Chapter 92 Elena Smiled Sadly

In the direction pointed by Lavender Brown's finger, the small wizards who remained on the ground turned their heads and looked at them.

I saw a burly giant walking up the slope. Behind him, there were a few wizards resembling dwarfs.

For almost the first time, Hermione saw a figure with gleaming silver hair in the crowd. When she emerged, she rushed up in three quick steps.

"Do you know how worried everyone is... eh."

"Sorry for causing worry. There is good news and not so bad news."

Elena trotted all the way to the first-year students, easily overpowered Hermione Loli, who wanted to speak, looked around with attentive eyes, observed their tender faces, shrugged, and spoke clearly.

"Although it's not an egg, after explanations and discussions, Professor Dumbledore said that he doesn't intend to delve deeper into this matter, subtract points, or incarcerate or copy phrases. So, you can continue to enjoy this sumptuous lunch."

After the girl responded affirmatively, the heavy stones in the hearts of the restless small wizards finally dropped, and they all breathed a sigh of relief, with some even unable to refrain from cheering.

"Wow, great!"


"I finally feel relieved..."

"Long live Sister Elena!"

To be precise, since Elena appeared, all the first-year students seemed to have found support within their hearts, and the tension and restlessness in the atmosphere greatly dissipated.

After a while, when everyone's emotions calmed down, they gradually began to notice something else coming from Elena's mouth.

"So... Sister Elena, what are the bad news?"

A curly-haired boy wearing a Hufflepuff robe asked curiously.

Justin Finley, a small wizard from a Muggle family like Hermione Granger.

The reason Elena remembers his name is not because of how deeply the character's impression is in the original time and space, but what makes her remember him deeply is the presentation he simply made during the gossip.

If he hadn't received the acceptance letter from Hogwarts, Justin Finley was originally going to attend Eaton Middle School, considered the best in the UK. The real, political, and economic elite of Britain must choose, the most famous noble middle school in Britain.

Although Justin Finley's family background is not mentioned much in the original book, for those who can enter this school, apart from individual talents and outstanding geniuses, the family background definitely is not simple, generally at least possessing an aristocratic identity; this is not the false aristocracy like the platinum aristocracy in the previous generation, but a true aristocrat officially appointed by the royal family.

In other words, if the Malfoy family's status in the magical world is unique in terms of family history, the Finlieri family may not necessarily have a high status in the non-magical world.

"This is a leek sprout worth cultivating..."

Elena looked up and down at the cute little witch, if she said she would try to merge the non-magical world with the magical one, then Justin Finlieri's role could be compared to that of most pure-blooded wizards, much more useful.

Thinking about this, the little silver-haired Witch smiled gently, and her delicate face lit up a bit, patiently explaining.

"Well, because we affected the adults' dinner. So that we become aware of the seriousness of our mistakes, the school kitchen will not be open for our first year tonight."

Elena helplessly extended her hands, revealing a sad smile, "In short, we can only try to get something for ourselves tonight."

"It's not fair!" complained indignant Justin Finelli.

"Well, at least we still have plenty of food brought from the kitchen," a lovely young witch of Indian descent patted the boy on the shoulder and said easily, judging by the Ravenclaw uniform she should be Padma Patil, who also has a twin sister in the Gryffindor house.

"No... Professor Dumbledore said the leftover food will be recycled in the kitchen."

After hearing Dumbledore's words, Ron shook his head sadly, lifted his finger and nodded behind the crowd, "Look, they have come."

"Recycle? What does that mean? Oh... no!"

Padma Patil turned confused and exclaimed.

I don't know when, suddenly a few house-elves wearing Hogwarts emblem printed kitchen cloths appeared. Snapping their fingers, the extra food on the tablecloth quickly disappeared.

"Wait! Stop, that won't work!"

At this moment, Elena felt Hermione in her hand suddenly not knowing where she got the strength, and she broke free from her suppression. With panic and anxiety, she lunged for a white dinner cloth, grabbed the tablecloth with both hands and hid behind it, looking at the approaching house-elves pleadingly.

"Please, we just need to leave this, we will finish eating soon..."


The house-elf snapped his fingers calmly, and Hermione's hands were left empty, with nothing.


"I'm sorry, esteemed lady, this is what Professor Dumbledore requested, I hope you can understand." The elf bowed respectfully without giving Hermione more time to react. After a soft sound, he disappeared directly among the places.

Seeing Hermione's lost expression, Elena approached quite amused, getting ready to play some tricks as usual.

"Since when did my little Hermione start stealing food... huh?"

Feeling her sleeves being tugged, the little silver-haired witch turned, and Crabbe's cautious voice reached her ears.

"Huh?" Elena's expression stiffened, their eyes met briefly, had she left him food...?

Oops, what should I do? She is the worst at handling this situation.

Fortunately, at this moment, Hagrid's shouts suddenly resounded from a short distance.

"Hey, Elena, first-year students, I came up with a good idea."

I saw Hagrid coming out of the cabin, holding a large bag in his hand, and excitedly greeting everyone.

"I suddenly remembered that I had made a lot of rock cakes before, although they may not be as delicious, at least everyone has dinner guaranteed."

"Hagrid, do you really know how to cook?!"

Harry opened his eyes incredulously and looked at the surprised giant. It was hard for him to imagine the appearance of such a rough man wearing an apron.

"Well, of course!"

Hagrid raised his chin, looked down at Harry, and said proudly.

"I know a lot of things. Anyway, after all, I've been alone in the hunting area for so many years and had to learn how to take care of myself. Come on, everyone, you can try it first."

With that, Hagrid pulled out a tough cake from his pocket and thrust it into Elena's hands.

Rock crust?

For the second time, Elena heard the name, finally some things in Elena's mind cleared. Wasn't this the dark dish from Hagrid's legendary cabin that could be used as a self-defense weapon and could easily break the teeth of a normal human?

Seeing a group of ignorant little wizards eagerly take the rock crust, Elena's eye twitched.

Sure enough, there was a burst of painful crying on the ground the next moment.

"Hey, Mr. Hagrid, I think we should try some normal food first."

Elena shook her head in despair, kindly suggesting to a somewhat frustrated Hagrid.

"But... except for the rock crust cake, we don't have any other food at the moment," said Hagrid, whose culinary skills were frustrated, in a subdued manner.

"No, yes. And... it's quite abundant."

Elena looked at the shimmering Black Lake of Hogwarts and the densely forbidden forest at the edge of the place, showing a sad smile.