Chapter 82 Hahaha, I Found Your Egg

I must say that Hagrid's efficiency in communicating with Dumbledore greatly exceeded Elena's expectations.

Before his two students fully grasped the "Kaslana family secret", the giant left the castle again, greeted the little silver-haired loli, and hurried towards Elena.

"Well, two pieces of news, neither good nor bad."

Hagrid's expression was somewhat confused, but his speech was exceptionally fast, as if he'd forget it accidentally if he stopped, "Professor Dumbledore agrees that you want to change the behavior of some elements of the first-year students' course, but you still need to complete the training according to the original plan, and I will supervise."

"But clearly..." Hannah Abbott lifted her head slightly in annoyance as she heard Hagrid's words.

Even after a brief study, one can intuitively feel the difference between the original project and Elena's "secret". There is no doubt that the latter is a more systematic and mature training method.

"Alright, I understand. Is this good news then?"

Elena nodded calmly and raised her hand to stop the small Hannah from hugging her from behind.

She felt nothing unexpected about Dumbledore's response.

As the driving force behind the entire "Hogwarts Military Training" project, since she was pushed into the hole she had dug herself, the level of the old cantankerous radish's intelligence quotient will not let her off so easily. Even in the previous moment, she had understood Dumbledore's consideration in pushing her into the hole.

Indeed, Elena prefers to engage in simple and vigorous physical exercises such as running, jumping, and push-ups compared to the painful gymnastic exercises.

And in this way, with her as a reference, those first-year students will also understand how to value the hard-earned "Calling Time".

After all, one of the common problems of humans is that [the unknown is always better].

"Professor Dumbledore said that as a teaching assistant, you have the right to modify and adjust the course content. But the dining hall rules for this week at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will not change for you. Have you considered that all the first-year students might end up having soup for the entire week because of your decision?"

Hagrid's beard trembled, he put his hands on his hips, and leaned slightly, looking at the silver-haired girl in front of him and said somewhat gruffly.

At that moment, the little wizards who completed the 50-meter round-trip training task also gathered one after another, looking at Hagrid for a moment, looking at Elena for another, not knowing what the final solution would be.

"Of course I have thought about it. In fact, there is no such thing as eating leftovers left by the elders."

Under everyone's gaze, the small silver-haired loli shrugged easily and whispered in a natural tone, "Because we don't even go to the dining hall to eat."

As for this point, Elena had already considered it. Regardless of whether there was a change in the course or not, she wouldn't lead everyone to follow Dumbledore's rules of competing with the elders for dinner in the dining hall every day.

Not to mention the fact that for a group of freshmen whose bodies have not yet started to develop, in terms of probability, it is almost impossible to beat the energetic sixth and seventh graders.

Even after striving to gain the advantage of dining first, the most they could enjoy is the limited supply of roast turkey and grilled steak.

Even more terrifying is that, according to Elena's confidante, if it's the last round to enter the dining hall, except for a little salty bacon and boiled cabbage, all you could have are [mashed potatoes], [French fries], [baked potato], these three types of dishes preserved in the Hogwarts banquet.

"If they don't go to the dining hall, where will they eat?" Hagrid asked, frowning.

After experiencing the previous lessons, this time, none of the little wizards gathered around Elena asked questions, but with a look of anticipation and curiosity, they silently waited for the girl to continue.

Elena didn't respond immediately. Instead, she looked at the tall and burly giant in front of her with a meaningful look. It wasn't until Hagrid felt a hairy sensation on his back that he averted his gaze.

[Let's forget it, it's not time yet, let's just wait a little and get more familiar with Hagrid, then we'll start that plan.]

The girl's eyes blinked, trying to suppress the impulse that was about to come out of her heart, frowning and whispering a few words.

"Alright, the whole school's seventh graders will enter the dining hall in batches according to the completion of their training courses... the dining hall... enter in batches..."

"I understand what Dumbledore wants!"

Suddenly, Elena's eyes lit up, and she looked at the little wizards around her and smiled, showing two very cute little tiger fangs. She gently waved her fingers and said seriously.

"You know, the dining hall doesn't produce food, it's just a restaurant with a beautiful magic ceiling."

As she said this, the little silver-haired loli covered her forehead with her hand and looked at that moment towards the distant school bell tower. There was less than half an hour left until Dumbledore's first "mealtime".

As a young witch with a rigorous scientific mindset, Elena has a strong desire for knowledge, rigorous logic of exploration, and... very efficient action and a very correct concept of time.

Elena's eyes sparkled, and she turned to look at the little wizards around her, and clapped happily.

"Let's go, it's not too early. Let's go to the Hufflepuff Common Room's public entrance for lunch."

"She... Hufflepuff?" Hannah tilted her head in confusion.

"Yes. I think you should know how to get there. To be precise, I found a portrait next to a silver container filled with fruits. Behind that portrait is the kitchen in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.!"

The little silver-haired Loli nodded solemnly, and reached out indiscriminately, grabbing the dazed little Hannah, and pushed her towards the castle.

"It's time to go ~ ~ If I guess correctly, there should still be many delicious snacks there."

From start to finish, Dumbledore's restriction is merely the mealtime for all grades to enter the auditorium on the first floor. But there is no rule that says the little wizard cannot voluntarily enter the kitchen to obtain food.

In Elena's opinion, the meaning of this could not be more obvious, just like Dumbledore's "Philosopher's Stone Test" tailored for Harry Potter in the original book, Dumbledore has always been eager to arrange various little tests.

And this is the "egg" he specially prepared for the intelligent students who are capable of breaking the conventional thinking in "military training."