Chapter 87 Cut With Me In


Hearing Dumbledore's voice, Hermione choked on a bite of roasted sausage, her face showing surprise.

At the next moment, the little Lori, Hermione, seemed to think of something, her expression suddenly became anxious, trying to swallow the food in her mouth, her big brown eyes staring at Elena, full of panic and concern.

With Dumbledore's tone on the "broadcast" alone, everyone could hear it, definitely not like what Elena had mentioned earlier to praise the outstanding students who won the eggs.

"Ah, it seems like I made a mistake, it doesn't seem to be an egg."

Elena extended her hands helplessly and said with regret.

In fact, according to the best situation she hoped, Dumbledore could have reprimanded the situation. After all, she was reborn and familiarized herself with the place for the second time, and this is not the first time she has unilaterally cooperated with the headmaster.

"Anyway, things have already happened, let's eat first and then talk about this. Try this..."

The little silver-haired witch looked at her and picked up a grape tart, approaching Hermione and said with a smile.

As a problematic student who frequents the professor's office, regardless of the past and present life, in the face of the "Training Office" notification like Dumbledore, Elena felt no fluctuation in her heart and even felt like laughing.


The egg **** flew to the side.

"Do you really understand the gravity of this matter?"

Seeing the still indifferent white-haired **** in front of her, Hermione suddenly felt an inexplicable flame in her heart, let go of the meat pie in her hand, and forcefully hit the egg **** in Elena's hand, embedding her finger in it and shouting angrily.

"We have interrupted Dumbledore's arrangement and stolen the food belonging to the older students. If you continue like this, it won't be as simple as deducting points, but we could be expelled directly."

With Hermione's sudden outburst, the first-year students whispering around her were also frightened, closing their mouths and nervously looking at the two little witches in the midst of the crowd.

At the same time, that cloak enveloping the hearts of most of the present first-year students, and a vague sense of unease was also perceived. Realizing the importance of things, almost everyone anxiously left the food in their hands, and an atmosphere of panic silently expanded.

In front of Hermione, like a lion cub, Elena also seemed frightened, and rarely remained unrefuted.


The smile on the face of the silver-haired witch gradually faded, as if in slow motion, she lightly rubbed her slightly reddened back of hand, slowly stood up and stared at **** Miss Castor.

Facing Elena's direct gaze, Hermione couldn't help but tremble slightly. The first time she saw that Elena, in the bright blue eyes like a lake, there was no discomfort or panic, except for some surprise. Although she was obviously just a witch of her age, inexplicably it caused her a feeling of oppression as if she were in front of Dumbledore.

Hermione felt her courage gradually fading like the ebbing tide.


Biting her lip, the girl summoned the remaining courage, lifted her head and was about to say something, and saw Elena's palm quickly reaching towards her head, she shrank back in fear, instinctively closed her eyes, thinking about last night at the table, Ron and Harry described to her how Elena beat up three boys on the train.

"Sometimes, you just worry too much. Thank you, it really doesn't matter."

Elena caressed Hermione's fluffy, wavy, chestnut hair and said softly.

Then, the little silver-haired witch turned around, looked around at her young wizards, looked at them with a smile, nodding generously.

"Yes, Hermione guessed something right. Taking food from the kitchen in advance is not really the egg for [Basic Sorcery Training]. This is just a small loophole I found in Professor Dumbledore's rules."

Hearing Elena admit this matter with their own ears, the young wizards, to be precise, even Hagrid, all instantly burst, and the expression on their faces turned to panic.

"But, what does that matter?"

The atmosphere became so noisy that Elena had to raise her voice several times to make sure her voice could silence the crowd.

"This activity is inherently unfair. It is not elegant to say that even if you are aware of dying, you will not be able to win against the older students who are stronger and have more magical skills."

"Furthermore, even if my physical disadvantages were not present, neither I nor Mr. Hagrid could use dark magic, or use expensive potions to help everyone win in a safer situation."

"So, from the beginning, our first lesson was abandoned, the group at the bottom of the food chain."

Elena glanced at Hagrid by her side, and then looked at the first-year students who were full of indignation and helplessness, adjusted her breathing and continued slowly.

"They may give up, perhaps the teachers have their own considerations. But..."

Elena's face was serious, her thumb was beyond her chest, and her tone was serious. "As a first-year student, as their older sister, as their assistants, my most basic and simple position is to find ways to prevent them from getting hurt, starving, being bullied by the older ones, and to be able to succeed in the active secondary schools."

In the open field, there was no other voice apart from the crisp voice of the girl.

"Moreover, the plan was proposed by me, the kitchen door was opened by me, the turkey was for everyone to eat, and the food was for me to wrap with the house-elves... even the [Transmission Announcement ~ www ~] from Professor Dumbledore, I just clicked my name."

"The disaster was me, and even if there were any punishment, it wouldn't fall on everyone's heads. Everything, everything is because of me."

Elena heaved a sigh of relief, smiled easily, and waved her hands like a kindergarten teacher urging the children to eat. "Don't gawk at me, the meat is cold and won't taste good."

"So, on Dumbledore's side..."

After a long while, Hagrid broke the silence with some difficulty, his voice a little hoarse.

"I'll go alone. Don't worry, it's all mine."

The little silver-haired Lori turned around and walked towards the castle, waving her hand happily.

If you do something for yourself, you must be prepared to take the initiative to bear the consequences, whether good or bad, that's what Benítez has instilled in her, and it's the reason why she persists.

"But..." Hannah also stood up, a little hesitant.

You can't look back, if you do, the heroic momentum you created will disappear.

Elena murmured in her heart as she walked slowly forward, speaking calmly and casually.

"Don't worry, I studied the latest edition of 'The Rules of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry' last night, and there's no punishment for this kind of behavior. Even when I went to the headmaster's office, Dumbledore couldn't get rid of me."


After looking at the silver-haired witch who was about to enter the castle, Hannah gritted her teeth and shouted, "... But, Elena, aren't you Lulu? Does it really not matter?"

In everyone's eyes, the little silver-haired loli who was walking away suddenly stumbled.

A somewhat embarrassed voice came from a distance.

"With so many portraits and ghosts in the school, I'll just ask myself!"