Chapter 7 Grilled fish, flying charm and life

There is no doubt that among many countries in the world, British love for fish can definitely be ranked among the top three. Although most of their cooking methods for fish are only fried or pan-fried, this does not affect their love for fish.

It is well known that for the dividend of fish exports and to feed more people, the British government spared no effort to deploy the navy to carry out the "cod war" for over 20 years, from 1944 to 1976.

Loch Lomond, which supplies fresh water to the whole of Scotland, is the largest lake in the entire United Kingdom.

Surrounded by dozens of other lakes and fifty rivers, most of the cold waters contain a variety of fish, salmon, sea trout, rainbow trout, and grayling, and sometimes brown trout. Swimming along with the snakefish.

However, it is regrettable that the government explicitly prohibited all fishing vessels, and then, due to some "minor accidents" that occurred a year ago, many additional elements were added such as [no littering] [no supply of power to the lake], etc. Strange terms are to be expected.

Today, if you want to taste the delicious fish from Loch Lomond, all you have to do is to honestly hold the fishing rod and sit by the lake to fish. All other methods will be considered as fish theft.

However, Elena, who prides herself on being an experienced epicure, has always been very reluctant to fish.

She is different from ordinary people: the normal steps of fishing are bait, hook, and rod.

Elena usually still needs to pray for this hooked fish before harvesting it. It will not happen to be dozens, or even hundreds, of large and fat types prowling in Loch Lomond, the small and weak silver Lolita, which was dragged into the water in embarrassment by the hooked fish more than once.

The most miserable time, she was even "fished" in the water up to four times a day at most, so the last angry little Lolita directly turned into the stone workshop in the city overnight, using science to complete the revenge.

However, today is clearly her lucky day.

After leaving Benitez's cabin and arriving at the lake with fishing gear, Elena caught three salmon and a grayling in less than an hour. Although compared to professional fishermen, the quantity is not too much, but for the orphanage, it is more than enough.

Oh no, to be more precise, a little more.

Elena glanced at the small plastic bucket placed on the riverbank. After placing four large fish, it was really a bit narrow. Most importantly, she does not want to return to the orphanage so early. If she simply beats Benitez, her mood has not changed, and a sermon will definitely be inevitable.

"This fish looks so beautiful."

The girl crouched down and extended her finger into the cold bucket to gently play with the grayling, which looked different from the rest of its companions, with a faint glow on the outside, a greenish-brown back, and a white belly.

The fish's head and body's back, dorsal and pectoral fins have irregular black spots; the side, dorsal, and caudal fins have green, red, and black spots, the color is extremely bright and beautiful.

"It looks so lovely, if you put it next to the other three, they will definitely fight."

Elena twisted her head for a while, reached out, skillfully grabbed the tail of the fat fish, and released it on the ground.

Pia ~ Pia ~ Pia ~

The big fish fluttered symbolically on the ground a few times and felt a little tired, and fell asleep.

The grayling, also known as the water cat, Yadong salmon, is a very common edible fish in Scotland and Ireland. It has delicious, sweet, and warm flesh, and few bones. It can be harvested all year round. After fishing, the scales and bones are removed. It is cleaned and washed.

Whether fried, in soup or grilled, it can perfectly reflect its delicious taste.

If there is any inconvenience, then the Yadong salmon will be a little more troublesome to cook. If the fish glands are not cleaned, it is still easy to cause diarrhea.

Of course, this is not a big problem for Elena. After all, it is not the first time she has been in a situation where she is forced to cook ingredients in nature.

Elena stood up and found some stones by the river, forming a small pile of stones, and found some dry branches on the shore to light the fire with a lighter. Then she opened the fishing gear she had stored and took out the kitchen knife she had accidentally placed inside, and skillfully started removing the scales and entrails of the grayling.


Crackling, nutritious ~

The flames burned the dead branches and made a crackling sound. The fat fish juice dripped onto the red stones, making them tingle.

The branch by the lake was actually not very suitable as a source of fire for barbecue because the smoke it raises will be more suffocating than the other sources of fire, and the thick smoke will inevitably affect the flavor of some grilled fish.

However, Elena crouched on the ground and turned the fish on the grill attentively, obviously not caring about these insignificant little flaws.

"Wow, this is really beautiful."

Elena licked her lips, her little nose twitched, and watched as the grilled fish in her hands devoured it.

The skin of the white and tender fish had been baked to a golden yellow color. Due to the fishing ban in Loch Lomond, the fish in the lake are significantly fatter than those sold in the market. Jin Cancan's fish oil slowly dripped from the fish's cracked belly, making people unable to resist the movement of their index finger.

"It smells so good that I almost drooled. However, one last step is missing."

She carefully looked at the golden fish that had been roasted, and Elena tried to suppress the idea of biting into it directly.

The girl happily picked up the salt and pepper shakers placed next to the pile of stones, quickly sprinkled them over the fragrant grilled Hungarian fish, and then took a small oil brush and spread it all over the fish to ensure the flavor was as even as possible.

"Hey, are you done yet? Let's eat!"

Elena rubbed her hands contentedly, took the grilled fish off the fire, closed her eyes, and breathed in the fragrant aroma of the roasted fish, swaying her head intoxicatingly from side to side. She opened her small mouth and couldn't wait to bite into it.

At that moment, Elena vaguely heard the slightly familiar voice of an adult woman next to her and felt her right hand, which was holding the barbecue skewer, suddenly empty.

"Grilled fish flying!"

Ooo... Oh, eh?!

She bit at the air, confused, her hand was empty, and even the iron skewer with a fish on it had disappeared without a trace. Not far away, right in front of her to the right, Professor McGonagall, dressed in a plaid cloak, held her wand in one hand and pinched a roasted fish that was still sizzling in the other.


"My fish..." The little silver-haired girl looked bewildered, her eyes moved back and forth between Professor McGonagall and her hands, and finally pondered over what had just happened.

Her grilled fish had been snatched by Professor McGonagall using a flying charm.

There are people in this world who use magic to steal food! Would a noble wizard really use magic to snatch grilled fish from a Muggle girl?

"Thief! Give me back my fish! I caught it myself, and then I worked hard for over ten minutes before roasting it!"

The delicate face of Elena instantly blushed, she stood up angrily and flew towards Professor McGonagall to reclaim her work.

Pia 叽......

Before taking two steps, Elena felt a tingling in both her legs, and then she inadvertently stepped on her left foot without the awareness of a master and plunged onto the grass by the side of the lake.

"Ouch, it hurts... squatting for so long gave me cramps in my leg."

Elena sat down and carefully pinched her calf with her fingers. A sensation of pain like an electric shock made the little girl sob.

Helplessly maintaining her original posture and not daring to move again, Elena sat on the ground and raised her head, crying with a tearful face, looking angrily at Professor McGonagall, furiously shouting.

"Give it back! What the hell do you want!? I said, I will never go to Hogwarts!"

Old lady? Bah!... forget it... children's worries.

Professor McGonagall couldn't help but raise her eyebrows and look at Elena, who had fallen to the ground. She was so angry and amusing, she really was a stubborn child, and her tears were about to fall, but she still maintained a fierce appearance with teeth and claws bared, refusing to be gentle.

"Calm down, enrollment at Hogwarts has always been voluntary. I came here this time just to talk to you again."

During the speech, Professor McGonagall pointed to Elena's calf and asked gently.

"Does it hurt? Or should I check you over first?"

Although mocking at this moment seems excessive, Professor McGonagall's mood really lightened a lot with Elena's flat fall.

No matter how precocious, she is still just a child under eleven years old, the most childish, the most willful, the most arrogant, but also the cutest and the easiest to correct.

As if feeling the smile in Professor McGonagall's gaze, Elena gritted her teeth, stretched to lift the aching calf, hugged her knees with both hands and glared hostilely at the wizard in front of her.

"Give it back! Otherwise, everything is free!"

"If you promise to follow me to visit Hogwarts, I'll give you the grilled fish I have in my hand."

Professor McGonagall approached Elena. The grilled fish in her hand swung intentionally or unintentionally, observing the silent girl seated on the ground.

This time, the communication with Benítez exceeded Professor McGonagall's expectations. After briefly presenting the idea, Benítez showed exceptional cooperation.

Indeed, as Benítez said, Elena's greatest weakness lies in her delightful nature.

While the grilled fish in McGonagall's hands was swinging from side to side, the eyes of the little silver-haired girl couldn't help but lightly follow the grilled fish.


Upon hearing Professor McGonagall's words, Elena hesitated for a moment and repeated them with a suspicious tone.

"Just go to visit, nothing more?"

"Just a visit, and then I'll bring you back here again."

Professor McGonagall nodded and replied seriously.


Elena's eyes rolled mischievously, and she accepted without hesitation, at the same time she extended her hands, and the expression turned serious again.

"Give me the fish back!"


McGonagall shrugged and reluctantly handed over the grilled fish to Elena. To be honest, she couldn't understand why such a clever girl was so obsessed with eating.

After chatting a bit with Benítez, she discovered that perhaps Dumbledore was thinking a bit more complicated: maybe the reason for the owl's eating was really just out of greed.

"Okay, can you follow me to Hogwarts now?"

Remaining silent until Elena finished eating the grilled squirrel, Professor McGonagall asked softly.


The little silver-haired Lori squinted, gave a small happy hiccup, wiped the corners of her lips, stood up, shook off the grass stuck to her body, and the corners of her mouth curved.

Anyways, according to the Muggle Protection Law, as long as Elena did not actively attack Professor McGonagall, then Professor McGonagall could not use magic to deal with her. If she did magic on minors, she would be sought after by the Ministry of Magic, that would be a real joke.

Elena looked at Professor McGonagall with fear, and her small face filled with a smug smile, expecting to see the witch in front of her with an expression of error and helplessness.

"It doesn't matter, I know."

"Eh?" Elena was suddenly frozen, feeling uncomfortable.

Professor McGonagall smiled and said calmly, "So I put some diluted life and death water drops in the grilled fish."

On how to persuade Elena to go to Hogwarts, Benítez emphasized only three things from beginning to end.

First, don't try to reason with Elena.

Second, you will never be able to convince Elena.

Third, even if you persuade her, she will find a way to cheat.

"Life and death... what?!"

The silver-haired little loli's eyes widened in disbelief as she pointed at Professor McGonagall.

She hadn't finished speaking when a sudden strong attack of sleep invaded her, her eyelids became extremely heavy, her body weakened, and she fell asleep in the arms of Professor McGonagall.

"The next steps will depend on Professor Dumbledore." McGonagall hugged the sleeping girl and raised her wand in her right hand.

After a crackling sound in the air, the figures disappeared by the lake.