Chapter 81 The Secret Of The Caslana Family

The sun pierced through the clouds and spilled over the Hogwarts Castle, coloring everything with a touch of gold.

The open space between the castle and the Forbidden Forest was filled with a repressed silence. The relaxed smiles on the faces of the young wizards had long disappeared, and each of them frowned and lowered their heads, creating a solemn and silent atmosphere, as if the crumbling stone could crush them at any moment.

As for the training of other grades, Elena doesn't need to lie. What is a fact, is easy to verify by returning to the common room. More importantly, the girl has proven through her own efforts that even if the intensity of the training is increased by half, those projects can still be completed.

Furthermore, apart from Elena, the seemingly mediocre and ordinary Neville and Hanna have also maintained the pace of the course, which has undoubtedly become the last hope for the fragile self-esteem of most young wizards. When both talent and difficulty cannot be used as an excuse, the only reason is to depend on one's own weakness.

Neville, who suddenly became the center of everyone's attention, raised his bewildered head, his lips trembled a few times, his round chubby face was even more rosy than when he ran before, his hands clenched in front of him and then released them.

"I just... don't want to fall too far behind."

The silver-haired little Loli gave him a gentle look, made her way through the crowd, smiled, and patted Neville on the back, "No, you must believe in your own potential. As you can see, you are no weaker than most people."

If there are projects in the basic training that Neville cannot complete, then there must be too many upper-level classes.

Neville's childhood is not mentioned much in the original book. His fate always seems to be in an "almost" place. He almost became a "boy who never died." He almost became a hero who saved the magical world. He almost became a "savior," so he always seems to be a minor character.

As if ever described by a companion with Neville as the protagonist: he is a genuine supporting character, who is continuously forgotten by people, can only look at the world in a corner, look at this narrow world. Although he is a true pureblood, he is not even as good as the "half-blood" and is always reduced to being mocked by others.

However, Elena knows that in a certain sense, Neville is the most hidden gem among all the first-year students, and some even say that if the "Harry Potter Series of Seven" is the main one, there is nothing wrong with shifting the perspective to Neville.

After a moment, another voice broke the silence.

"Since Longbottom can do it, there's no reason why I can't."

With the help of Goyle and Crabbe, a pale, thin boy stood up slowly, dusted himself off, and ran his hand through his damp blond hair, "but there are still six groups, wait for me a moment."

After speaking, Draco Malfoy turned and walked back to the [50-meter track] planned by Hagrid, a stubborn expression that seemed more suitable for Gryffindor appeared on his young face.

Following Draco's movements, the young wizards suddenly discovered that at some point, a girl in a red and gold knitted sweater was running silently back and forth, her long brown hair waving.

Harry rubbed the calf that Elena had kicked, and stood beside Draco, nodding seriously.

"I still have four more groups to go, but since I took a break, I'll run two more groups with you."

"Otherwise, why don't we compete? Everyone has six groups." A freckled, red-haired boy squeezed between the two, his shoulders brushing against the friends on either side, smiling.

"The boys are quite weak. Padma, are you interested in competing with me? You only have three groups left."

"Patty, if I win, you'll have to call me 'brother'."

"I've already won before speaking."

A pair of pretty dark-haired twin sisters challenged each other with their eyes. Before the three of them started, they shouted "start!" and took off running.

"I still have three groups to go..."

"It's only ten groups. I've already run half."

"Parvati, wait for me...!"

"For the food, run!"


"Three groups, five groups, six groups... How many has that boy just missed?"

Facing the suddenly headless-chicken-like young wizards, Hagrid, standing around the forest farm with his tangled face, ran his fingers to record. He couldn't hold out for more than ten seconds and fell into confusion.

"Don't worry. Everyone, they passed."

Elena crossed her arms, a bright smile spread across her face, and she cheerfully whispered.

In just one week, from the beginning, we didn't expect everyone to be prodigies, but the cultivation of willpower and mindset is the central purpose.


The expression under Hagrid's beard was hesitant.

"Nothing, I don't plan to continue with the next physical training program."

The silver-haired little Loli shook her head slightly, glanced at Neville and Hanna standing not far away, who were secretly pricking up their ears, and gestured with a smile, "There's no need to strain oneself. It's okay."

The [Basic Life Skills Training] discussed by Elena and Dumbledore actually is divided into two unrelated sections. The physical training programs such as [Magical Posture (Standing, Squatting on One Knee)], [Fifty-Meter Sprint back and forth], etc., are solely to temper the will of the young wizards, and incidentally, to exercise their weak constitution, except for the meal order, it will not affect the scoring and evaluation at the end of the event.

After all, the students in the seven grades have different levels of physical development. In order to enable the teachers and students of each grade to clearly perceive the concepts of "hope" and "justice" and maximize the valuable content of the final winner's honorability, one or two people may have exhausted their thoughts.

"Are you saying... not follow Professor Dumbledore's plan? Oh, I see now! Do you want me to help you, lazy?"

Upon hearing Elena's response, Hagrid frowned and looked at the three little wizards around him, blinking as he suddenly realized.

Immediately, the giant waved his hand without hesitation and firmly rejected, "Don't even think about it, little devil, I won't help you deceive Dumbledore, not even think about it!"

"Thinking about it, I simply believe that maybe they might need some more mature and elaborate physical education courses. Instead of the simple and rough projects written on parchment, you also saw that everyone's body can't handle that."

Elena shrugged, nodded towards the distant little wizards, and responded seriously.

If the "military training" plan was initially proposed just to satisfy the bad taste in her heart, then after discussing it with Dumbledore, the entire plan had actually become serious.

For other grades, she cannot create a detailed and delicate curriculum of physical education, and can only list a series of magical references for the teachers to avoid accidents.

But if these first-year students can be moved in front of her, she is completely capable of adapting a more effective, scientific, and safe physical training course for them.

"But this is the training plan that Professor Dumbledore has devised. How is it possible for you to do this in such a short time...?" Hagrid's face was full of doubts.

"If it's about the family heritage secret of Kaslana, there's no problem. I swear by the Kaslana surname that this is definitely more suitable for everyone now."

Elena raised her head and asked in a determined tone.

"Family secret? Not bad."

Seeing Elena swear by her surname, Hagrid's tone was slightly weaker, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

"No matter, anyway, the Kaslana family is now just me."

Elena suddenly smiled and waved her hands a little lowly, wrapped in a stubborn and lonely atmosphere, which made her unable to help but comfort herself, but unable to speak.

"If you still have doubts, Mr. Hagrid, you can write to ask Professor Dumbledore's opinion, after all, there is still a period of time before everyone finishes running."

"Um, sorry... I don't know... well, okay."

Infected by the emotion of the little silver-haired Lori, Hagrid was somewhat confused and spoke for a moment.

"Then... then I think, if you wait for me first. I will ask Professor Dumbledore... yes... before that, I will trouble you, Elena. You'll take care of the first-year students for me."

After speaking, Hagrid nodded vigorously, left them, and headed towards the castle.

Watching Hagrid leave the place, Elena rubbed her forehead with a headache. It seems that from now until Hagrid's return, the responsibility of taking care of the little wizard falls entirely on her.

In summary, let's follow the original plan first.

Elena turned around and looked closely at Neville and Hanna, who were standing in front of her, cleared her throat, and said slowly and seriously.

"Listen carefully, next, I will teach you a set of inheritance secrets of the Kaslana family: [The Call of Time]"