to accept a reduced standard of food, and to some extent bridge the gap between the four houses."

Elena ran her fingers against the smooth rim of the cup, looked up, gazed at the surprised Dumbledore, and continued lightly.

"However, I have three conditions. First, the school teaching tasks for the first week of the course are temporarily suspended, and I will ensure that both you and the professors have enough time to formulate the 'Hogwarts Special Adjustment Regulations'. Second, I hope to indirectly participate in the formulation of the 'Regulations' through you and have some power to acquire materials."

"Third, I need to borrow someone from you." Elena paused, smiling slightly, "Professor Rubeus Hagrid."

"That doesn't sound too complicated. If you can achieve the effect you have mentioned. The key is, dear Miss Caslana, what do you plan to do? You know there are nearly a thousand people in the seventh grade."

"It's simple."

A strange look appeared on Elena's face. Her eyes dropped and she watched the hot black tea held in her hands. Chan Ruoxing's blue eyes displayed a complex emotion, and she tightened the tea cup with her right hand.

"Professor Dumbledore, have you heard of military training?"

Military training, abbreviated as military instruction, is the most mysterious power of a terrible Muggle country.

If there's one thing, students from elementary school to college can be corrected in a short period of time, and although it consumes a lot of energy and time, it can quickly promote team awareness among people and temper willpower, then only the military training from the previous life.

In Elena's opinion, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the entire magical world are too informal, extravagant, and possess wasteful living habits; nobles lacking the concept of time, and small wizards like George and Fred have too much energy that they cannot release, and time can only pass by various mischief.

Obviously, only a group of high school students under 19 years old, at the time when it is easiest to form friendships with classmates, are artificially divided into four houses, and constantly instilled with personality traits they must adhere to, which is too absolute and arbitrary a practice.

Competition does indeed instill in individuals a greater desire to learn and compete.

However, if each class is divided into two classes by Jing Wei, obviously of the same age in the same classroom, but because the color of the scarf is different, it turns out to be quite curious.

Not being a student in Gryffindor does not mean not being brave, just as not all students from Ravenclaw are superior in intelligence.

In order to save the souls of young wizards from generation to generation, the angelic Elena decided to take the initiative to help bridge the gap between academies, consume their vigorous energy and attention, and leave everyone with this unforgettable and wonderful experience of military training in their learning journey.

"... In the end, that's about it."

Elena took a deep breath and moistened her dry lips.

After almost half an hour had passed, she finally told Dumbledore about the general form and the details.

"It's a very enlightening suggestion. I think I can give it a try. However, the name may need to be changed. The specific details also need to be discussed with the teachers."

Dumbledore applauded with admiration, and the girl always brought him many surprises.

"They are just some little trivial tricks," said Elena humbly as she waved her hand. Although not too complete to remember, the basic posture, the way of walking, and the "fun" things of the stacked tofu quilts are still a fresh memory for her.

As we all know, military training is also an important part of her study career. She will do her utmost to make the young wizards of Hogwarts fully feel the original school's military training.

At that moment, there was a rhythmic tapping on the door, and at the same time, a slightly sharp witch's voice came.

"Professor Dumbledore, there is a little situation in the Ravenclaw common room. Perhaps you should know about it."