Chapter 9 The bronze door knocker and the piano music

Accompanied by the house elf Burley, although Elena found herself on the other side of the tapestry in the grand bar on the castle's eighth floor, touching Barbara's tapestry, the legendary demanding house showed particular interest but only repressed her curiosity, following the normal path with regret.

If previous knowledge of the magical world can deceive the past, then a girl who has never been to Hogwarts found these kinds of things that most students may not know until graduation. The place is too special.

Similar to this, there is also the common room behind the fourth door on the sixth floor of the castle, to the left of the confused Polis egg statue.

A luxurious chandelier lit with candles throws a warm and soft light into the room. Everything is made of white marble, including a large bath located in the center of the room and sunken into the floor. It's like a rectangular pool. There are around a hundred golden taps around the bath, each with a different colored gem on its handle. There is also a diving board. White linen curtains hang on the windows; a bunch of soft white towels were placed in one corner.

For a girl, in Elena's imagination, the most ideal and luxurious bathroom is more or less like this.

You must know that when she went to college in the past, the bathroom designed by the frantic school was actually a rush to supply water. Using the card could only last for fifteen minutes, you can imagine a hand covered in white bubbles trembling in the cold winter. Was it the shiver that stretched the door to use the student card duration?!

Up to that point, Elena was frustrated to realize a problem, if she was not a student of Hogwarts, many secret rooms full of magical magic that she could not visit.

Whether it is the office of each professor, Filch's office, or the library containing 13,000 magic books, it is locked by magic and cannot be entered freely. This made Elena want to borrow a little from a half-blood prince, or see the forbidden magical toys of the kids.

Oh no, on the second floor of the castle, the door to Professor McGonagall's office over the marble staircase in the lobby is a smokescreen. But Elena was very sensible and did not knock on the door; who knows if that dangerous Professor McGonagall, suddenly, would remember previous things and take the opportunity to take revenge.

Empty classrooms are meaningless to visit. After all, except for the potions classroom, in Elena's opinion, most classrooms seem indistinguishable from a wooden platform. Ten empty desks and chairs.

Of course, still, Elena is satisfied.

Because even if all the ghosts did not appear, the entire Hogwarts Castle is still filled with wonderful magic, everything seems to be constantly moving, the people in the portraits continue to visit each other, and the stairs will move.

The most charming for Elena throughout the tour was the Ravenclaw Common Room, located on the west side of the castle, above the Ravenclaw Tower. To be precise, it was the charming bronze door knocker in the shape of an eagle.

Just as the founder of the school, Rowena Ravenclaw, followed the philosophy, the door to the Ravenclaw Common Room does not require a password like the other houses, as long as anyone who can answer the right question can enter.

Elena stood in front of the soft wooden door, knocked on the door, the eagle's beak on the bronze knocker opened and asked in a soft voice: "Which fire and phoenix first?"

It seems that the number of questions is not too many. Elena was lucky to get the original question in the original book, "This is a cycle, there is no starting point."

"The answer is correct." After the voice finished, the creaky door opened automatically.

However, Elena, who had answered correctly, did not choose to enter hastily.

"Dear door knocker, how do you ensure that the answers to your questions are the only correct ones?"

Elena charmingly squinted her eyes and shrugged at the eagle-shaped knocker. "You know that language and words are most likely to have multiple meanings. All common sayings can receive new meanings at any time."


The eagle's head opened its mouth and made no sound, but she vaguely felt that there seemed to be a magical power looking at her from the knocker in front of her. Obviously, this magical knocker, like the sorting hat, had its own consciousness.

Since arriving at Hogwarts, she had to leave some footprints, otherwise, it would be boring.

The little silver-haired loli smiled mischievously and said in a very tempting tone: "As far as I know, many mathematical problems often have a unique objective solution at a basic level."

"Math problems? Simple calculations do not test a student's wisdom", the voice of the eagle-shaped door knocker was obviously a little confused.

"And what about this?"

Elena remembered a bit and said slowly in an extremely excited tone, "Put the chicken and the rabbit in the same cage, count from above, there are thirty-five heads, count from below, there are ninety-four feet. How many chickens and rabbits are in the cage?"

Pausing, the little silver-haired loli added, "And, you only need to change a few numbers, you can formulate an infinite number of interesting questions like this."


After the knocker in the shape of an eagle fell silent for a few seconds, it nodded slightly, "What you said makes sense, I have to think about it. Thank you."

Once the conversation was over, the knocker did not speak anymore and returned to its original bronze sculpture form.

It actually worked!

Elena secretly waved her little fist and walked away happily.

"Burleigh, I think it's almost time, let's go back."

God bless this year's Ravenclaw students. However, as long as they are patient enough, they can still calculate the results correctly.


Soon, Elena, with a small unknown joy, returned to the eighth floor of the castle with the house-elf Burleigh.

"Well then, it's time to see Dumbledore."

Elena took a deep breath and looked at the stairs next to the huge stone beast, preparing to ascend.

Suddenly she realized that at the end of the hallway, there appeared to be a classroom that had not been visited. It seemed that she had inadvertently overlooked it when she turned to leave.

Elena looked curiously ahead. From her impression, there shouldn't be anything special on this floor other than what was necessary.

Wait, is it true that there is an unexplored place? The silver-haired little girl's eyes suddenly lit up as she asked excitedly.

"Burleigh, what is that place? Isn't it...?"


Walking behind Elena, Burleigh raised his head and looked in the direction of the girl's arm. He replied in a flat tone, "It seems to be an abandoned classroom."

"No, I didn't see it before."

Elena shook her head seriously, told herself, and ran towards the classroom without hesitation.

"Huh? Oh..."

The little silver-haired girl opened the door hopefully, gazed inside, and her small face suddenly fell with a sigh.

As Burleigh said, it was indeed an abandoned classroom.

The wooden desks and chairs were in disarray in the back of the classroom. Judging by the dusty empty bottles and wooden shelves, it seemed that this place was once used as a potions or herbology classroom.

"Well, what's that?"

Elena looked to the back, prepared to turn around and leave, but suddenly she stared intently.

In the front of the classroom near the window, there was a peculiar black piano.

Unlike the chaos at the back of the classroom, judging by the shiny cover of the piano, someone should regularly come to play or take care of this expensive piano.

"I didn't expect there to be a piano-loving professor in Hogwarts. This was not mentioned in the original book," Elena searched her memory and didn't recall which Hogwarts professor had this hobby.

Elena, standing at the door, could just see the LOGO on the side of the piano: STEINWAY & SONS (Steinway Piano). Logically speaking, at this time, it would only be seen in Germany and the United States. One of the finest pianos.

And each handcrafted Steinway piano, for most piano enthusiasts, is no less appealing than drugs to addicts. From Tokyo to New York, Steinway grand pianos are used in all major international concert halls.

Elena couldn't help but play some fictional pieces in the air. In her previous life, she was in the finance industry. The usual way to relieve stress was to play the piano. However, she was often miles away from a million-dollar Steinway grand piano and could only listen to the music from afar.

She fell silent for a moment, and Elena suddenly remembered that if she was going to leave Hogwarts forever, there was still something very memorable that she hadn't done.

"May I play a piece of music on this piano? Then take me to see Professor Dumbledore."

The girl turned and looked at the house-elf Burleigh behind her and asked.

"I don't think there's any problem, madam," replied Burley, elegantly bowing and raising his arm to lead towards the piano. "Professor Dumbledore told you that you can freely visit most of the public areas of the school, including playing and using."

"Then... thank you."

Elena nodded, instead of sitting directly in front of the piano, she walked first to the open window, looking through it, the gleaming lake of Hogwarts, the picturesque castle tower, the ivy-covered lake walkway... Her face showed a smile of innocent satisfaction, even Burley couldn't help but be lost for a few seconds under that bright smile.

Opening the cover, with her hips on the third leather stool of the sofa, Elena straightened up, placed her feet near the pedals, took a deep breath, her tender white fingers like chives smoothly slid across the black and white keys, the cold sound of steel resonating on the icy surface of the piano.

Finally at Hogwarts, if there wasn't the classic "Hedwig's Theme," it really felt like something was missing.

After all, wouldn't it be more appropriate to use the main song from the entire series of Harry Potter films for seventeen years as the end of her day at Hogwarts.

"Hedwig's Theme" is not a difficult piece. After tackling it and overcoming it, Elena, who had never played the piano, thought she wouldn't be able to complete the difficult music that followed.

However, with the movement of her fingers, the castle seemed to produce a magical power to support her to keep playing, so that in the second half of the song, Elena even closed her eyes directly, her hands accompanied by a rhythmic fluency skipping over the black and white keys of the piano.

A total of five and a half minutes, performed flawlessly, she felt as if she had turned into a bird, flying over the tranquil lake, passing through the ivy-covered stone wall, flying over the tower of Hogwarts, the grass, amongst the squares.

As the last sound of the key faded into the air, Elena exhaled, feeling it was the most perfect performance of her life.

She hadn't expected to carefully recall the melody still floating in her ears, when a soft applause sounded behind her.

"A highly imaginative piece of music, it seems like I see sparks bursting from the potion jar."

Elena stood up in a panic as if she had awoken from a great dream. The stool slid against the wooden floor.

Behind her, an old man reading www.uukanshu. An old man dressed in a blue wizard's robe, tall and thin, with a long silver beard and bright blue eyes, didn't know when he appeared at the classroom door, applauding with admiration.

"What is the name of this song?"

Albus Dumbledore asked curiously, not knowing why, as he listened to the song, suddenly he had a wonderful feeling: the girl in front of him, she had been born for Hogwarts.

""Variations of Hedwig" ("Hedwig's Theme"), a song where dreams and miracles begin. Thank you for your piano, Professor Dumbledore."

"Oh. To be precise, I'm not good at the piano. I'm just temporarily taking care of it for a friend," Dumbledore blinked flexibly, his half-moon-shaped glasses showing a mischievous look, "If you want, you can come here to play at any time, and I promise to keep your secret."

Elena stood up, at the back of the piano lid, there was a figure that looked like a triangular eye, and in the center of the iris there was a vertical line, she already knew that when she saw this pattern, who the true owner of this piano was.

Looking around reluctantly, Elena showed a relieved smile, it was time to say goodbye.

She gazed quietly at the world's greatest white wizard, shook her head, and softly said, "I'm sorry."