Chapter 78 There Will Always Be A Day, And I Will Be

The fog lifted by the brief morning shower dissipated rapidly, and the bright sun spread unobstructed across the open meadow in front of Hagrid's cabin.

Next to Hagrid's cabin, a large block of intentionally swept and leveled land was filled with mounds of black wizard robes, not exactly.

The robes stacked on the ground were clearly divided into two categories: a pile of randomly rubbed and mixed clothing in one corner, and another neatly stacked side by side, occupying most of the area.

In the "main courtyard" on the other side, first-year wizards who had taken off their robes and were only wearing jade knit school uniforms were panting, leaning on their hips, or standing or sitting on the ground, their faces not looking as relaxed as before.

Immediately after the [Magical Posture] training program, Elena effortlessly performed [Magical Posture 2-Squat] [Natural Release-50m round trip], as if breaking a jar and being broken, and each endured an additional 50% training intensity on the ground.

"Very frightening..."

Harry, who was lying on the ground, involuntarily swallowed, staring in astonishment at the silver figure energetically running across the field.

"Yes, Dumbledore is crazy, who can complete these projects besides Elena?"

Draco Malfoy, who was sitting next to Harry, weakly nodded, a strand of pale blonde hair wet with sweat stuck to his forehead. Since the girl got used to it, he couldn't keep up with Elena's training intensity from the second project onwards.

Most pure-blood wizards or weak children like Harry feel like their legs have detached from their bodies, according to Elena's explanation, this means that their legs are starting to numb and need rest as well.

To be precise, there are less than ten little wizards who can complete the enhanced version of [Magical Posture 2-Squat] with Elena.

After all, although not a half-giant like Hagrid with giant blood, Elena, who has the bloodline of maidens, still has the basic physical quality of her peers.

Not to mention that as one of the two pillars of the orphanage, Elena also practiced boxing with Benitez since childhood, moved bricks when they built the orphanage, usually fought the lake fishes, and occasionally led group fights...

At least, after a man beats a Crabbe and a Gore, the remaining strength plus a bit of Malfoy doesn't breathe.

Of course, with the growth of the little Meiwa half-breed's age, the strengthening of physical strength caused by magical creature genes has almost started to gradually stagnate, and more changes in her magical power are beginning to appear.

"Wow... no, no more. What has she been eating to grow like this?"

After a while, Hermione panted and hoarsely said, sitting heavily on the grass next to the two, her face filled with reluctance.

After sitting down, she felt like her feet were filled with lead stones and her lungs seemed to be burning.

Even the basic project of [Natural Release-50m round trip] had not been completed, and Hermione no longer had the remaining physical strength to continue running with Elena, let alone the subsequent additional projects.

"One day, I will be like the older sister..."

It didn't take long before Hannah also approached Hermione, bending over with some pain, using her hands to grip her knees, her golden braids weakly pressed against her sweaty cheeks, biting her lips and saying stubbornly.

Hannah always thought that, since she was a child, she had helped her family in the cauldron tavern, and although she didn't have too much talent in magic class, at least she wasn't weaker than everyone else in endurance and physical strength until she met...

"Last lap, finished!"

Elena lightly shook her long silver hair, straightened up, and slightly adjusted her breath, then returned to her normal breathing rhythm, and casually wiped the fine sweat from her forehead.

Although accidentally arranged by Dumbledore, the 150% training intensity is deliberately consuming her energy, and is too underestimated.

"The physical fitness is too weak..."

Elena looked around. In the end, except for a round-faced boy who was flushed, still gritting his teeth, insisting on completing the last 50 meters round trip at a speed not much faster than walking.

She still overestimated a bit the physical qualities of these children, even if only considering the military training intensity of the first year in high school, no one except Hannah and Neville could complete everything completely.

"So, the next project..."

Hagrid looked at the parchment with some hesitation. According to the original plan, every morning required two sets of static [magic gestures] and three sets of dynamic [natural release].

"We'll temporarily interrupt, replace it with something else. I'll communicate with Professor Dumbledore later. Anyway, the scoring content is all evening skills."

Elena looked at the weak little chicks around her, who were dying and looked so bad they were about to die, and rubbed her eyebrows with a headache.

She suddenly realized that, aside from the lack of conventional natural sciences, the little wizards born in the magical world and the students in the non-magical world also have a very important course difference: physical education.

Without the usual transition of physical education, wizards who have been at home and in the castle for years can simply stand, squat, and walk. The issue may not be too big, but when it comes to a certain intensity of sport, the deficiencies of lack of exercise are usually revealed.

Judging from this situation, she is a little worried that the requirements set for the senior grades are too high.

However, teachers wishing to teach various subjects should be able to adjust flexibly with magical aids. Even if they suffer from heatstroke or feel tired and dizzy, a simple [quick awakening] is enough to resolve it.

In comparison to other teachers, neither she nor Hagrid possess the magical ability to handle emergencies. Therefore, when faced with the lazy behaviors of the young wizards due to fatigue, Elena does not correct them with excessive strictness, but mostly lets them off with indulgence.

In the coming days, it would be better to switch to a more basic high school physical education course. After all, these children trust her so much, and Elena feels ashamed to demand too much from them.

Elena turned around and returned calmly, slowly looking at the almost first-year students who had been defeated by the exercise, and focused on the young wizards sitting on the ground, frowning.

"You know you can't bend down and rest immediately after running violently."

Because this will hinder the blood circulation of the lower limbs and affect the blood circulation, deepening the body's fatigue and, in severe cases, leading to gravitational shock.

"Get up quickly and don't sit on the ground immediately after intense exercise!"

As she spoke, Elena effortlessly reached out and helped Hermione up from the ground, at the same time nudging Draco, Harry, and others who were next to Hermione with her foot.

"Hagrid, hurry and help me lift all these kids lying on the ground, if you don't want to see a student in a wheelchair for the rest of their life."

At that moment, an elegant melody suddenly echoed from the distant castle, and Dumbledore's voice appeared in everyone's ears.

"Please pay attention, all teachers and students..."