Chapter 97 Director's Conference At The Ministry

British Ministry of Magic, 1st Basement, Minister's Office.

This is a spacious room that doesn't quite match its appearance. Of course, the use of magic to expand space is common here.

Umbridge's description isn't accurate. In fact, when the two arrived at the minister's office, the meeting seemed to have already begun.

The room was filled with directors from various important departments, and all the expressions were extremely grim.

A middle-aged wizard with a serious face and about fifty years old nodded at the parchment on the table with a cold voice.

"... This is a copy of the contract currently offered by the elves of Gu Ling Pavilion. We have carefully ordered the terms and conditions, and there is nothing incorrect or incomplete. To be precise, the degree of rigor in the terms and conditions of this mortgage contract is much greater than any contracts I have seen, and the mentioned magical restriction effect is the most complicated to date."

"This morning, the International Magical Law Enforcement Office and our International Magical Standards Association reached a completely consistent conclusion. In terms of text, this is at least a rigorous framework that will take decades to polish. We have reason to suspect that the hands behind the scenes have been preparing for at least ten years for this moment, undoubtedly, this is a conspiracy that has been carefully planned for many years! Our response must be cautious!"

After the middle-aged wizard finished speaking, he slowly straightened his waist, his eyes rose, and looked at Connelly Fudge sitting behind the desk.

Making his way through the crowd, Arthur could see the meticulously combed silver hair of the wizard, and the straight and unnaturally unnatural parting. In the Ministry of Magic, only Mr. Barty Crouch, director of the Department of International Magical Cooperation, could address the Minister with this tone.

"That means as long as we exchange a sufficient amount of rubles from Gu Ling Pavilion, everything will improve."

Connelly Fudge wearily pounded the table, gestured with his hand, and said weakly.

"Mr. Minister..."

Several wizards standing in the front row exchanged glances. Barty Crouch took a deep breath, and his expression turned particularly unpleasant. "Gu Ling Pavilion..."

Next to Mr. Crouch, the current director of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Amelia Burns, said stiffly, "Gu Ling Pavilion declared that there are not enough reserves of rubles, and closed Jingalon and the ruble exchange window this morning."

The witch with a square chin adjusted her monocle and tried to suppress the indignation in her heart.

"The Soviet Ministry of Magic and the Ministry of Interior are now in an indefinite shutdown due to differences in internal reorganization. In short, we have almost lost all channels that can turn Jin Jialong into the insignificant pieces of paper of the muggle country."

"That is really bad news."

Connelly Fudge frowned, trying to force a slight smile.

The situation is much worse than they thought.

Perhaps the Ministry of Magic and the Hogwarts board of directors can gather as many gallons of gold, but the currency in the mortgage contract is actually a muggle currency.

Even without having to bother the personnel of the Ministry of Magic's trade department, Fudge clearly realized that if he wanted to slowly fill the astronomical gap in ruble loans through private transactions with foreign wizards, it simply was impossible to achieve.

After another difficult silence.

Suddenly, a strange clearing of throat sounded from the back of the crowd.

"Hem, hem..."

As if not perceiving the dignity of the environment, Umbridge maintained her sharp and thin voice and said, "Mr. Minister, Arthur Weasley from the [Muggle Abuse Prevention Division] is here, maybe we can ask for his opinion?"

Arthur Weasley?

Yes, if the Ministry needs to select a "Muggle Liaison," then Arthur Weasley can definitely be in the top three.

Fudge looked up expectantly, looking towards the door. He knew that Weasley had always had a good relationship with Dumbledore. At the same time, Weasley was fascinated by the muggles. Maybe he could bring some new perspectives.

"Eh, eh..."

Mr. Weasley, who had not fully understood the situation, walked up to Fudge's desk under the gaze of a group of people and adjusted the top hat he was holding in his hand slightly.

"Mr. Minister, if you lack the colorful papers of the muggle world, why not seek the help of the muggle Prime Minister? To be honest, I also learned about this news only through the newspaper. If you need my help, can you first explain to me what happened?"

"Sorry, Weasley, I thought you had heard it from Dumbledore." Connelly Fudge pointed out in disappointment, indicating that Arthur could pick it up.

However, upon hearing Mr. Weasley's words, Amelia Burns picked up some clues, looking at Fudge with some anticipation. "Yes, Mr. Minister, how did the muggle Prime Minister respond? However, it is a currency from a muggle country, we surely have a method!"

"There is no valuable information. Faced with the Soviets, the British government is even more helpless than us."

The answer was for the official responsible for the Muggle Liaison Office. The small wizard nodded. "You don't understand how powerful a muggle country is. In simple terms, the Soviet Union equals the non-magical half of the world, any hostile behavior equals provoking a war between the two worlds. Most importantly, the British government is not on the side of the Soviets, and they will not reserve too many rubles..."


"Enough, bad news, bad news, bad news, all from yesterday to today. Gentlemen, I don't need you to keep reminding me how bad the situation is. I just want to ask, so far, have you made any progress at all?!"

Connelly Fudge furiously slammed the "Daily Prophet" in his hand on the desk, and his right fist fiercely struck against the pride of the fairies.

"Look! The whole magical world is asking us why Hogwarts is about to fall into the hands of the goblins. This is an extremely despicable kidnapping, a blatant betrayal of the human magical world, an unprecedented huge conspiracy. It's been over ten hours, is our response powerless?!"

For the first time in his life, how much he wished that the "Singing the Opposite" magazine was true, that he was a "gnome killer" who could turn fairies into pies and bake them, instead of a man forced to deal with cunning gnomes, the lost Minister of Magic.

"Cough, in fact, there are still advances on my part."

Facing the enraged Connelly Fudge, Rufus Scrimgeour, the director of the Auror office, cleared his throat, but his face showed not a hint of joy, but rather was even more gloomy.

"We delved into the archive of that year and managed to obtain the name of the man's mother and the family behind him from the mouth of a cursed Death Eater. His maternal grandfather was Mavolo Gunter. That is to say, it is not only Morfin Gunter who is pursuing the blood of Slytherin by possessing Sarah."

At Scrimgeour's words, there was an evident shock in the room. As key officials of the Ministry of Magic, they all knew what those names meant.

"Curse it! I know. The ghosts are not dispersed, only the mice dare to hide in the shadows."

Fudge trembled violently and gritted his teeth bitterly.

"Sterlinger, keep searching for me. You must find the guy digging three feet underground. Miss Amelia Burns, I hope you can temporarily adjust the resource allocation in the department. They've heard that. It may be our last way to save the future of the magical world. Otherwise, we can only pray that the elves of Guling Pavilion suddenly show mercy to abandon the contract, or that the non-magical giant takes the lead in the mountain."

"Understood." Amelia Burns nodded solemnly, a spark of murder in her face, and left the minister's office first. Immediately after, the various departments under the Department of Magical Law Enforcement followed her and left the room successively, leaving it suddenly empty.

"Of course, we still need to try again with the gnome elf." Connelly Fudge sighed weakly, looking at the directors of various departments who were still in the office, "so to say, after that..."