Chapter 91 A Silken Possibility

Han... Hannah?!

(# ° Д °)

The small swell of emotions that had just sprung up in Elena's heart instantly faded, and she quickly responded, covering Hannah's little mouth and smiling sheepishly and kindly at Dumbledore.

"This child is a little anxious and doesn't know what she's talking about, Professor Dumbledore, don't take it to heart."

As expected, only the wrong name, without intertwined nicknames! This classmate of Hannah Aibo's was indeed steadfast, but she had just snatched your iron throne. Did she worm her way into your heart as soon as you met her?


"Oh yes, is Hogwarts truly fascinating?"

Dumbledore looked at the little silver-haired loli, smiled gently at Hannah, and leaned in, saying kindly, "Calm down, I hadn't planned on blaming anyone. After all, this is also when we are establishing the rules of the event. The negligence of participants in their work, even if there is a mistake, the primary responsibility should rest with the person who wrote this plan."


The hairs on Elena's head suddenly stood on end as she glared fiercely at the old wizard in front of her. If there were no unidentified masses present, she would have even thrown the spicy old turnip directly. Bearded thoughts.

"But..." Dumbledore looked at Alena's vigilant face with a playful smile, raised his eyebrows, and continued.

"Your behavior has indeed affected the dining experience of other grades to some extent. I must make you feel the seriousness of your behavior. The school kitchen will not be open to you tonight."

"I must also add that the food you took from the school canteen but failed to finish will also be reclaimed by the school. Courage and adventure are important, but more important is understanding the limits of your own behavior. Everything is too late, I hope that you, especially Miss Caslana, will consider this carefully."

After finishing speaking, he turned to Hagrid: "I have to return to the auditorium, Rube, and I need to announce some more news. These children will be handed over to you, with more trust and initiative, I don't think you are much worse than the teachers."

Hagrid nodded solemnly and left the headmaster's office with a group of young wizards.

After the door closed, only Dumbledore was left in the room.

However, instead of going to the auditorium immediately as he said, he returned to the wooden desk and took out several pieces of parchment from Juanxiu's writing, spreading them out one by one and tapping his fingers on the table thoughtfully.

"Is this really good, Dumbledore? You know, there has never been such a precedent before."

In the frame of the picture behind the old wizard, a headmistress said with a certain concern.

The portraits of all the headmasters of Hogwarts hang in Dumbledore's office. Although they often seem asleep, in reality, they listen to what is happening and provide assistance to the current headmaster when necessary.

"It's quite funny, if I had encountered such a situation when I was headmistress, I would have expelled her outright. Without any hesitation!" An old wizard who seemed a bit stubborn and crafty furrowed his brow and seemed unable to wait to get angry, but from his words, it seems he had forgotten that he said something similar a month ago.

"Fenix, maybe we should first listen to Dumbledore's ideas. To be honest, I actually quite like that girl, but on a deeper level, I think she should belong in Hufflepuff."

Next to the portrait of the old wizard, Filida Spol, who once discussed "Enlightenment on Fascinating Fauna and Flora" with Elena, said softly, also perplexed in her eyes.

Then, the discussion among the headmasters gradually subsided, and they turned their attention back to Dumbledore, waiting for the explanation from the old man.

Tuk, Tuk... Tuk.

"Oh, very well."

Dumbledore's finger gradually stopped tapping, and he spoke slowly.

"In fact, I have been pondering a problem all these years. Sometimes, I think our house is too neglectful and we don't pay enough attention to the young ones. It's too long, and it's so long that we even begin to doubt. Is it possible for the students of the four houses to live in harmony and come together as one? As conflicts and barriers between the houses deepen, I am increasingly concerned that one day in the future, the friendship among the four founders will again represent the collapsed scene."

"I am old and have no way or energy to gradually change the relationship between the young ones."

Dumbledore paused, recalling the image he saw in Hagrid's memory last night, and the young wizards from the houses who had just burst into the headmaster's office, a despondent smile, a glint of nostalgia in his eyes.

"But, through her, it seems that I see such a possibility..."


Outside Hogwarts Castle.

Hagrid has been gone for a while.

The first-year wizards gathered in groups of two, whispering anxiously, and occasionally tiptoeing and looking towards the closed castle door in the distance.

At the forefront of the crowd, Hermione Granger firmly held her ground on the path leading to the castle, and behind her were Gower, Crabbe, and Neville in a row. The sturdy lad, the four of them stood as a wall in front of everyone.

According to Hagrid's instructions before he left, they need to maintain the order of the young wizards who stayed in place during the time Hagrid temporarily left, and make sure everyone stays in place until Hagrid "rescues" Elena. So far, they had just "persuaded" a Ravenclaw boy to return to his place.

However, Hermione's current prestigious position obviously isn't enough to pacify most of the young wizards for long.

Over time, the unrest and commotion among the crowd became more apparent. Even Hermione's mindset began to grow agitated, whether the commotion increased gradually or changes in group formation occurred, displaying the girl's concern for the situation in the castle.

"It is an annoying little white hairball. What hero do you want to portray? It's cold before you return."

The grumpy little **** bit her lip, her eyes couldn't help but look at a tablecloth beside her, which was filled with various foods that she had left for Elena and hadn't touched. According to her observations, Elena seems to have a particularly strong preference for food.

At that moment, Lavender Brown suddenly jumped up, shouting in surprise towards the Hogwarts castle gate.

"Hey! Look! They're back! Elena is here too!"