Chapter 76 Magical Gesture

"Ahem, Miss Caslana."

Seeing Elena ready to start "talking before military training", Hagrid raised his fist and coughed, taking the folded parchment from his arms and handing it to Elena, saying with some uncertainty.

"Here is the content of the training written by Professor Dumbledore. You shouldn't have seen it yet. I think maybe we need to follow this."

"Well, that's true, I apologize for being too excited. Haha..."

The small silver-haired loli, who was holding back her emotions, straightened up, awkwardly touched her head, smiled a few times, lifted Hagrid's palm and gently took it, and suddenly wiped the cold sweat in her heart - she was so excited that she almost revealed it.


Among the crowd, Hermione, who had been watching Elena's expression, raised her eyebrows, and there was a bit more suspicion in her eyes.

She had long doubted the connection between Elena and the [Basic Life Skills Training] course. It seemed that she would have to find a way to force her to ask, but maybe she wouldn't have enough power on her own... as she thought, Hermione looked away from the little witch with yellow and black uniform.

Elena, who was standing next to Hagrid, unconsciously felt a chill, looked around in confusion and subconsciously adjusted her clothes. The early morning in the Scottish Highlands was really cold. It is said that the temperature during the same period is generally at least lower than that of London. About five degrees lower.

Unaware of any strangeness, the small silver-haired loli turned her attention back to the parchment in her hand and nodded slightly.

"It turns out that, with some changes in the minor details, the overall project has not changed."

Glancing quickly at the parchment in her hand, it is essentially the same as the plan she proposed in the headmaster's office last night, only adding some magical modifications to the name and form.

"Alright, I've memorized it already." After shaking her head, pretending to look a couple of times, Elena couldn't wait to return the parchment in her hand to Hagrid.

"But... you haven't seen it for less than two minutes."

Hagrid tightly squeezed the densely filled parchment in his hand and asked confusedly.

Even if she had seen it in advance one night, she would barely remember the main shape of the project. However, the meaning contained in each training program, as well as those tedious and detailed rules, cannot be remembered once they are away from the parchment.

"No problem, two minutes are enough for me."

Elena smiled slightly, with her long silver hair in her right hand, with great confidence in her tone - no joke, this manuscript of the "Military Training" plan is based on her soul memory handwriting, how could it not be remembered.

Elena looked around with an innocent and somewhat naive face, her face cleared and she cleared her throat, trying to suppress the excitement in her heart, trying to make her voice sound calm and serious.

"Before the start of the course, all students will be separated into boys and girls, placed in four columns in order of height, and then I will rearrange them."

Before most outdoor courses begin, it is naturally essential to form a basic rank formation.

With her great popularity among first-year students and rich experience in physical education in her previous life, Elena quickly turned the disorderly little wizards into an 8x9 square. (The number of first-year students is tentatively 7)

"And then, Sister Elena, what will we do next?"

Hermione, who was standing in front of the girls' row, raised her hand and suddenly acted incomprehensible to Elena's heart.

After carefully pondering the comparison between their magical strength and ability, the small silver-haired loli effortlessly concluded that, whatever happened, she had an overwhelming advantage over Hermione, so there was no need to panic.

"Don't worry, my next step is to present the specific content of the project." Elena sparkled in her eyes.

Military training is actually militarized training. The initial purpose is indeed to cultivate reserve resources for regular combat forces. The mere separation of regional cultures determines that she cannot fully replicate the experience of her previous life, let alone consider the great difference between the non-magical world and the magical world.

Along with the uneven level of "instructors", and the time is only a week, Elena had to endure a lot of interesting training elements such as "marching", "walking", and "military boxing". Eventually, she discussed with Dumbledore to order a set of "Magical Training" - [Basic Life Skills Training].

The complete program of [Basic Life Skills Training] is divided into two sections, one is basic physical skills training, and the other is practice of everyday life skills. Just like the name, almost everything is about improving the neglected life skill ability of the little wizards, or so it seems.

In Elena's opinion, although various magical spell systems and crafts have become increasingly mature with the progress of time, compared to ancient times, most witches now have a constitution that is too weak. The only sport "Quidditch" is more of an entertainment method for transportation, rather than a mature sport with a systemic and physical function in a strict sense.

Not to mention hand-to-hand combat wizards like Godric Gryffindor, even if he is one of the founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, wielding a two-handed wand in the long hand weapon category, Racha Slytherin, or Merlin, the legendary wizard who followed the charge of the Knights, anyone can easily surpass in skill more than half of the wizards in the magical world today without using magic.

As a "veteran" who has lived through two world wars ~ ~ during the reign of two generations of Dark Lords, without Elena going into detail, Dumbledore naturally understands the importance of a strong and healthy body.

Therefore, there was almost no expression of doubt or opposition. Dumbledore happily accepted Elena's training program and even helped her with most of the physical training programs. Reasonable magical theory, for example...

"In the first place, the first training project - [magic gesture]!"

"Everyone, put your feet together! Stand up straight! Lift your head! Look ahead! Take the wand and hold it tightly against your chest. Now, imagine your body turning into a tree with a wand in hand, firmly rooted in the earth, the soul turned into a wand and wandering through the vast plain."

Elena narrowed her eyes and said with her hands on her hips, thinking that all the students in the school were in a firm position, that the little hair on her head was about to take off.