Chapter 72 Hannah And Hermione

The next day.


Elena sat up and stretched her sleepy eyes.

The messy floor from the night before had been silently cleaned up by the house-elves. The unfinished cookies and cakes had also been cleared away, leaving Elena somewhat disappointed. She had thought it would attract some cute pets in the morning.

Beside her, Hermione, the top student in her class, had already put on her robe, and after washing up, the golden and red lion emblem on her chest glistened. She was sitting next to the bed, struggling to tame her long hair in front of the mirror.

"Finally, you've realized, hurry up and wash your hair. Let's go to the Great Hall for breakfast."

After much effort, Elena finally managed to smooth out her messy hair. Hermione took a deep breath and set down the comb, passing it to Elena.

"Oh, no."

Elena yawned and waved her hand. Her hands gathered her scattered hair at the back of her head, slightly lifted her face, and shook it from side to side. Her long silver mane cascaded down behind her without tangles.


She silently looked at the comb in her hand, Miss Granger displayed her great perseverance and finally managed not to curse.

The difference between people is too great; this kind of complexion that doesn't have to worry about hair at night is too much.

Just as Miss Granger was feeling down, Elena took off the robe that was on a high-backed chair. Her fingers slid over the golden and red Gryffindor Academy emblem on the left side of the robe, and the corners of her mouth lifted. She smiled.

As expected, it seems that the house-elves came at night.

Next to the robe, the navy blue Hogwarts bun that she untied yesterday and the black knit sweater had also become the standard attire of Gryffindor Academy, in addition to an additional red and gold pure wool Gryffindor scarf.

"Uh, your clothes?"

It wasn't until Elena wrapped the robe around her body and leaned in front of the mirror to adjust her tie that Hermione suddenly reacted. Elena was also dressed like Gryffindor Academy.

"No problem, it looks great. By the way, this scarf is also mine."

Elena straightened up and twirled with joy, blinking satisfied at the silver-haired witch version of Gryffindor in the mirror.

But speaking of that, there are almost a thousand people in a school, and I don't know if the teachers will be blind and only recognize the color when deducting points... Elena is organizing her clothes while frantically thinking.

After all, if the house-elf had marked her robe in the Hufflepuff common room suitcase, she would now have two uniforms from different universities. In this way, after graduating in the future, she could also boast of being an elite witch from a dual university of Hogwarts, oh no, a dual university elite witch?

Because her toiletries were all in the Hufflepuff common room downstairs, Elena simply rinsed her mouth, lightly wet her face with cold water, and before most students had finished getting ready, she left the Gryffindor common room and arrived on the eighth floor of the castle.

"Speaking of which, Elena, you don't know Lu, do you?"

Hermione, who was about to return to the common room, suddenly stopped and turned her head seriously, asking.

"How... how is that possible! What are you talking about?"

Standing in front of the steps, the little silver-haired loli beneath the constantly moving staircase changed and said with a smile, quickly raising her feet and descending.

"Hey, don't step on that..."


Before Hermione finished speaking, Elena barely felt her feet were empty, and the wooden staircase crashed, trapping her feet inside.

"... We have to jump this staircase."

Hermione shook her head and sighed, turned around and came back, helping Elena free her foot from the broken step.

"I forgot to tell you I'm going with you to the Great Hall."

"Okay." Elena obediently nodded.


Following Percy's previous route, Hermione whispered as she descended the stairs with Elena.

"Oh. By the way, Elena, have you read the schedule? Do you know what happened?"

There should have been only two simple lines on the schedule, which should be marked with different class times:

[Due to the "Hogwarts Regulations for the Special Adjustment Period," all original classes will be suspended this week until the adjustment is completed next week. The schedule and teaching details for this week will be announced at breakfast.]

"Who knows, I'm not Professor Dumbledore or Professor McGonagall. Anyway, I don't know when we will get to the Great Hall."

Elena shrugged and turned her face a little uncomfortably, pretending to be trying to write down the route they were taking.

To be honest, Miss Granger's gaze is sometimes a bit startling, especially when someone tries to lie.

Whether you are a man or a woman, when you sleep with someone under the same quilt for a night, there will be some subtle feelings between both, at least allowing you to distinguish the emotions and verbal authenticity of the other with less likelihood of promotion.

"Oh, I see."

Hermione looked at her little companion beside her, proudly raised her eyebrows, and softly snorted.

Even without seeing Elena's eyes, she could feel that the silver-haired witch was not telling the truth. Combined with everything that happened last night, all signs indicate that Elena must know something.

For a moment, Elena had the illusion that she had encountered a miniature version of Professor McGonagall.

This won't do, Hermione's family can't be like a loli.

Elena frowned and was about to find a way to regain her majesty, when she suddenly heard someone on the stairs below shouting her name.

"Elena! I see you!"

Before Elena could see clearly, she felt a little figure with two golden locks rushing from the corner of the stairs, holding a pile of clothes, and abruptly shouting and thumping her chest.

"Huh, Han... Hannah?"

Elena reached out to hold the little fearless girl in front of her, carefully looked at the rosy face of the child, observed her firmly held dress, and asked somewhat confusedly, "What's the matter?"

"Where were you? Yesterday, I turned around in the auditorium and you disappeared. I waited for a long time in the suitcase with your name on it and didn't see you..."

Hannah rubbed her red head and said anxiously with her head in a mess.

All night long, she was worried that Elena might be blocked at the door because she didn't know the password, and ran to the entrance of the hall from time to time.

Going out alone to look for someone, Hannah felt terrified again, but she didn't dare to tell the class leader, fearing that Elena would be captured and imprisoned.

After waking up early in the morning, Hannah saw the indication on the class schedule, and suddenly remembered that Elena would also appear in the auditorium, so she hurried out.

"It's okay, it's okay, I'm fine... talk to me slowly."

Elena looked at Hannah Abbott's arms, in the Hufflepuff uniform - no need to think, it was specially brought for her.

So, dealing with people who show her goodwill is the worst for her. If they're both the same, how can she continue to be a great little devil afterward?

"It's okay, I was lucky. I accidentally sneaked into the Gryffindor common room and slept there for a night."

The silver-haired little loli's eyes softened, she raised her hand and gently stroked the back of little loli Hannah, but made a resigned gesture to Hermione next to her.

"Granger, please go to the Gryffindor table first. Don't worry, we won't be in class soon."