Chapter 8 Hello Hogwarts


The common room of Gryffindor House.

One month before the start of classes, at this moment, the room decorated in scarlet and gold is particularly quiet.


Suddenly, the sleepy sound of a girl like a little kitten could be heard from the room.

A small figure sat on the bed near the door, lazily stretched, her long silvery hair cascading behind her, she rubbed her eyes and looked around with sleepy eyes.

"Oh... where am I?"

Elena gently yawned, consciously hugged the soft velvet pillow in her arms, and looked around in confusion.

Beneath her was a warm and comfortable bed with four curtains beside it, and there were four or five similar beds around. It seemed to be the dormitory of the legendary noble school.

Staring at the crimson flannel curtain hanging at the end of the bed, Elena slowly focused her gaze. Finally, she remembered apparently roasting fish by the lake before, and then meeting Professor McGonagall, and both ended up conversing.


"This can't be..."

Elena jumped out of bed violently, barefoot on the fluffy carpet, and ran towards the room's door.

Before her was a familiar round room, filled with soft armchairs, and in front of the extinguished fireplace, there were two spiral staircases leading to each of the two rooms, and now she was standing at the entrance of one of the rooms.

Several paintings hung on the corridor walls. With Elena's sudden appearance, the characters in the paintings looked at her and whispered to each other.

"...Gryffindor common room?" Elena groaned weakly at the top of the spiral staircase with a complex and powerless whimper.

Moving magical portraits, large beds in the dormitory, scarlet and gold color combination... and this common room that had appeared countless times in her previous life in her dreams. When this information is combined, it's enough for her to infer where she is.


At the same time, the air next to Elena suddenly emitted a slight crackle.

A strange being appeared by her side, very small, with bat-like ears, tennis ball-sized green eyes peering out, and a relatively long and flat nose.

"Miss Caslana, welcome to Hogwarts."

With a hand on his chest, in the style of a chivalrous butler of yesteryears, he elegantly bowed to Elena.

The families of elves, races conquered by the wizards in ancient wars, each born to undergo slave training and must be slaves serving the master for generations.

Every house-elf has their own family. In general, the magic of house-elves is mainly life magic, such as cleaning and cooking.

But house-elf magic is much more than that. House-elves are needed in families not only for their everyday skills but for their supernatural magical powers. In fact, most house-elves may have much greater magical abilities than their owners.

"Just call me Elena. And who are you? Is there any special reason you're here?"

Elena curiously looked at the large ear of the elf in front of her. At Hogwarts, there are hundreds of house-elves taking care of all the household chores, cleaning, cooking, and the like, but students generally do not notice their existence.

"Burleigh, miss. I am Hogwarts house-elf, Burleigh." The elf lifted his head and replied, "Professor Dumbledore asked me to wait for you to wake up as your temporary guide in the school."

"Temporary guide?"

Elena softly snorted, raised her eyebrows, and repeated boldly.

The girl’s blue eyes looked at Burleigh, and she suddenly asked, "And what if I don't want to visit?"

"Professor Dumbledore told you that you could leave at any time. He is currently in the headmaster's office next door. Does Miss Elena want to leave?" The elf responded without hesitation.


Elena thoughtfully looked at the house-elf in front of her. Dumbledore's idea wasn't clear. Was it really as Professor McGonagall said, inviting her to visit Hogwarts?

"...of course not."

The corner of her mouth tilted slightly and Elena's fingers gently touched the wooden handrail, her eyes gleaming.

"Perhaps this is my only chance to enter Hogwarts, so I have to go shopping."

The girl turned around, hands behind her back, and returned barefoot to the bedroom to start putting on her shoes.

This place is filled with countless mysteries of Hogwarts. Where all dreams and fantasies begin. During the time when her previous life was most obsessed with the Harry Potter series, she almost dreamed every night of wandering the castle.


The public common room of Gryffindor is located on the eighth floor of the main tower of Hogwarts, connecting the Gryffindor tower and the main castle tower.

The girl's dormitory where Elena was sleeping was in the Gryffindor Tower. From the window, the shining lake and the edge of the Forbidden Forest could be seen in the distance.

Following Burleigh's guidance, Elena left the Gryffindor common room through the portrait of the Fat Lady, somewhat sadly, the Fat Lady seemed to cross the door into another portrait, so Elena did not succeed in meeting the character in the painting with the most appearances in the novel.

Not far from the Gryffindor common room is the headmaster's office.

"Miss Elena, this is Headmaster Dumbledore's office, he is already waiting for you inside."

Burleigh extended his thin arm and pointed to a spiral staircase ahead.

Normally, there will be a huge and ugly stone monster guarding the headmaster's office door. Only when the correct password is spoken, the stone beast jumps aside, revealing the automatic spiral staircase behind it.

At the end of the staircase sits a gleaming oak door with a bronze lion's head knocker, and many have speculated that the headmaster's office might have been one of the four founders of Hogwarts. One of the rooms used by Godric Gryffindor.

However, at this moment, the stone beast that was supposed to crouch in front of the stairs had stepped aside, revealing the staircase behind it.

"Alright, now I understand."

She looked in the direction Burley pointed to, and Elena nodded politely. Without hesitation, she turned and walked in the opposite direction. She didn't want to wake up only to find herself facing the most elusive wizard in the magical world.

And what about Dumbledore? She would patiently wait for her to finish her shopping before approaching him.

Standing in the middle of the hallway, the girl gazed at the occasionally moving stairs in front of her and the characters hanging on the wall like GIFs moving back and forth. Her eyes were in a slight trance, and suddenly Elena realized that perhaps she wasn't as steadfast as she imagined.

When the real world of magic presented itself so close, there was a moment when she even began to dream of studying and living in that castle.

She closed her eyes, and the small girl with silver hair took a deep breath, silently murmuring in her heart.

"I'm just going to wander aimlessly! Just this once! This is only for the dream that was not fulfilled in the past life. After today, absolutely, absolutely, I will not worry about any news from the magical world again."

She opened her eyes, and Elena carefully caressed the hallway wall, softly saying, "Hello, Hogwarts."