Chapter 77 This Plot Seems To Be Wrong

"The wand is the most important tool for every wizard. It is the other self of each wizard. The wood on the outside represents your flesh, and the wand core is equivalent to your soul."

"This will not only increase the affinity between you and the wand, but also temper your spirits and converge the power of all souls in your body… straighten your legs!"

Elena leaned on her hands and let out a sigh as she looked satisfactorily at the row of small first-year wizards, occasionally adjusting some hairs that were not properly combed, experiencing the joy of those days under the guidance of instructors.

"Very well, now everyone maintain the [Magic Gesture] for an hour. The more persistent you are, the greater your improvement."

Walking, Elena suddenly felt darkness in front of her eyes and raised her head. She didn't know when she was back in front of Hagrid.

The giant watched the little wizards who were full of perseverance and seriousness, with a kind and grateful smile on his face.

"It's hard work. Without your help, I don't know how long it would have taken me to clear this up."

"It's nothing, I just did what a teaching assistant should do. You see, it's actually not complicated."

Elena waved her hand and smiled modestly, affirming that people who have not experienced military training will never be able to experience that joy.

Speaking of which, if she remembered correctly, she had already stored some unopened bottles of Coca-Cola in the suitcase in the Hufflepuff dormitory. Could she consider asking the house-elf to deliver the bottles to the location?

Just as Elena began to let her thoughts wander, imagining herself holding a Coca-Cola and happily walking through the castle, Hagrid's voice suddenly sounded in her ear.

"Alright, I understand the project in general now. Thank you very much! Now, get back in line. I can't delay your training any longer."

"Don't mention it... huh?!"

The little silver-haired Loli subconsciously waved her hand before she had finished speaking. She clicked her tongue and turned her head to look at Hagrid in surprise.

Wait a moment!

It seems like something terrible has been heard! This script is definitely wrong!

The happy smile on the girl's face began to gradually crumble, and a very strong and ominous foreboding spread rapidly.

"Professor Dumbledore specifically warned that you must not delay your normal training. And, and..."

Hagrid had just said half, his breath panting, his eyes shiny like beetles blinked in confusion, and his dark cheeks, blocked by his beard, turned reddish.

The giant touched the back of his head with a mischievous smile, looked at Elena rather embarrassed, took Dumbledore from among his arms and handed him the parchment, carefully opening it to glance at it and then added with a gesture of admiration.

"...In addition, Professor Dumbledore said that as an assistant, Miss Elena Caslana will lead by example, with an additional half of training time compared to the small wizards of the same year."


Elena instantly felt a darkness. When she left the auditorium in the morning, Dumbledore's meaningful gaze crossed her mind again, clearly his handwritten script. Why is there such a terrible situation?!

"I think... Hagrid, perhaps because of this..."

Elena smiled and was about to try to save herself.

However, before she finished, the voices of the first-year wizards standing behind her were heard.

"Wow, she's an older sister!"

"Actively increasing the time by half, Sister Elena's leading head is really good!"

"Did... I guess everything wrong before?"

"Well, I've known for a long time that Sister Elena will definitely not miss this valuable training opportunity."

"I... also want to train like the older sister!"


Click, click, click.

The little silver-haired Loli rigidly turned her head, and her cervical spine seemed to make a clicking sound.

Yes, not only the hateful Dumbledore, but also the group of heartless kids. Thanks to their efforts, she prepared a complete set of interesting "Military Magic Training" projects for everyone.

"Everyone quiet down! Stand still! Did I say the time is up?"

Elena angrily looked at the little wizards behind her, scolding them forcefully.

"Alright, I'll help you supervise everyone."

Hagrid patted Elena on the shoulders with a grin on his face, took out a worn pocket watch from among his arms and waved it. "Alright, let's start as well. You see, I'll remember it for you."


Elena looked up and gazed at the honest and simple face of the giant in front of her, desperately holding back the urge to jump and violently strike his large face, gritting her teeth bitterly, barely managing to muster an unpleasant smile.

"That's right, thank you, thanks to both of you."

After speaking, Elena's face darkened, and she took out her black walnut wand from among her arms and held it, like a loveless and emotionless gravestone, standing upright in the lineup, in the front row.


After an hour.

"Alright, kids, time is up. You can take a break."

Hagrid closed the lid of the pocket watch in his hand, clapped enthusiastically, and looked with a particularly admiring eye at Elena, who remained steadfast. He had to admit that the power of examples is truly evident.

Since Elena volunteered to be at the front of the line as a demonstration, most of the young wizards seemed to have maintained their energy and endured for a full hour without moving.

This made him think that he would hear a lot of complaints. For this reason, I also specifically asked Professor McGonagall how to deal with Hagrid, who is not obedient.

However, what surprised Hagrid even more was that, upon announcing the end of the project's training time, less than half of the young wizards stopped the [Magic Gesture] movements and began to move their bodies.

The young wizards appeared not to hear him, gritting their teeth and continuing to work hard, like young trees rooted in the ground, standing in line without moving.

"Hey, everyone, you can rest!"

Hagrid frowned, raising his voice with some anxiety and shouted again.

"No, since Elena continues to persevere, I think I will too," Hermione shook her head, a determined look shining in her brown eyes, she bit her lip and looked at the figure of silver hair in front of her.

"I'm not tired at all. I can endure at least half an hour," Draco Malfoy said, shaking his body and gritting his teeth.

"Me too..."

"Don't speak, I think I hear the sound of the wand."

"Earth! I feel the power coming from the ground..."

With the voices of the young wizards, the children who had begun to rest looked at each other, hesitated for a moment, and then returned to the group.

Then, under Hagrid's gaze, the young wizards gathered, standing tall, withdrawing their wands and placing them on their chests, beginning to murmur quietly...

"I am a acacia tree..."

"I am an oak..."

"I am a poplar..."

What a wonderful group of children, thought Hagrid excitedly, much more obedient than when he was at school.