Chapter 95 Chaotic Morning

In the county of Devon, Ottery St. Catchpole, an obscure village.

Situated on the south side closest to the village, hidden on a hill and among trees. Most Muggles have never even encountered a magical abode there, and the Weasleys, the "most prosperous pure-blood wizarding family," live there.

It is a large stone house, with at least four stories, the building is crooked, appearing to be constructed with magic. Four or five chimneys stood erect on the red roof, and on the door was a sign that read "The Burrow," slanting.

The front door was crammed with boots and rusted cauldrons. There were a few brown hens in the yard and gnome nests.

The first light of the dawn filtered diagonally through the window in the narrow living room. Molly Weasley, who had just seen the children off on the Hogwarts Express yesterday, was already awake and in the kitchen preparing breakfast for her husband and young daughter.

"Mum, it smells like fried eggs."

A crunching sound came from the wooden staircase, and a girl with fiery red hair descended from the third floor with a white rabbit, rubbing her eyes sleepily.

"Oh, Ginny. When Fred was here, I never saw you get up so early."

Looking at the youngest daughter, Ginny Weasley, Mrs. Weasley smiled gently; it seemed that after sending off her brothers to Hogwarts yesterday, Ginny appeared to have grown a lot.

"Come on, today's breakfast is your favorite omelette with toast and kale salad."

Mrs. Weasley gestured, and as the children grew, she cherished every opportunity to prepare breakfast for her family.

After all, after another year, when Ginny also entered Hogwarts, she would be alone most of the time in The Burrow.

Ginny descended the stairs to sit at the edge of the dining table, placing Mr. Rabbit on the chair where her brothers normally sat, looking around and asking curiously, "Where's dad?"

"He went to the door to fetch the Daily Prophet, and will be back later."

Mrs. Weasley casually replied, while wielding her wand, deftly flipping the egg in the frying pan.

"Mum, I had a nightmare last night. In the dream, Hogwarts disappeared."

After a while, the girl grabbed the rabbit's ear restlessly and whispered a little nervously.

"Oh, dear, it's just a nightmare. Don't worry, as long as Dumbledore is there, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is the safest place in the world, how could it disappear?"

Mrs. Weasley shook her head with a silly smile. As a member of the Order of the Phoenix, she knew all too well the power of the old wizard.

When Ginny arrives at Hogwarts, she will realize that the entire magical world may never find a more peaceful and carefree learning environment than Hogwarts.

But speaking of that, why hasn't Arthur returned?

By common sense, with such a short distance between the kitchen and the door, Arthur Weasley should have returned to the dining table by now, reading the newspaper, while waiting for breakfast.

Mrs. Weasley glanced at the wall clock, rubbed her hands on her apron, and was about to go out to see the situation.


Suddenly, the wooden door of The Burrow was violently pushed, and Arthur Weasley staggered in, shouting loudly.

"Molly, this is serious! Hogwarts has had an accident!"

"What nonsense are you talking about?"

Mrs. Weasley frowned and looked at her husband in dismay. Could it be true that Fred and George's characters were inherited?

"It's not what I'm saying, please, read today's newspaper!"

Arthur Weasley hurriedly said, frantically waving the Daily Prophet back and forth in his hands, repeatedly placing it on the dining table.

In the most central position of the front page's first edition, a row of ancient spiritual pavilions were in peril, and the fairy in the center proudly displayed a scroll to all.

Above the image, there was a bold row of subtitles: "Hogwarts is about to be taken by the Gu Ling Pavilion!"

"This is ridiculous! Did the editors of the Daily Prophet cast a confusion spell? The goblins are mad!" Rapidly flipping through the first edition, Molly Weasley almost incredulously furrowed her brow.

Although she has never felt fond of the arrogant goblins who have their noses in everything, in her mind, the goblins have never had such serious problems with important matters at the very least.

"No, I must write to Professor Dumbledore immediately and ask what happened. Arthur, finish breakfast with Ginny first."

Mrs. Weasley hit, moved the cooked breakfast to the dining table with her wand, and hurried up to the owlery.

After all, including Percy, the brothers Fred and George, and Ron, she now has four children studying at Hogwarts, not to mention that Ginny is also about to go to school next year. Mrs. Weasley is not at ease.

The little red-haired Lori straightened up, curiously looking at the newspaper in her mother's hands. "What happened to Hogwarts?"

"Well, it's nothing... dear, you just need to eat the salad that's in the bowl, these are problems that should concern the adults."

Arthur Weasley calmed down and stroked the little girl's head, speaking gently.

"I'm not a child anymore; I don't need anyone to accompany me at breakfast." Ginny Weasley banged the table with a fork, discontent, frowned, and huffed.

"Well, my little Ginny is growing up." Mr. Weasley nodded distractedly, trying to contain the irritability in his heart.

As a member of the Ministry of Magic, he understood the Ministry's control over the Daily Prophet. Since this news has been published, it must have been notified to Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge.

However, why has there been no news about such an important matter before?

Mr. Weasley felt that his mind was in chaos. The description in the newspaper was too superficial and biased. It was simply an exposition of the contents of the Gu Ling Ge Fairy Conference. The specific situation was not clearly explained at all.

"Then I'll go to the ministry first. Don't worry too much, Moli, in such a big matter, there must be countermeasures in the ministry, maybe a solution has been found by now. And don't forget, Professor Dumbledore is here, he can control the situation."

Thinking about this, Arthur Weasley felt a little calmer, quickly shoved breakfast into his mouth, took his coat off the rack and put it on, approached the stove to clear his throat, and was preparing to use the Floo Network powder to go to the Ministry of Magic.

Suddenly, a human head appeared in the flames...