Chapter 74 Now, This Is Your Instructor

Dumbledore crossed his fingers in front of him, silently observing the cheering students in the Hogwarts Auditorium, and paused for a few minutes.

"Of course, I regret to inform you that the temporary suspension of classes is not quite the same as a holiday."

After most of the students settled down, Dumbledore continued with a smile.

"During this period, the teachers will guide you in a school activity that can occupy everyone's time and energy, but I believe you can all have a lot of fun and gain a very valuable life experience."

With Dumbledore's voice, the cheers in the auditorium gradually subsided.

Ultimately, most students know that the school cannot set them completely free.

This sudden burst of released emotion was not because it finally broke the tense atmosphere that had enveloped everyone since the previous night.

"In short, it's better than having to take a potions class. For a whole week, don't worry about facing Snape's grumpy face. It's almost the same as a vacation," said Fred Weasley as he casually tapped his twin brother's shoulder.

"No, isn't it more beautiful, not having to go to the cold and damp underground classroom?"

George Weasley raised his eyebrows. In his opinion, almost every potions class with Professor Snape felt uncomfortable for several days.

But for most students, they all have their own hated subjects; even a school swot like Hermione also has evident flaws like divination classes. Therefore, there are still quite a few people like the Weasleys who maintain a happy mood.

On every desk, Elena could see someone looking at Dumbledore expectantly or whispering to their neighbor with a relaxed expression. But Dumbledore spoke again, and the auditorium fell silent once more.

Dumbledore cleared his throat.

"All the time, we have paid too much attention to knowledge in books, so that in the face of real-life dilemmas, we often lack simple and flexible skills to cope."

He looked at the students with a smile, his blue eyes behind the half-moon spectacles shining with a meaningful light.

"Therefore, after consulting with the Ministry of Magic, the board of governors, and the school teachers, I am very happy to tell you that next week, we will be carrying out a unified activity of [Basic Life Skills Training] for each grade level. After a week, the grade with the highest overall score will be awarded according to certain rules; the prize comes from the generous sponsorship of the school board and is tentatively set at 4,000 gold galleons."

The old man's words, like a bomb in deep waters, quickly caused a stir among all the students of the school.

Although the specific content of Dumbledore's "Basic Life Skills Training" was still not well understood, the high amount of winning rewards alone was enough to make all the wizards instantly excited.

You know, even children from wealthy families like Draco Malfoy, the actual disposable pocket money for a semester will not exceed 100 galleons.

"Wait, this is not fair!" Ron Weasley exclaimed.

The difference between first-year students and seventh-year students could not be more intuitive for him, with five older brothers in his family. Older students have an absolute advantage in terms of spell-casting ability, knowledge reserve, and physical quality.

In addition to seventh-year students, students from other grades heard angry protests after hearing Dumbledore's words, including the Hufflepuff badgers, who have always been known for their kindness and gentleness.

After all, no matter who sees it, Dumbledore's grouping is actually a competition between grades.

This is too unfair for lower-grade students, almost equivalent to defaulting directly to higher grades as final winners.

Facing the excited wizards protesting loudly over the event plan, Dumbledore looked at the crowd and glanced at the white-haired dumplings quietly sipping porridge at the long Hufflepuff table.

—Intentionally triggering some seemingly unfair issues, so that everyone focuses their attention on the rules and confrontation, rather than on the rationality of the activity itself?

Dumbledore pondered thoughtfully. So far, aside from seeming a bit wicked, Elena's proposal successfully diverted the students' attention.

"Then the next step is to reverse."

Dumbledore recalled the cold voice of the girl in the headmaster's office the night before.

The biggest gap in a school is not between classes but between each grade, due to the huge gap created by time.

The best way to temporarily break down the barriers between classes is to break them down together and then form the need to face opponents together.

"In fact, in my view, in the upcoming project, older students will have no advantage, Mr. Weasley."

Dumbledore turned around, facing the loud Ron Weasley, and smiled gently, "To make the whole activity fairer and more meaningful, most of the assessment projects are not about magic ability and physical condition. It depends on each person's seriousness and level of willpower. As for the specific details of the content, each grade will be presented by their respective instructors. I won't say more here."

Having said that, Dumbledore turned and nodded to the teachers in the faculty seats, slightly raised his tone, and continued.

"Next, students of all grades, please follow the order of my reading and follow your teaching staff to gather at the designated location."

"First, seventh-grade students, please stand up. This week, Professor Flitwick will guide you through the course of [Basic Life Skills Training]."

"Seventh, come with me, our fixed meeting place this week is in the Cursed Classroom."

The diminutive Professor Flitwick left with seriousness, leading the older students out of the auditorium first.

"We proceed with the sixth-grade students. Your teacher for this week's activity is Professor McGonagall. Please rise."

"I will be waiting for you in the Transfiguration Classroom. I believe everyone here still remembers how it was in the Transfiguration Classroom?"

Professor McGonagall stood up and looked at the sixth-grade students from the four houses. Her eyes lingered on Gryffindor House for a few extra seconds. "Although it is a simple activity, I still expect you to take it seriously. The lower-grade students set an example."

After two successive grades as demonstrations, the subsequent process became smoother.

"Fifth grade, Professor Sprout."

"Fourth grade, Professor Chilo."

The students of all grades followed Dumbledore's arrangement, with mixed emotions on their faces, and followed their guides to the meeting place in turn. The entire activity was surprisingly smooth and quiet until...

"Third grade, Professor Snape."

"Oh no, you must be joking, Dumbledore!"

Fred Weasley lamented desperately, with an expression on his face as if someone had told him that Christmas was canceled, and all the third-grade Gryffindor students had the same expression as him.

Finally realizing that if there was anything worse than a potions lesson every week, it was having to face Professor Snape every day of the week.

"Do not be late for the Potions Classroom."

Snape looked indifferent besides the ecstatic Slytherin House, and the remaining third-grade students, whose spirits had almost reached zero, muttered with a cold expression and quickly left the auditorium.

The twins watched as the Weasleys left the auditorium with heavy steps that seemed to be heading to the execution ground, and Elena couldn't help but raise her lips. According to common sense, after experiencing a "military training," a wonderful friendship will be established between instructors and students. I wonder if this rule is common in magic schools? Truly exciting.

Dumbledore cleared his throat and regained everyone's attention.

"Sophomores, your guiding teacher is Professor Aurora. The location is in the school's astronomy tower. Due to the need to record the trajectory of the stars, Professor Aurora cannot come personally to the auditorium. But she will be waiting for you there. Please go to the astronomy classroom in turns under Mr. Filch's leadership."

As the second-year students left, only a group of nervous first-year students and Dumbledore remained in the entire auditorium. Everyone instinctively stood tall with pride and looked at Professor Dumbledore expectantly.

"So it seems that only us are left. But unfortunately, I still have more important things to attend to, so I have arranged for an acquaintance-"

At this moment, the closed door of the auditorium, when Filch left, was brutally opened.

A burly man appeared in the entrance, his face almost completely covered in long unruly hair and thick tangled beards, making the redness of his face less evident.

"Sorry, I arrived late. Dumbledore, I thought breakfast would take a while to finish..."

The giant stuttered.

In the entire auditorium, except for two people, almost everyone was stunned and looked at him, making him more nervous. His thick hands grabbed at his clothing. It seemed that this could relieve his emotions a little.

"In fact, you are not late, you've just arrived. It's just that breakfast finished early."

Dumbledore smiled gently and happily broke the uncomfortable atmosphere, "Let me introduce you to Rubeus Hagrid, Hogwarts' Gamekeeper and Keeper of Keys and Grounds. He will guide you through the week-long training course."