Chapter 90 This Is Not About Elena

A little wizard with extraordinary courage breaking conventional thinking.

Perhaps a little wizard arbitrarily changes and will be proud after hearing Dumbledore's previous praises, but this obviously does not apply to Elena.

"You know, Benítez told me that the words before 'but' are meaningless."

After understanding Dumbledore's other arrangements, Elena raised her head and looked at the old Dumbledore, who deliberately stopped to observe her expression and sighed helplessly, "Professor Dumbledore, when will you start getting me into the bad habit of breaking customs?"

She couldn't beat him, it was reasonable, it did not help her, and it did not help her fellow students who spoke with her. The game of tenderness was completely ineffective against Dumbledore. She had no choice but to accept the arrangement obediently.

"Alright... but."

Dumbledore pursed his lips, lifted the corners of his mouth, repeated the phrase clearly, and continued with a tone that brooked no argument.

"As a student of Hogwarts, I have to attend classes punctually, complete the assignments given by the professors, and take the exams. I believe it is something taken for granted, isn't it?"

"Well, you can be sure. I love learning, and learning makes me happy," Elena nodded vaguely.

Compared to the [Infernal Level Entrance Exam] experienced in the previous life, the intensity of learning in the magical and non-magical worlds was not worth mentioning, especially between Elena and Dumbledore. It was a four-year contract.

"Happy? That's good... By the way, I forgot, you shouldn't have received the schedule for this semester."

Dumbledore smiled slightly, drew his wand, and skillfully aimed it at a blank parchment on the table.

In an instant, thin lines of ink spread like cobwebs from where Dumbledore's wand touched, quickly intertwining and forming a detailed schedule, with the top saying [First-year Hechpa Impar Class Schedule].

The magical learning schedule at Hogwarts did not differ much from non-magical public school time in English.

The class schedule is from Monday to Friday, and the morning class starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 11:30. Usually, there are two classes in the morning, with a one-hour class and a half-hour break between the two classes.

The afternoon session starts at two o'clock and generally ends before half-past three. However, due to boarding and the special reasons for some subjects, students from each house will have two nights a week.

In addition to the courses themselves, if there are any differences, an additional capital letter will be added to the bottom right corner of each subject to indicate the other house that will take the class with them: most courses in Cizhong are taught jointly by two houses.

Elena carefully examined the parchment and raised her eyebrows. Overall, she was quite satisfied.

If one were to use an idiom to describe the Hufflepuff first-year curriculum, it would undoubtedly be the most suitable.

Although classes are held from Monday to Thursday, the Friday of the Hufflepuff first-year was almost enviable: their only class on this day was the flying class with Ravenclaw in the afternoon.

"It seems pretty good, equivalent to three days of vacation every week."

As soon as she finished her sentence, the "H" in the title of the class schedule trembled, and slowly transformed into a "G". Immediately afterward, the other characters on the parchment began to change gradually, and the ink lines reorganized and interconnected.

Elena looked up confusedly and held the parchment in her hands. "Professor Dumbledore, it seems there's a problem with this class schedule..."

"No problem, it belongs to you," Dumbledore smiled kindly.

"Wait, you don't mean... But I usually have classes!"

A terrible ominous feeling suddenly jumped, Elena unconsciously opened her eyes, the calmness on her face disappeared, and she vaguely realized what Dumbledore wanted to do.

"Relax, I've already considered that for you. If there are conflicts in the class schedule, of course, the priority is to follow the Hufflepuff schedule."

Dumbledore blinked flexibly, revealing a kindly diabolical smile in Elena's eyes.

"Great, now you can have double happiness."

Double... Double the classes with homework?!

The smile on Elena's face gradually disappeared. She took Mu Mudi from her chest and patted it into a nap, then put her hands on her chest to start unbuttoning her robe, and Mu Mudi said.

"I'm not a Gryffindor, Professor Dumbledore. I was originally a Hufflepuff who kept to himself."

"According to the school rules, I think a serious situation like not staying overnight may require an additional hour of tutoring after class every afternoon," Dumbledore said calmly.

"...And the clothing?" The little silver-haired loli moved stiffly, and the corner of her mouth twitched.

"Of course not."

"Are you a demon?!"

"No, I'm just a regular old man," Dumbledore smiled happily.


The two wizards, one big and one small, looked at each other for a moment, just as Dumbledore thought Elena was about to get up.

"If you do this again, I won't save you in the future."

The girl didn't know what she had been thinking, and suddenly she sat back, buttoned up her robe again, grabbed the sleeping owl, puffed up her cheeks, and after a long while, a word escaped her.

"Oh, as long as you're less mad at me a few times, I think it's like saving my life."

Dumbledore shook his head and half-jokingly said.

"I'm serious," Elena said earnestly.

"Yes... I understand, but first you have to learn magic. After all, I don't know what trouble I'll need you to save me from."

Dumbledore reached out and smiled at the little Lori's hair, and responded in a childish tone.

- After all, he was still a child. After so long, he ended up using such a childish word.

"You understand nothing..."

The witch with silver hair shook her head dissatisfied, and her lagoon-blue eyes narrowed, trying to make her gaze appear colder, although she actually looked more like a kitten with her head tilted.

Then, without waiting for Elena to finish, Dumbledore's office door slammed shut and was pushed open.

Hagrid rushed in, his dark and unkempt hair falling over his eyes, filled with anxiety and worry, followed by several young wizards behind him.

"It was all my idea, Professor Dumbledore!" said Hagrid enthusiastically. "I am the instructor of the first-year students. This girl is just a teaching assistant. If anyone should be held accountable, it should be me, sir..."

"Professor, Elena simply doesn't want everyone to go hungry. She has been working very hard to maintain order. If you want to punish someone, do it even with us together."

"Yes, yes, Director Dumbledore, I almost ate a whole turkey and Sister Elena barely ate."

"Professor Dumbledore must know my father. Later, I will write to my family. Suggesting to the board that the school receive more money to buy food, so you shouldn't punish Elena."

"Why are you here..."

Upon hearing the commotion behind ~ ~ Elena turned around, but moved a little resigned, preparing to say something.

"It's not... not Elena's business."

Before she could speak, a blushing girl rushed out behind Hagrid and ran breathlessly in front of Dumbledore, gathering the courage to speak up.

"Hermione from Gryffindor can testify, Elena is a map fanatic, she doesn't know the way at all! It was me, I led everyone to the kitchen door!"

Dumbledore: → _ →

Elena Caslana: ⊙ ▽ ⊙!