Chapter 94 Diametrically Opposed Intuition


Hagrid hesitated.

Although logically, Elena's words did not seem wrong.

Ruber Hager is clearly aware that he is definitely not intelligent. According to Mr. Newt Scamander, they are all of the same kind of people: better at trusting than guessing the meaning behind people's words. Judging intuitively.

In fact, over all these years, Hagrid has been doing this: he chooses an intelligent person he can trust and then gives them all the decision-making power; he only needs to do the most basic things.

Under this instinct for life, even Tom Riddle, a flawless model student from every aspect, Hagrid could vaguely perceive the madness and coldness from the depths of his pupils.

However, this unfavorable and long-lasting instinctive reaction has failed today: in the presence of this little witch named Elena Kaslana, Hagrid's intuition gave him two diametrically opposed answers, one is a highly dangerous enemy and the other is a completely trustworthy companion.

Of course, in addition to this, there is a more hidden feeling. Hagrid didn't know why, but he vaguely felt in Elena a sense of finding someone of the same kind, not referring to a giant of mixed race, but a feeling that did not seem merely human.

Indeed, when he burst into Dumbledore's office this afternoon, he also briefly felt this strange sense of dislocation.

Whether it was the seating arrangement, the details of the dialogue between Professor Elena and Dumbledore, the expression of the two during the conversation... Hagrid can clearly feel the trust between the two wizards and the theoretically completely unjustified and highly vigilant opposition between them.

"Hagrid? Mr. Hagrid?"

There was a sharp little girl's voice in his ear, and Hagrid felt someone gently tugging at his sleeve.

The giant suddenly regained awareness, looked down at the little silver-haired girl whose height he couldn't fully appreciate, and unconcealed concern appeared on the delicate and childish face.

"What's wrong with me? God, this is just a first-grade child."

Looking into the pure lake-blue eyes of the girl, Hagrid patted his head with a silly smile. Perhaps it was because he had brought Harry to school, which made him remember the time when the terror was repressed and he became very nervous.

"Mr. Hagrid, I observed everyone's food intake at noon today. If it's the kind of purple and black mutant fish we just saw, maybe eight or nine would be enough for everyone to eat."

Carefully observing Hagrid's constantly changing expression, Elena again tugged at the giant's sleeve and spoke cautiously.

"The elder druid named Malfurion once said that the cruel cycle of survival and death is the basic law of nature, and facing all the killings to survive is the greatest respect for life."

What a wonderful girl, upon hearing Elena's words, Hagrid couldn't help feeling a little ashamed of the doubt in his mind.

Upon reflection, a little angel who can use a magic wand to dispel darkness for everyone on the rugged mountain path, a student assistant whom Dumbledore can trust, one who has endured twice the training of other students, a young king who took the initiative to receive all punishment for the benefit of the collective, a little witch who has heeded the teachings of the Order of the Druids and loves small animals...

"Any wastage is disrespect for life, I remember that."

Hagrid solemnly nodded, pondered for a moment, stooped down, patted Elena’s shoulder, and smiled kindly.

"Don't worry, you can leave the rest to me. Although I'm not so good at magic, when it comes to hunting and fishing, there are few people at Hogwarts who are more skilled than me."

Having said this, Hagrid, having made a decision, no longer hesitated, stood up and returned to his cabin, pulled out a huge fishing net from the back of the house, and hurried towards the lake.

"Come on, then!"

I saw Hagrid bend his waist and abdomen, the muscles of his thick arms were tense, and he surged forward. A large, super fishing net that Elena had never seen before struck the calm Black Lake.

In the Black Lake of Hogwarts, which had been calm for hundreds of years, ripples reappeared at the words of a girl.

However, at that moment, outside Hogwarts Castle.

An even more terrible wave had already swept the magical world.