Chapter 93 Legends About The Druids

Wait, shouldn't they simply look for food in the Black Lake and the Forbidden Forest?

Hagrid, slightly astonished, with his eyes wide open in disbelief, his head moving, his face filled with confusion, "impossible, first of all, you must understand, this is not an ordinary lake and forest."

Yes, but we are not ordinary non-magical people.

Elena took a step forward, opened her arms to everyone, and responded calmly in a serene tone.

"We are human, wizards."


As the steps of the silver-haired witch fell gently, a throbbing momentum suddenly spread from her, and her eyes met the pale blue eyes of Elena, which were as serene as the lake before the storm, and were present. All first-year wizards suddenly felt a skip in their heartbeats.

They had an illusion, as if they did not see a little witch under eleven years old, but the black dragon Niederhog from Norse mythology that could devour the world. For a moment, they even felt that the intermittent waves in the lake and the trembling leaves in the Forbidden Forest froze for a few seconds.

Of course, not everyone felt this way. At least the robust Hagrid did not experience any oppression or stagnation in the air.

In fact, if anything really changes, the silver-haired witch in front of him seems closer to the eyes of the hybrid.

This is a completely irrational kindness, more like a strange feeling when encountering a certain type, but this does not affect Hagrid's refutation of Elena's viewpoint.

"But, no matter what they say... at least for now, you are still little clueless heads."

Hagrid's hoarse voice broke the sudden and solemn atmosphere, and rescued all the first-year students from suffocation in time.

"Besides, before that, we rarely get daily ingredients directly from the Black Lake and the Forbidden Forest."

He shook his beard, frowned, and said in a deep voice, "Precisely, most of Hogwarts' ingredients are obtained in the village of Hogsmeade or the nearby farms."

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has lived in peace with the surrounding animals for hundreds of years, and many communities of magical animals have actively moved to the school in search of refuge.

"But, are they doing exactly the right thing? Do they really have extraordinary connections to animals? Have they managed to make more wizards love and understand animals?"

Elena blinked and asked without hesitation, a series of questions that left Hagrid unable to respond for a moment.

"The answer is no."

The little silver-haired witch shook her head and said calmly in a matter-of-fact tone, "Wizards still fear magical animals. Similarly, more and more creatures in nature are becoming extinct."

"However, this is not without solutions."

The girl's eyes slowly roamed the faces of the young wizards, and a look of unpredictability appeared on her face, whispering slowly.

By this time, she had prepared a full month of duties.

"Since ancient times, humans and other creatures in nature have followed an ancient contract. As a special existence that has mastered extraordinary powers among humans, there have been a group of ancient wizards who have tried to understand the perception, a deeper relationship between that world and us. They used to call themselves [druids]."

At this point, the small mixed-race Meiwa is not speaking completely without sense.

Before Christianity occupied Great Britain, the ancient Druids were the dominant religious organizations in the Celtic culture of ancient Great Britain, and can be found in some ancient documents in the muggle and magical world.

In fact, they were the first groups of wizards to appear on this land. This group of wizards advocated using their special power to protect nature and balance the whole world. For example, the famous legendary wizard of the Arthurian era, "Merlin," was a member of the Druids' Order with great magical abilities.

"Wait... I heard Mr. Scamander speak of them, are you a druid?" Upon hearing Elena's words, Hagrid couldn't help but interrupt suddenly.

"No, I just heard some teachings from a wizard who claimed to be Malfurion. He had some trivial tricks."

Elena shook her head as she spoke, gently stroking the fluffed chest.


The golden Gryffindor emblem moved, and a sleepy owl peeked its head out from her woven neckline and hooted in confusion.

"We provide them with a stable living environment, we feed them, or try not to disturb their lives."

The little silver-haired witch gently placed the owl on her shoulder, then took out a piece of toast from her chest, broke off a piece, and offered it to her little pet's mouth, and continued.

"Then, when we need it, and as they deserve, they will leave us the body in return."

Goo! ⊙ ▽ ⊙!

Just as she opened her beak, the small stash of grains holding the rigidly happy bread loaf, standing pitifully on Elena's shoulder, her furry body trembling and trembling...

Watching the little owl pretending to sleep in the headmaster's office, Elena turned towards the lake and squeezed the bread in her hand.

In no time, several splashes of water suddenly appeared in the lake. Several large purple-black fish that Elena had never seen before jumped out of the water and devoured the floating bread crumbs.

It is also correct to think that the fish that can inhabit the Black Lake, full of various magical creatures, are more special than the common large fish in Loch Lomond.

"Look, and since I provide them with food and they eat it, it means that I am allowed to eat them. Even the nearest druid church is in harmony with nature."

The fish in Hogwarts' Black Lake are really large and beautiful. What a smooth body, what a powerful tail... Elena couldn't help but lick her lips.

"Well, even though you are right. It's not that I look down on people. To be honest, some of the big fish in the Black Lake and the lake are hard to catch. If they were to face you, the smaller ones, you might need ten of them tied together to drag them into the water. As for the Forbidden Forest, it's even more dangerous. In general, I don't venture very far in."

Observing a few silver-haired little witches carefully, Hagrid waved his hand, his face full of disapproval.

A mutant fish in the Black Lake at Hogwarts? Drag it into the water?!

As if recalling a terrible experience, Elena blinked nervously and her body suddenly weakened.

"Think carefully. If they were to drag her into the water in front of all the new students, her majesty would disappear completely."

"So, isn't it fortunate that Hagrid is here?" The little silver-haired witch blinked and quickly smiled, speaking sweetly.

"As the most trusted person of Professor Dumbledore, our first-grade instructor, the Hogwarts Hunter... they are just a few big fish, are they intimidating you?"

"Oh, of course."

Listening to Elena, Hagrid straightened proudly, pounding his chest, and smiling happily. "Not to boast, even some big ones from the Forbidden Forest always behave themselves by my side."


The giant scratched his unkempt head with distress and looked at the rock cake pushed aside by the small wizards with embarrassment. His spirits were a little low. "Even if I catch these fish, maybe I won't manage to make them delicious..."

"Don't worry about that at all!"

Elena's eyes reflected a nostalgia only she knew, and then she stood confidently. "I have some knowledge in cooking, especially in how to cook mutant fish."