Chapter 79 Terrifying Teachers

"All teachers and students, please take note..."

Through the effect of some unknown magic, Dumbledore's gentle voice resonated throughout Hogwarts Castle, not sounding harsh. At first glance, it seemed as if the entire castle walls were alive and vibrating with sound.

For this "transmission" mode, the young wizards were not actually unfamiliar. Before the Hogwarts Express, the train crew used a similar method to notify, but this time the range expanded from a train to the entire Hogwarts, and the sensory experience it brought was very different.

Upon hearing Dumbledore's voice, the seventh-grade wizards scattered throughout the castle collectively stopped their ongoing project and raised their heads with curiosity, looking left and right, as if at that moment Dumbledore was performing an illusion. A concealed curse around them.

"Please pay attention all teachers and students..."

Dumbledore repeated the previous words. If someone observed him closely, they would notice that the tone and pause of Dumbledore's speech were slightly different each time, as if he were constantly adjusting and verifying if the "transmission" was clear and effective.

In fact, this is not particularly complicated magic.

The only difficulty is that if you don't want to waste your magic unnecessarily, you need to selectively block parts of the area for "multi-magic manipulation." Compared to traditional amplification magic, this method is undoubtedly more complicated and tense, but the effect is also more ingenious and wonderful.

The director of the magnificent Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry paused for a moment after repeating it three times, carefully listening to the sound resonating in the castle, and there was a joyful and childlike look in his eyes, a new experience he had not experienced before.

"Lunch will begin in an hour. Considering the different progress of the training projects in each grade, we ask the teachers to report the situation of each group in a timely manner. We will enter the auditorium in three groups according to the progress grade. A special warning, the number of dishes is limited and will run out quickly. It is recommended that the students cooperate with the teachers as much as possible to complete the basic physical training program in the morning."

After finishing the words, Dumbledore gently lowered the parchment in his hand, tapping it with his fingers, and his blue eyes gleamed slightly, perhaps with more uses in this interesting form, such as the situation that has always worried various subject teachers and students cannot get up on time; or...

However, this way, some simple changes are needed in many places of this magic.

Dumbledore thoughtfully stroked his wand, took a beautiful red quill from the table and dipped it into the silver inkwell beside him, and then handwrote the "oral announcement" written by Elena on the back of the parchment.


At the same time, Hogwarts Castle is located on the first floor of the basement, in the Potions classroom.

This is a very large classroom. According to legend, it was the first large dungeon the castle used to hold prisoners.

It is said that initially, the Potions Classroom was not located here. Judging by the glassware of many abandoned classrooms in the castle, it seems that the potions class has changed many times. At least Elena knew that the classroom where the shiny black piano stood in front of the entrance of the Gryffindor Common Room also served as a potions classroom for a short time.

However, in recent decades, due to the successive deans of Slytherin being potions professors, there have been no new changes in the classroom location, so the Hufflepuff students leaving the common room feel cold all over their body.

A thin layer of water condensed on the turquoise wall, cold and gloomy, jars were placed along the wall and the animal specimens soaked in them were chilling.

There is a sink in the corner of the classroom. Above the sink, there is a monster-shaped spout for handwashing and ladling. If it were a normal class time, there would be some copper balances, glass test tubes, and an ingredient pot on the long wooden table. There are dozens of cauldrons for potion mixing among the wooden tables.

But at this moment, the classroom has changed.

In response to the "Basic Life Skills Formation" conducted by Hogwarts this week, Professor Snape moved all the tables and chairs to the corner and piled them up. He also collected the cauldrons and teaching equipment to have enough space in the middle of the classroom to facilitate the students to complete the [Magic Posture 1, 2] formation.

"Fred, have you heard? We'll be free in an hour."

In the corner of the Potions classroom, a red-haired boy slumped to the floor tapping his twin brother with his arm and weakly stated that the two had just completed ten sets of a [50-meter natural release round trip race] that had just returned to the classroom.

Not far from the brothers lay a blind Ravenclaw girl staring at the ceiling of the dark potions classroom.

"I suddenly feel that the potions class is actually a very gentle and interesting class. I swear I will never ask for such terrible things as the start of classes and the suspension of classes."

Fred leaned against George's back and rubbed his sore calf. His tone was so painful that it seemed like he had just come out of the battlefield or a memorial service.

Thinking that this situation would continue for a week, he feels as if life seems to have come to an end early, and even the rich Hogwarts lunch has become dull.

About ten meters away from the two, Professor Snape, in a black robe, stood impassively at the classroom door, his hands on his chest, his eyes patrolling inside and outside the classroom.

The hallway outside the classroom was filled with strange sounds, carefully distinguishing the students' disordered steps, the wizard and sorcerer's heavy breathing, the groans of pain, the low voice of curse... The twins knew it was something more. The lament of the third-year students who completed the running task.

Fred lowered his voice, moved his lips slightly, and asked cautiously.

"Have you said, under Snape's greasy hair, how many vicious and terrible thoughts he's thinking each day?"

"Shh, don't speak. Remember, we're now two tall willows."

George blinked and replied in a low voice.

However, it was only a short vacation, and Snape's terrible level improved two or three notches.

A thin smoke rose in the potions classroom, and it smelled particularly refreshing, making the already exhausted Weasley brothers unable to feel drowsy.

To ensure that every little wizard can maintain the standard magic gesture to complete the project on time, Snape's seriousness far exceeds the imagination of the little wizards.

The little wizards who are not standing or squatting usually only have one chance to adjust. The second time they face them is the coldness of Snape [all petrified].


A sound of heavy objects falling outside the hallway made the twins unconsciously fall silent, tilting their heads and turning towards the door with a compassionate expression.

Snape frowned, did not take a step, and stood at the door, wielding his wand at will.

( ̄ cup  ̄) つ — ☆...

"Recover quickly!"

The eyelids of the little wizard who fainted on the ground moved a little, and then closed tightly ~ ~ without moving in the middle of the hallway.

"Wake up and quickly get up from the ground, there are three groups running left and right, do you want to lie on the ground and rest for a while and start over?"

Snape snorted and glanced away from the Slytherin student who quickly got up from the ground. His eyes slowly swept from left to right and he said a little abruptly.

"Don't go into a trance, don't whisper, and keep running, you can enter the classroom and rest!"

"We have two training programs behind us! I don't want the entire third grade to end up at the bottom of the school because of the laziness of a few."