Chapter 70 This Question Is Very Simple

"Go ahead, Filius. Just so, I have something to discuss with you."

Dumbledore replied, raising his voice, and the magically locked oak door emitted a soft sound and opened slowly with a squeak.

They were all so small that he looked like an adorable wizard waiting at the door. Even without Dumbledore's introduction, Elena instantly recognized the visitor's identity: Filius Flitwick, Professor of Charms at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in Ravenclaw house.

"There were some problems with the doorknobs in Ravenclaw house. Oh, I'm sorry... Did I not arrive at the right time?"

Professor Flitwick quickly entered the headmaster's office and said swiftly.

Just halfway through, Flitwick looked up and saw the silver-haired witch quietly sipping black tea, and the various desserts on Dumbledore's table. He suddenly stopped talking, and his expression became uncomfortable.

"It's alright, I am just rewarding Miss Elena with an additional dessert, because of that beautiful [fluorescent glow], you should have heard Mileva."

Dumbledore shook his head disapprovingly, replied with a smile, and secretly winked his left eye at Elena.

Elena immediately attentively lowered her teacup, gracefully stood up from the chair, and bowed gracefully. "Thank you, Professor Dumbledore, for your hospitality. I will return to the common room to rest first then."

"Ah, yes."

The little Flitwick nodded excitedly, looking appreciatively towards Elena, "This noble and kind character is more cherished than the enchantment itself. I look forward to meeting you in class, Miss Linna."

With that, Flitwick's expression was slightly embarrassed. Since teaching at Hogwarts in 1970, he had never seen a Ravenclaw student start the first day of classes as she did this year. Just because the doorknob couldn't be answered, he had to stay in batches at the common room entrance.

"I am equally respected, Professor Flitwick. In fact, I have accumulated many enchantment issues that I need to ask you about, such as [slowing down] and [speeding up]..."

Although Flitwick barely exceeded one meter in height, this did not affect Elena's respect for the Ravenclaw head, not only because enchantment is the main skill of every wizard.

More importantly, the Charms course itself is a rare systematic summary course in the magical world. It finds a solidified [magical black box] amidst the disorderly movement of wands and the will of speech. It started the prosperous magical world of today.

"Oh, these two spells are actually quite simple, and their difficulty does not lie in the gestures..." When it comes to areas of expertise, especially the inquirer or exceptionally handsome, kind, and good student, Professor Flitwick becomes even happier, raising his finger, preparing to explain a bit.

"Cough, I suggest you stay and ask later. Now, the most important thing for you is to return to the common room and rest well tonight."

Seeing the headmaster's office was about to turn into a temporary Charms class, Dumbledore stared at Elena, couldn't help but cough, interrupted Flitwick's words, and redirected the conversation to Flitwick's doorknob. "So, Felius, it seems that your bronze doorknob has some more difficult problems."

"I've seen it, it's not too difficult."

Returning to this point, Flitwick's face instantly collapsed, and he waved his hand embarrassedly, "It's just a distorted arithmetic problem, just a bit strange. However, you can't enter the common room without answering the question. This is the pride and rules of Ravenclaw house."

"A strange arithmetic problem? It shouldn't be difficult to enter through the door." Dumbledore was a little curious.

As headmaster, Dumbledore naturally knew the unique entry method into the Ravenclaw house common room, and it was only necessary to correctly answer the questions posed by the bronze eagle-shaped doorknob to successfully enter.

Theoretically, the questions posed by the bronze doorknobs are the same within a time period, so usually only one student needs to answer, and everyone can enter the common room.

"Yes, today's doorknobs are a bit strange. In a certain sense, there really is only one problem that repeats over and over again, but there are some little details that constantly change."

Professor Flitwick held his hair with some annoyance and sighed, "For example, putting the rabbit and the crow in the same cage, saying there are thirty-eight heads, ninety-six legs, and then asking the number of crows and rabbits. However, every time a student enters, this number changes..."

"It is actually quite simple, ten rabbits and 28 crows."

Elena, who was casually walking towards the door, heard this, a hint of cunning gleamed in her eyes, she turned around excitedly and immediately completed the answer.

"Eh, have you seen this problem before, how can you answer so quickly?"

Flitwick opened his eyes in surprise and suddenly asked, although in his opinion this was not a difficult question, but it was definitely not as simple as to answer in less than a second.

"Done. Oh no, I mean they just need to lift both front legs. Aren't the rest all the hind legs of the rabbits?"

Elena extended her hands and said casually, blinking tenderly. "Am I wrong?"

"No, what you said makes sense."

Flitwick was momentarily stunned, thought carefully, and looked more kindly at the little silver-haired girl. "Good at breaking conventional thinking. This is the quality we have always upheld, not just pure knowledge. Oh, I really wish you would join Ravenclaw house." With that, Flitwick frowned.

In this way, the focus of the doorknob actually has no problem, still fulfilling the mission entrusted by Miss Rowena Ravenclaw.

"Professor Dumbledore, I'm sorry, maybe our house needs to request some sleeping bags."

Professor Flivi raised his head and firmly stated that it was not the beaters that needed changing, but the students' way of thinking. Since it was the first-year students of Hufflepuff house who could answer the question instantly, then the students of Ravenclaw house have no reason to complain about the problem.


Dumbledore cast a glance at the small silver-haired witch who disappeared behind the oak door, his mouth twisted and he nodded silently.

His instincts told him that this thing was probably related to that little boy, but since Flitwick, the school's head, had already made a decision, and he was just speculating, it was naturally not easy to refute.

"Alright, if you insist, Filius," Dumbledore shrugged and had no intention of delving too deeply into this matter, then he looked seriously at Professor Flitwick and said solemnly.

"Furthermore, there is one more important thing. Although it is not early, it may be necessary to summon the professors."

"Regarding the 'Hogwarts Regulation for Special Period Adjustment', we may need to make some adjustments to the teaching plan. In the meantime, I have added a preschool preparation course for young wizards. I have thought it through. The benefits are numerous. For example, it is useful for breaking the barriers of the school, improving the willpower of the young and the accuracy of spells, and helps to strengthen their physical condition..."