Chapter 99 Victoria Without Suspense

"So, Mr. Douglas, do we need to reopen the exchange window between the Jin Jialong and the Ruble?"

A goblin employee with glasses shook his head and asked carefully.

"Of course, continue closing, you idiot! If you make me hear such a stupid question again, I swear I'll wake you up with a stick! Do you think Gu Ling Ge is stupid enough to start a deficit business?!"

Douglas turned his head and roared, spitting at the poor fairy employee.

"But, I have received…" The fairy employee wiped the saliva from his face and timidly held up the scroll.

"Nothing! I am the authority of the entire risk capital department of Gu Lingge! If you don't want to obey orders, then go to the bank door upstairs to stand guard!"

The goblin director slammed the table and spoke unpleasantly, fiercely looking at the goblin employees below him.

Just then, a measured voice came from the entrance of the hall.

"So, is that the wish of the Presbyterian Church?"


People turned their heads with different expressions and looked back.

They saw an elderly goblin with wrinkles on his face slowly entering with a cane, followed by a group of intelligent young goblins behind him.

"Lord Leos."

"Third Elder."

"Elder Leos."

Including Douglas, all the fairies present changed their faces, respectfully bowing their heads.

The European branch of the Gullah Wizard Bank is composed of twelve permanent elder elves.

The role of the Elder Council is similar to that of a board of directors in the non-magical world, but it is not limited to the bank's decision-making. However, all major events that are difficult for goblins to decide must be completed through the goblin elders' vote.

"It seems you're in trouble, young Douglas."

The elderly goblin coughed softly, sitting on the leather sofa in the office with his cane, and lifted his eyelids.

In front of Leos, the aggressive Douglas was extremely respectful, and voluntarily approached the table and leaned toward the elder goblin to explain patiently.

"It's just a temporary downward volatility. Soon we can raise the ruble's exchange rate again. Closing the exchange window is just a protective measure I've added to reap the final fruit."

According to the actions in the hands of the elven elders and the right to speak in their positions, the elder goblin council has a very clear seating order from top to bottom. Leos is the third elder, and more importantly, Leo Si is also the last director of the risk capital department.

In a sense, he is almost a mentor to Douglas and his immediate supervisor.

"Oh, yes, yes. I never doubt your talent for investment."

Leos nodded and slowly raised his fingers, "But as a leader in the investment sector, if you only understand the rules of the financial game, it is not enough."

Although the Elder Goblin Council has the right to directly intervene in all departments under its jurisdiction, for Elder Leos, it is more efficient and less time-consuming to train and select the next successor who will lead the Gu Lingge Wizard Bank. Obviously, and for now, Douglas is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate.

"You know, hope is the most terrible thing in this world. The magical world may lose Hogwarts in this mortgage contract for various reasons, but the last straw that overloads the capital chain should not have Gu Lingge deliberately added."

The elder goblin narrowed his eyes, looked around the office he once controlled, and spoke with an irrefutable tone, "We can raise the management fee, we can limit the amount of exchange, but the exchange window between the Jin Jialong and the ruble must be reopened. Let the human dogs bite each other, the Gu Ling Pavilion will always maintain a neutral attitude."

"But, Elder Leos, the ruble's exchange rate keeps falling…" Douglas frowned.

"It's not a good thing that makes the Gu Ling Pavilion appear to be in a position of suffering in this storm."

Leos coughed, with a smile on his wrinkled face. "In the short term, wizards may make a small profit, but in the long run, the Gu Ling Pavilion will never lose money."

From the perspective of the Elder Goblin Council, from the beginning, their goal was to find a way to force the Ministry of Magic to concede, or to force human wizards to have loopholes that can be exploited in a hurried response. The interest rate is just a commission of gambling and brokerage. The additional surprise attached to it.

"Let me ask you one of the simplest questions. According to the interest rate of the contract, how many rubles do the wizards need to pay when it expires next year?" The goblin kicked his feet and comfortably reclined in the leather chair, as if it were time to tune in to Douglas.

Behind Douglas, a goblin employee opened the folder and adjusted his glasses to respond seriously: "If we include the handling fee and the adjustment of the interest rate, the final payment should be close to 11.318 billion rubles."

Leos nodded and continued, displaying some yellowed fangs, "So, do you know the total amount of cash in rubles currently in circulation in the muggle country called the Soviet Union? According to estimates, it's approximately 127.6 billion. There might be some errors, but it won't deviate too much."

"Wait, I understand."

Douglas' eyes suddenly lit up, "Money only has value in circulation. For the non-magical world, the ruble exchanged by the magical world is as if it evaporates out of thin air. The currency comes from the cash flow in muggle society."

In the eyes that applauded the old goblin, Douglas felt his chin and continued.

"With the passage of time, even if we do nothing, to ensure the normal circulation of commercial transactions, the amount of cash available for exchange will gradually decrease. Moreover, wizards may not be able to gather as much Jin Jialong. Just by reviewing the deposits of the Gulinge vault, we can easily calculate the cash flow of the magical world. That is..."

After being dismantled by Leos, Douglas quickly calculated in his mind. After a moment, he raised his head and astonishingly said to the old goblin, "—From the beginning, it was impossible. To exchange enough cash through the Guling Pavilion to redeem the Hogwarts Castle Ownership Token?!"

"How can the wisdom of human wizards surpass the entire Council of Elder Elves in the Lingling Pavilion?" growled Leos, and a look of usefulness appeared on his elderly face, "learn a little, child. From the moment the complete contract is signed, there will be no suspense in the outcome."