Chapter 83 Hagrid's Invitation

"Shall I... return to the castle now?"

It took two or three seconds for Hannah to react. She turned her head and gazed at the small silver-haired girl behind her. At such proximity, she could even perceive the slight scent of grains emanating from the other person. "Wait! The cloak is still there."

To facilitate the training, the young wizards removed their cloaks and piled them in the open space next to Hagrid's hut. Fortunately, the clothing from Mrs. Mokin's tailoring had labels inside, so even though everyone's style was similar, they could distinguish their garments.

"Yes, so after lunch, it didn't look so conspicuous in all the classes," Elena raised her eyebrows, thinking that Hannah made a lot of sense.

Despite following Dumbledore's plan to win the egg reward, it's best to keep this kind of thing as discreet as possible. The standard Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry cloak is also often used to conceal food.

"Oh, Hannah, let me show you how powerful my little owl is."

Elena suddenly thought of something, proudly blinked at Hannah, turned and stopped in the same place, gesturing towards the "Pile of Clothes" next to Hagrid's hut.

"Grain Reserve, help me pass the clothes."

Then, under Hannah's watchful gaze, one of the slightly bulging black cloaks moved a little, and it seemed like there was a small animal wriggling inside, and then... there was nothing more.

The pile of clothes settled back down, without any further movement.

"Uh, it's very obedient at normal times, maybe it's resting during the day, right?"

Casting a sidelong glance at Hannah beside her, the small silver-haired girl couldn't help but raise her voice a bit, exclaiming, "Storage, preparation, food?! My cloak."


This time, a small brown owl the size of a fist rose from the pile of clothes, turned its head with sleepy eyes, and locked its gaze on the predator directly in front of it, the silver-haired girl. With a swift motion, flapping its wings, its two claws grabbed the girl's cloak and flew towards her.

Elena had early discovered, she didn't know why, that the growth in strength and intelligence of the grain reserve was much higher than that of a normal owl, capable of carrying out some difficult tasks even for a common large owl.

This sometimes made her wonder if this little pet that Dumbledore gave her actually had some blood of other magical creatures.

"Wow, what a clever owl, is this Elena's pet?"

"I want to have an owl too!"

"Much better than Percy's stupid mouse..."

This time it wasn't just Hannah, all the first-year students around her expressed envy.

Among them, the expression on Ron's face was particularly evident. If he could, he would indeed want to have an owl like most students, instead of a stupid and useless mouse as a pet.

"Perhaps it's the last smiling owl in the world, naturally it will be unique."

Satisfied with the envious looks from the little furry heads around her, Elena tidied her mane on her head with pride, clapped her hands, and pushed the young wizards towards the "Pile of Clothes".

"Alright, let's not waste any more time, go get your clothes."

"A very interesting owl, is it trained and raised?"

Compared to other students, Hagrid, who has been dealing with magical creatures for a long time, can see beyond.

It is true that most owls in the magical world can easily distinguish their master's phrases, but the principle of sending letters is mainly due to the effect of ancient blood magic inscribed in their blood.

Like the grain reserve, which can understand commands other than sending letters, it actually resembles many real magical creatures. Not to mention that the body of this little owl is obviously much stronger and more resilient than that of its species.

"Actually, it was a pet given to me by Professor Dumbledore, and I have only had it for less than a month. Because, Professor Dumbledore knew that I especially like small animals."

Elena smiled shyly, quickly put on her cloak, stroked the owl in her arms, took out a piece of toast from her chest, broke it into small pieces to give it as a reward, and continued.

"In fact, I am very interested in learning how to raise and communicate with magical animals. Especially," Where is the magical creature? " by Mr. Newt Scamander, I have read it over and over again."

As she said, the little silver-haired Lolita looked at Hagrid with a slight sigh, and her tone turned a little frustrated. "Unfortunately, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry waited until the third grade to offer a course on magical creatures."

"Oh yes, Mr. Scamander is quite a special person."

Hagrid nodded in agreement, feeling more and more fond of the little girl in front of him.

The giant glanced at the young wizards who had gathered in front of them to pick up their robes, hesitated for a moment, and whispered quietly.

"Actually, you can come to my hut to play later when you have time. There are many interesting magical animals in the Forbidden Forest. I can take you to meet them."


Elena quickly looked up, the frustration on her face instantly disappeared, and she asked with a radiant smile.

"Of course." Hagrid nodded seriously and promised again.


Putting on their robes, the first-year wizards gathered again around Hagrid and Elena. The two also stopped talking and blinked in satisfaction.

Then, led by the Hufflepuff House first-year students, the young wizards walked across the long stone bridge to the grand entrance hall of the castle, peeked into the empty hall at that moment, and ascended the castle stairs to the ground floor.

Descending the wooden staircase, Hanna paused on the landing to catch her breath and led everyone straight to the entrance of the Hufflepuff House common room.

Although I do not know how to get there, in fact, as a die-hard fan of a sculptural model of Hogwarts that stands over a meter tall, I found a craftsman who specifically sought artisans in my previous life. The design is so simple that even with eyes closed, you can memorize the building's facilities on each floor in silence.

(Detailed design of the Main Castle of Hogwarts is here)

Therefore, every time Elena crosses Hogwarts Castle, she can quickly and easily match several scenes in the memory of words in her mind. The only thing she needs to improve is to remember the small paths. The sense of direction in the details.

"So, Elena, do you really know where the kitchen is?"

Walking in the front, Hanna prodded the small silver-haired witch who was looking around and inquired in a hushed tone.

"Of course, you can hardly find a student at Hogwarts who knows better about all kinds of secret rooms than I do." Elena nodded proudly and answered without hesitation.

"However, it was only because you couldn't find the entrance to the dorm last night... well..."

Before Hanna finished, Elena's face hardened, and a hint of embarrassment was noticeable. She reached out and covered her mouth, forcing herself to restrain.

"Oh, so you got lost last night. Is Elena really a wanton woman?"

Standing next to the two, Hermione smirked and narrowed her eyes.

Elena turned her head, whispered angrily, and retorted.

"I'm not, I never was, you're talking nonsense! Wait until we get there, and you'll see that what I said is wrong."

"This only proves that you have read the introduction of this place in the book, or heard others mention it, it doesn't prove that you are not a wanton woman."

Hermione smiled slightly and continued to repeat her point of view seriously with her hands behind her back. Irene felt that Hanna, who was covering her mouth beside her, seemed to agree and nodded.

The small silver-haired witch gritted her teeth bitterly and glared fiercely at the small chatty brown-haired witch who was happily smiling. She now just hated that she couldn't reach out to cover that little chatterbox's mouth.

"You two, just wait! When there are no more people, you will see how I can handle you."