Chapter 80 Are You ... Ready To Die?

During the period when Albus Dumbledore served as headmaster, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry deservedly was the foremost magic school in Europe, and many even believed it to be the finest magic school in history.

However, among these things, Dumbledore's arrogant personal strength is only a small part of it, and it mostly comes from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which is the most luxurious faculty in the entire magical world.

Regardless of the esteemed status of the four deans in charge of the main courses in their respective fields, subjects like "History of Magic," "Divination class," etc. have long been neglected, and the marginal position of the professor is also one of the best in the magical world.

Therefore, in this school where there are no two teachers in the same subject, for a long time, the seats of the Hogwarts faculty have a puzzling problem: if everyone is the first teacher in this discipline, who overlooks the entire school, who has a higher level of education?

This is an irrelevant relationship, irrelevant salary, tormenting the doubts among the purest educators. However, due to the difference in their respective disciplines, this problem has been subtly concealed in the heart of every teacher until this year...

"This is probably the best opportunity for you to show your true self to all the youngest before graduation. I believe no one would want to promote the attitude in this regard. Finally, in the eyes of the disgusted youth, they look grey and faded. Leave the school?"

"In the exam, I am glad to see that you have not wasted your valuable study time at Hogwarts. However, this is not a reason for you to relax. Next week, I don't want to see anyone using magic to be lazy in training!"

"Wood! Marcus! As Quidditch captains in your respective academies, I hope you focus on how to lead your teams to complete all training programs as soon as possible. Instead of being like two mandrake herbs pulled from the ground. It's the same babbling."

"Recover quickly! Get up and continue!"

"Everyone, every student, no matter how difficult it is, endure a little more, the project still has two—"

"Mr. Filch, can I help you supervise the classmates who have not yet completed [Natural Release 1], and I will lead the remaining classmates to continue with the next project."


There is no doubt that the emergence of "military training" or "basic wizard life skills training" inadvertently disrupted the previous subtle balance: the same strange and basic teaching content, students of similar ages and schools, completely consistent teaching time, different teaching concepts and methods have become the biggest variable.

Sitting on the round and cut wooden beam outside the Forbidden Forest, Elena absentmindedly toyed with the silver tips of her hair, a flash of interest shining in her eyes: there will be rivers and lakes in some places, and there will be disputes in those places.

Whether in the East, the West, or the non-magical world, the magical world, as long as it is a social system with normal individual consciousness, will definitely follow this law.

If it is a simple task of "military training," both teachers and students will have resistance in their hearts. Even if the meaning behind it is explained, it is difficult to determine how much effect it can have.

However, when it appears in front of everyone as a smokeless battlefield, each teacher will actively lead their grades to join the battlefield as a hero, covering the already unbearable competition in their hearts with noble reasons.

The reward of four thousand gold galleons is nothing more than a confusing sight. The confrontation among the seventh grade is the greatest reward in itself, which student is the best, and whose teaching method is easier to guide the students.

"Can't the seventh graders win at all?"

"Sister Elena, what should we do?"

"We've rested almost, let's hurry to the next project!"

"Yes, if you don't hurry, you'll definitely be the last one to eat."

"Don't be naive, just think. It's impossible to win."

"If Sister Elena can secretly help us with a little water..."

Upon hearing Dumbledore's announcement, the first-year students who were still resting couldn't stay still and gathered around Elena, staring at the bastion of silence from the end of the "transmission."

Even if they don't personally see the lunch content, the limited offer, stopping eating and ordering in sequence, this series of bad words is enough to make the young wizards aware of the seriousness of the matter. Some of them are more astute, and have even guessed from this, that these may be the food rules for the coming week.

Even a first-year student has dignity and pride. No child will easily admit that they are weaker than others. To be precise, as a newcomer who constantly surpasses their predecessors and finds a way to imprint their own mark on the peak of history, they all long to do so—there are no ancient people before, nor future ones to come.

"Oh, are you... aware of death?"

Elena's eyes were slightly lowered, her white and tender legs were crossed, and Erlang's legs were stretched out. One hand rested on the edge of the trunk, and the other continued to play with the tips of her hair, murmuring casually.

The tone is calm and tranquil, as if she were only asking what to eat tonight, and it feels casual and lacks a sense of joking.

The original first-year wizards were as if they had been doused with a pitcher of cold water, their breath couldn't help but stagnate, as if they were being watched by an invisible giant, instinctively shrinking back.

"Dead, dead...?"

"It's just training, it's too exaggerated."

"It's just a joke..."

After a few seconds, the young wizards around Elena looked at each other with a rigid expression and spoke quietly, but I don't know if they were dissuaded by the girl's impulse, the tone was lower than before.

"Elena, don't scare everyone, it's important. This could be our food guideline for next week."

Hermione frowned but took the initiative to step forward, staring at the small silver-haired loli with a furrowed brow, raising her voice.

"My answer is also serious. I never lie when it comes to food."

Elena pushed forcefully with her left hand and stood up abruptly. Her blue eyes calmly met Hermione's loli face and she let out a giggle.

"Moving on to the next project? If I recall correctly, only Neville and Hannah have completed all three training projects so far."

As she spoke, the silver-haired girl slowly gazed at all the young wizards around her.

Everyone who was caught by Elena's gaze unconsciously lowered their heads.


Elena raised her eyebrows and approached Hermione's little loli, raising her voice slightly, "Are you asking me how I can rely on deception to win?"


At Elena's question, Hermione's face instantly turned pale, her little mouth puckered in disgust, and she quickly averted her gaze from Elena.

Ignoring and consoling the hurt little beaver, Elena crossed to Hermione and walked slowly towards the crowd, a terrifying severity in her cold voice and a frightening light in her eyes.

"What do you all think, why did everyone compete in the seventh grade?"

"It's food, it's something precious that sustains life and prevents death."

"Do you think they are working hard and striving? Just now, Professor Dumbledore has just used magic to synchronize all the classes with me."

Elena took a deep breath and tried to collapse the serious expression on her face, pointing her finger towards the distant castle and speaking loudly.

"At this moment, there, every senior student and every older sister are giving their all, squeezing every part of their body and soul!"

"To maintain the [magic stance] standard, they would rather let the petrification spell fix the body that does not heed the call."

"Even if they are exhausted and faint ~ ~ next time they will open their eyes again under the effect of the recovery spell."

"Whether it's bruised, hit, or even a body scratched by glassware or sharp metal, they will apply a fresh potion, and in a minute, they can put their energy into training."

"Faced with these older students who are stronger, know more about magic, and work harder dozens of times than you, if you don't have the awareness of death, why fight for the food that belongs to them?"