Chapter 75 Understand Elena

Strictly speaking, there is no summer in Scotland.

Except between June and August, a small amount of rain falls almost every day.

Hogwarts, in the Scottish Highlands, clearly failed to avoid this natural law. When Elena awoke in the morning, there was a light rain in the sky.

Standing on the giant's huge hair in front of the auditorium, it was now covered with a fine layer of white sand, and it looked as if someone had sprinkled a handful of salt over his head, giving it a sense of age.

"Oh, Hagrid, come in quickly."

Dumbledore waved happily and said seriously to the disheartened first-year students in their seats: "Next, Mr. Hagrid will lead everyone. I hope you will listen to Hagrid seriously as you treat all the professors. Mr. Arrangement."

To the giant who had guided them across the lake the night before, the young wizards were not strangers. To be more precise, among all the teaching staff and school personnel, Hagrid is indeed the person who has had the most contact with the first-year wizards.

Therefore, except for Draco Malfoy, who complained a little, most of the young wizards quickly followed Dumbledore's arrangement after a brief frustration and could not wait to follow Hagrid away from Hogwarts Castle.

The rain has stopped, which makes Elena very happy.

The sky displayed a pleasant light gray color, the grass underfoot was damp and very elastic to step on.

The young wizards turned and saw the castle for the first time during the day: the turquoise brick wall climbed with green vines, and the diamond-shaped or round windows still had crystal-clear water in them as they looked up, what was approaching was a sight that was very different from the night.

"Looking back, they still have seven years to look carefully."

Hagrid, walking at the front, shouted loudly and startled the young wizards who stood up and stared in a trance.

"Come on, let's go this way. Be careful under your feet, the grass may be a little slippery," said the giant with a muffled voice.

After leaving the castle and breathing the fresh air, Hagrid appeared less nervous than before. They all descended the grassy slope, crossed the field, and headed towards a dense black forest at the edge of the field.

"Wait, there's a Forbidden Forest there. Professor Dumbledore said that students are not allowed to go in there."

Hermione frowned, whispering to Elena at her side.

Shortly after leaving the auditorium, the first-year students, separated by houses, regrouped according to their train group, and all whispered gossip and news in their house common rooms as they walked.

Leading the pack, the "Mooncrest Group" with a white-haired pixie as its core is naturally. Oh wait, now there's another little tagalong, Hannah Abbott, and the number has expanded to nine people.

"I'm not going in there."

Hearing Hermione's words, Draco Malfoy, who was being dragged by Elena along the open path, abruptly stopped. There was a trace of fear in his voice: "If my father found out what this school [Basic Training in Life Skills] is, he must—"

"--If you're scared, you can hide behind the girls and wait for your dad to come pick you up."

Ron Weasley, walking alongside Draco, shrugged and pretended not to care. He quickly said, "George and Fred have been in there several times, and they haven't seen any danger."

"Another Weasley brother?"

Hagrid, walking at the front, felt the commotion behind him, stopped and looked at Ron's fiery red hair and freckles all over his face with thick furrowed black eyebrows and a slight headache.

"Breaking the school rules is not something to be proud of. There are too many dangers in the Forbidden Forest. To chase the Weasley twins out of the Forbidden Forest, I almost have to patrol back and forth every night."

There are too many secrets hidden in Hogwarts' Forbidden Forest, and even Hagrid can only say that about less than a third of the area is clear.

One of Hagrid's main tasks as the groundskeeper is to prevent students from entering the Forbidden Forest, and the other is to discover changes in the Forbidden Forest in time, and then report to Professor Dumbledore to assess whether the school needs to intervene.

Harry Potter also slowly stopped, looking at Hagrid hesitantly, "So, Hagrid, are we really not going in?"

"No, we definitely won't be entering the Forbidden Forest. In fact, we've arrived already."

Hagrid turned his head, his friendly face covered by his beard showed a friendly smile, he raised his arms and waved to the right in front, and a joyful bark was heard in the distance.

A solitary log cabin stood on the edge of the forest farm. A rough fence of mud surrounded the log cabin with reconstituted muddy ground, which looked ready for planting some vegetables.

A huge black dog wagged its tail, running towards Hagrid from the direction of the cabin.

"Oh no, yaya, this is not the time for fun. Professor Dumbledore has assigned us a very important task."

Hagrid shook his head with a smile, crouched down, and patted the big dog's head, indicating for it to sit obediently on the ground.

Turning around and looking at the young wizards around him, Hagrid took out a scroll from among his arms, glanced at it quickly, carefully folded it into his arms, and nervously clenched his fists.

"Alright, let's begin. This is our fixed meeting place for the next week. From the edge of the forest farm to the castle area, it belongs to the first-year students’ scope."

Hagrid stomped his feet, opened his arms, and drew an irregular circle in the air, took a deep breath, and continued.

"Then, considering the particularity of the first-year students in order to better meet the physical condition of everyone, Professor Dumbledore appointed an assistant from among all to assist me in the upcoming training project - Elena Ka Compañera Slana, please come with me."

Before Hagrid finished speaking, almost all the young wizards unconsciously turned their attention to the little silver-haired witch surrounded by the crowd.

There is no doubt that if there is any pair of the same age that can make everyone agree to take her orally, then it can only be Elena, who is much more powerful and wiser than her peers and can connect with everyone.

Elena's mouth curved, her eyes narrowed with pride, and she moved slowly under the envious gaze of the young wizards, her long silver hair waving happily behind her.

As the promoter of the entire military training plan, she had long thought about how to escape from this big problem.

She is not interested in accompanying these little rascals to relive the military training life. The reason why Hager must be the "first-grade instructor," one of the important purposes is to become a "teaching assistant." In such a valuable experience, if there is a lack of spectators holding cold drinks and fruits, there will be certain regrets. A good girl like her who understands, of course, cannot allow these things to happen.

"Next, let me explain the importance of the [Basic Life Skills Training] and the projects it will involve."

The little silver-haired Loli glowed with excitement in her eyes, revealing a pure smile like an angel, and said softly.