Chapter 98 The Fates Are Angry

"Oh, to be honest, I really hate this place."

The Gu Ling Pavilion, an empty conference hall.

Dirk Cresswei, director of the "Fairy Liaison Office" of the Ministry of Magic, complained dissatisfied, removed his thick glasses, and cleaned them from the bridge of his nose.

"I thought you'd get used to it, Dirk. After all, isn't it your job to contact the fairies?"

Beside the wizard, Arthur Weasley, with horn-rimmed glasses, shrugged and said helplessly, "Sure, I don't like it either. I guess only those with money will think the bank is a wonderful place."

"It's not a good job dealing with goblins, Arthur. Believe me, after today, you'll feel how polite the goblins were before."

Dirk Klein Wei sighed. Many people thought dealing with the Gu Ling Pavilion could be a windfall, but only he knew that the stingy fairies were completely different when facing Ministry of Magic officials. Without a mouth.

According to the former director of the "Fairy Liaison Office," a fairy is actually a cunning magical "creature" that hides cunning and ferocity behind greed for wealth.

"Indeed, I already feel sorry."

Arthur Weasley pulled out his pocket watch and looked at it. They had been waiting here for almost an hour, but so far they had not seen the shadow of the so-called Fairy Guru of Golingge.

Obviously, the attitudes of the goblins of the Gu Ling Pavilion who had held the weakness of the Ministry of Magic could not be clearer.

The long-standing closure between the magical and non-magical world, along with political barriers between countries, the goblins only need to block the channel of exchanging Galleons for rubles, and all initiative is controlled by them. The supposed intention to negotiate was simply to give the Ministry of Magic a seemingly decent step.

At this point, all the officials of the Ministry of Magic, including Cornelius Fudge, are very clear about this. In this silent contest, unless the British Ministry of Magic dares to start the war first, otherwise this silent loss is definitely determined.

To be precise, since the officials of the Muggle Liaison Office have compiled non-magical newspaper reviews and evaluated the difficulty of obtaining rubles, the entire Ministry of Magic has agreed: to abandon the plan of assuming the debt of Hogwarts and, in turn, focus on investigating the remaining Death Eaters to recover the funds.

It's just that as the governmental department responsible for all matters of the British magical world, the posture of necessary effort naturally needs to be maintained. Fudge had no doubt that, as long as he dared to give up on Hogwarts, the next day he would be dismissed by the angry wizards.

Therefore, after the meeting of the Minister's Office, Mr. Weasley, as one of the few Muggle interns of the Ministry of Magic, and the director of the "Fairy Liaison Office" Dirk Kleisswei were designated to go to the Gu Ling Pavilion, representing the Ministry of Magic and the Fairies, to discuss the issue of reopening the ruble exchange window.

Of course, in the eyes of the people in the department, this actually has another meaning.

The Ministry of Magic needs officials with enough weight to go out to the public, attract the anger and doubts of the people for them, and take responsibility actively; if in the end, Hogwarts Castle is really controlled by the goblins because of the inability to pay the debt, then Arthur and Dirk would be another group of "incompetent" officials of the Ministry of Magic.

However, according to the usual practice, the ministry usually subsequently criticizes and secretly pays a little more salary to appease the "troublesome," this task is, naturally, a fatal dose for those officials who wish to promote themselves, but for Mr. Weasley, it is perfect.

However, understanding to understand, there will be some resentment in the hearts of the two.

"It's too much, these arrogant fairies! Somehow we are officials on behalf of the Ministry of Magic. Is it true that they can do whatever they want with the money?"

After waiting for another ten minutes, even a good-natured person like Mr. Weasley got angry, stood up angrily, and went to the door to ask a dissatisfied fairy assistant.

"I'm sorry, please wait patiently, Sir. The goblin commissioner in charge of this matter is still in a meeting and will come as soon as the meeting ends."

The black-uniformed goblin from Gu Lingge bowed respectfully and repeated the previous response. The tone was impeccable and irreproachable, making Arthur doubt if it was a magical creation or a living goblin in front of him.


"Thank you, we understand, then we'll wait."

Just as Mr. Weasley was about to explode, Dirk's hand reached out from behind the door and rested on his shoulder, bringing him back, while whispering in his ear, "Stop, Arthur, now is the time to compete with patience. In my opinion, there is good news instead."

"Good news?"

Arthur Weasley looked strangely at the young man behind him. Could he have been confused with the goblin for too long, that he has become confused?

"If it is left out for half an hour, it can also be interpreted as a demonstration. With the passage of time, I am increasingly sure that the Gu Ling Pavilion must have faced some kind of problem."

Fairies with a longer lifespan have a much heavier concept of time than humans, and even one of the most well-known phrases from the Golingge Fairy is [time is the most precious wealth].

According to Dirk Kleisswei's long-term contact, the purpose of these groups of goblins is usually terrible. Bureaucracy may exist, but it definitely won't affect the efficiency they focus on more.

There is no doubt that the meeting with the Ministry of Magic is an unavoidable official act, and the time required for negotiation is inevitable in itself. If the outcome cannot be altered as originally planned by the Ministry of Magic, then in theory, the most reasonable approach would be to finalize the negotiation as soon as possible, rather than using this naive way to delay the time.

The young director of the "Fairy Liaison Office" adjusted his thick glasses and summarized firmly.

"At this particular moment, whatever may cause trouble for Gu Ling Pavilion is probably related solely to what we are about to discuss. Although I am not sure why, I am confident, from now on, that the longer the wait, the better for us."

"In other words, are they really gathering to discuss how to deal with us?"

Mr. Weasley frowned, his eyes suddenly flashing, and growled, "In this way, the goblins of Gu Ling Pavilion are not as fearful as they have shown. There may be a turning point, as long as we understand what is concerning the goblins."

Dirk Cresswell touched his chin, and both fell into contemplation.

"Yes, this contract must have some disadvantages for the goblins, but where...?"


Arthur and Dirk's assumptions are not wrong; the goblins have encountered very difficult issues.

At the same time, just under the feet of the two, in the Risk Capital Office of Gu Ling Pavilion.

"Everyone, an hour has passed! Even a stupid wizard can detect something wrong!"

The goblin master Piper Glass, carefully groomed, pounded the table with his cane and growled loudly, "The plan! I need the plan! Instead of hearing you tell me that the ruble exchange rate dropped a few points, the loss in our contract, these things could be calculated when I was ten years old!"

Under Douglas's cane, there are several well-documented reports from the Soviet Union.

[Azerbaijan declares its independence today]

[Uzbekistan declares its independence today]

[Kyrgyzstan declares its independence today]


And at the top, there is a white-haired Muggle with glasses, a dark brown birthmark on the bald Mediterranean scalp, in the picture engraved with the magical camera, the man sits at a wooden table.

"I, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, announce my resignation as General Secretary of the CPSU and suggest that the CPSU be dissolved by myself."

"Damn it!"

Douglas's cane struck the table forcefully, frightening all the goblins around to shrink, "This Muggle is definitely a soul-killing curse! Are the wizards from the Ministry of Magic and Internal Affairs of the Soviet Union all fools? I knew that the wizards were absolutely restless and kind, and I will protest to the International Confederation of Wizards, demanding an increase in protection personnel around important Muggle government officials, and they cannot be manipulated."



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