Chapter 73 Let The Smile Freeze At This Moment

The great hall of the Hogwarts auditorium.

The enchanted ceiling presents a somewhat dull gray and cloudy sky, just like the psychological representation of most students at that time. Although it is still unknown what kind of curricular adjustments will be implemented, part of the influence of the "Hogwarts Regulations for the Special Adjustment Period" has begun to manifest itself.

On the long tables of the four houses, there are bowls of porridge, plates of pickled herring, small stacks of sliced bread, and small plates of fried eggs, a little farther away are steaming milk jugs. To be fair, from Elena's point of view, even if it's not a luxurious breakfast, it's definitely not unappreciable.

However, it is clear that there are only a few people who think so.

Looking around, most of the students sitting at the table, especially the older ones at Hogwarts, have somewhat unpleasant expressions. Many people subconsciously increase their strength in using knives and forks. On the one hand, Yu is anxious about the future of the school, on the other hand, there may be some emotion in the catharsis.

After all, compared to the luxurious breakfast banquet that used to have dozens of dishes, it suddenly fell to the level of white porridge and omelet, which would produce an unacceptable psychological gap. This is most evident among the older students. However, the news that the school is facing a crisis temporarily hides this dissatisfaction.

"So, are you going to sleep in the hall tonight? Well, at noon I will show you the way to the dormitory. Then your clothes..."

After Elena's explanation, Hannah's mood quickly stabilized, clutching her uniform in her arms and looking seriously at Elena, as if she was going to pay attention to the silver-haired witch. Disappear.

"Don't worry, it's not a problem."

Elena calmly took the white porridge in front of her and blew it, ignoring the whispers of the surrounding discussion, and indulged in a delicious breakfast. This was the most basic respect for food.

After all, from a color perspective, the symbolic colors yellow and black of Hufflepuff and the symbolic colors gold and red of Gryffindor are actually warm colors.

In addition, the difference is only in the emblem decoration on the chest and the dress border. Wearing a gold-red uniform from Gryffindor, blending in at the long table of Hufflepuff. In fact, it is not so conspicuous; if it's the little wizard from Slytherin, dominated by silver and green, who is sitting here, it would really stand out.

Before Elena finished eating the omelet on the plate, she heard the flapping of wings echoing above. Hundreds of owls flew in through the windows around the auditorium, circled in the hall, and threw letters and packages to the chattering and eating crowd.

Guhahaha ~

A small brown owl with a scroll circled in a small half-circle, making a strange cooing sound, dived from the air, and crashed into Elena's arms with precision, like a cat, fluttering excitedly in the girl's arms.

"Oh, stop and reserve the grain. If there is any disturbance, take a hot bath with me tonight."

The reserve's long ears and clusters of feathers swept around her neck, making her feel a little itchy, and Elena had to reach out and hold the small pet in her arms, threatening in a low voice.

Goo! ⊙? ⊙!

The reserve's eyes, which were happily arched, seemed to have been hit by a petrification spell, and squatted quietly and cunningly on Elena's knee.

"Wow, Elena, is this your pet, an obedient owl? Can I touch it?"

Hannah, who was sitting on the side, was almost open-mouthed, and her tone was full of envy. She had never seen such an obedient owl, and also so beautiful and small, which seemed different from all the species in the owl shop.

"It's quite careless, it's too thin, and it can't be fed."

Elena lifted the little reserve from her knee, looked around with a bit of disgust, handed it to Hannah, and continued to focus on clearing the breakfast in front of her.

At the same time, some voices began to appear among the students who received the letters one after another.

The latest edition of the "Daily Prophet" and "Wizarding Weekly" and other magazines have been printed and sent out, and the little wizards can see the photos of a row of ghosts sitting on the cover without opening them. And several bold headlines: [Hogwarts is about to be taken over by the Gu Ling Pavilion?!], [Where is the future of the magical world?], [The first step for goblins to domesticate humans]...

Although after the episode at yesterday's dinner, most of the students were already prepared, but after the propaganda and processing by the goblin and the newspaper reporter, feelings of hesitation and concern quickly spread among the crowd.

At first, the students in the auditorium only whispered, then gradually turned into a buzz like that of a beehive, and finally the discussion grew louder and the whole hall of the Hogwarts auditorium seemed to turn into a bustling bazaar.

Ding Ding Ding ~

"Silence," said Professor McGonagall frowning and tapping the glass with a spoon.

The murmuring became a little lower.

"All right, please be silent for a moment."

Albus Dumbledore stood up, clapped, and raised his voice.

The voice in the auditorium gradually faded, and when Dumbledore stood up, most of the students unconsciously fell silent, turning their heads to look at the old man, waiting for his speech.

"Thank you."

Dumbledore nodded with a smile, observed the faces full of anticipation and anxiety, and said, "It seems that before getting a reassuring answer, no one intends to have breakfast."

"Above all, I can assure you with certainty that the ownership of Hogwarts will not be transferred to the goblins, so you don't have to worry about not having a place to go to study afterwards."

"Thank goodness," Elena sighed deeply as she heard little Hannah around her.

Pat, Pat, Pat.

Elena looked around and set down the utensils. With a relaxed expression, the students sneakily took two pieces of toast from the table, one tucked it away between their arms and the other popped it into their mouth. They bit carefully and emitted a sound of finely cut sauce.

Dumbledore's mouth twitched a couple of times, he looked away and cleared his throat.

"So I regret to inform you that due to the 'Hogwarts Regulations for the Special Adjustment Period' not being fully implemented, the original class schedule will be delayed by a week. In other words, classes will be suspended this week."

With Dumbledore's words, the students who were a bit quiet began to excitedly talk in low voices. Whether in the non-magical world or the magical world, not attending classes is always the most exciting news for students.

"Great! Oh no, I mean it's a shame!"

"Quaffle, the suspension should not affect Quidditch."

"Oh no, I still have many questions..."

On the other side of the long Hufflepuff table, a cheerful shout erupted directly at the Gryffindor table, causing Elena to peer curiously.

Unsurprisingly, with the exception of a frustrated brown-haired loli, most of the little wizards of Gryffindor were filled with genuine delight.

Especially the Weasley twins did not get up from their chairs to celebrate, even Percy had a slight smile on his face.

For the active lions, this is almost as if the winter holidays have come early. Likewise, students from the other three houses also showed surprise and happily discussed among themselves.

"Since there are no classes, let's go back to the dormitory and play magical chess."

"Actually, I want to go back to the soft bed and sleep for a while."

"I said before, my dad will fix everything."


The carefree little lovers, as if they had seen it before, while she innocently celebrated.

Elena held the toast in her hands and bit into it again. The corner of her mouth also showed a pleasant arc, "if I could, I really want to take a magical photo and keep this carefree smile forever."



The hell transforms into a degenerate double change beast!

Mengmeng Dayi, the rounder face of the fat chicken, goo~!